Dream Time

Sometimes I so longingly dream
of another time that would seem
so much better than appears this one.
But in that dream-time it’s been done
such a miraculous change of hearts
when somehow and some way it starts
that the human and so the divine
will in such a new way combine
that it will show a beauty unseen
one that never before has been
a time where only love will reign
where people will no more disdain
one another or hate and fight
instead in peace they will delight
compassion will rule all human acts
and promises then will become facts
that swords to plowshares will be made
that war and violence will fade
reality then the words of old
spoken once in a trust so bold
in the mercy of what is beyond
more than what is only fond
but a goodness that is so bright
that for now it blinds the sight
but in my dream I still can see
a time to come when we’ll be free.

Eve Human is a healthcare worker, a blogger, a poet, a writer of a political science fiction novel, and a peace and human rights activist living in Iceland. Her websites are Eve's Thoughts, Eve's Poems, and When Hope Came. Read other articles by Eve.