Seeing is (Dis) Believing

Today they discovered
A frozen planet
One billion miles away
It must be true,
It was in the world news
Finally, a reason for spending
Trillions of taxpayer’s money
On outer heart space
Star Wars, space stations, spy satellites,
Unmanned space ships,
Hop scotch to mars,
And beyond
Colonizing outer space
As they did inner heart space
Stealing gold from Heaven’s roads
Taking the silver linings from clouds
Maybe sparkling stars are diamonds?
Trillions for invasions on Earth and outer space
Not a nickel for the poor
Hey bro! Can you spare a dime?
Three strikes and you are out!
Over crowded prisons, millions homeless,
Starving children, battered/murdered women
Drones fly close to home, poised to sting!
Planet collapse, friendly fire, collateral damage,
More serial killers than any country on Earth
Psychopaths in suits run corporations/government
Committing social murder by stealth of the “others”
And than there’s the “Tea baggers”
Our evangelists have gone forth
To teach hate and murder of the Queer Folk
To gold braided dictators
We will invade in order that countries
Have the chance to experience our democracy!!
Prozac has been declared a vitamin
A message from Homeland security:
Beats poets are now listed as terrorists,
For reading with the intent to inform!
The Oscars went well, and
Dr. Phil will run for president.
Remember big brother is watching
We just found a frozen planet a billion miles away.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.