Sisters Waiting


Ancient soothsayers
Saw her gruesome death
After the deals were done
Butchered and tortured
For her sins…a woman
And she cried for me
Roses envied her.
Stuart Lake baptised her yesterday,
Before the colonizers came, and
Overstayed their un-welcome
No one would speak
The murderer’s freedom
Outweighed her innocence
Should we be surprised?
I knew her
When she was warm and ripe,
With dreams to fulfill
The Eagles on Mount Pope
Know the truth,
Others remain unforgiving.
The highways are unsafe
Toll booths demand
Their innocence, beauty, and souls
A price too high to pay, but,
There are many willing to collect
Selling them to the highest bidder
Yet, Daises and fireweed
Enjoy the company of her bones
Seeds planted, roots deep,
In cool earth
Ensuring beauty and hope continues
Alongside the traditional pathways
Yes, her death was witnessed
And, soon revealed…

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.