When Will It End?

When will this endless violence end?
When will we finally be able to mend
all those rifts between us all?
When, oh when, will we no longer fall
for all the dark deceptions shown
to us, that they can always own
our compliance in all their crimes?
When will finally come the times,
when eventually we see in the eyes
of those who’ve filled the airwaves with lies
that they after all their efforts have lost
the war, even though at enormous cost
to the world and all of humanity
who suffered through all this insanity,
of self-destruction man against man,
in which no real winner emerge can.
There’ll be an end to war, strife and hate
which they before would instigate
to keep us at each other’s throat
to under cover their goals promote
in policies which were hurting us all
so they alone could feel more tall.
Divide and conquer was their game
they played under always a different name
to keep us from seeing what is true
that despite all we’re family, me and you!

Eve Human is a healthcare worker, a blogger, a poet, a writer of a political science fiction novel, and a peace and human rights activist living in Iceland. Her websites are Eve's Thoughts, Eve's Poems, and When Hope Came. Read other articles by Eve.