The Unspeakable

You’re wrong.  I mean what I say and say — I was going to say “what I mean,” but that would be false. I say what grows heavy on my tongue. Like you, I have no mind (to call my own), but plug into the:

All-mind-Every-mind, polity of “us,” invoked in apostrophe, on television, billboards, bumper-stickers, magazines as “we.”

Oh tireless, indomitable “We:”

— rebelled in the sixties, but now that we’ve grown, its time to plan our golden phases of maturity…

— are not getting older, we’re getting better.

— need to conserve — but conservatively, lest we disrupt our way of life.

— need to consume religiously; hence:  Christmas.

— must face hard decisions in order to solve problems our leaders and forebears bequeathed.

— are ultimately, when all is said and done, or at least said (nobody actually “does stuff” anymore) ridiculous. Simply and utterly ridiculous.

Mute ghost-concepts haunt halls and chambers of Universal Mind, our all-together-now-together-now, our all, linking syllables that manifest what is.

Uttering, naming, connecting, I give birth to “all that goes without saying,” as Nietzsche said, in not so many words. Nietzsche, whose mind abandoned him one day,  left him alone in bed humiliated behind a large, ridiculous mustache.  Like anybody else. You know, just a regular guy.  Laid out like a sock full of pudding  in the bug-house.

What I’m trying to say is nothing I say could possibly determine; could possibly impress; could possibly confuse.

For everyone thinks similar, even if they don’t foist “similar” upon the world.

Nothing we say will save us from the unspeakable Unspeakable.

THIS more than anything said by anyone, ever, must be feared. THIS is the “truth” unspoken. “We” have been roused, sweating, past midnight, by its cries, wants, hungers, impossible demands. Not impossible, but dreadful. Dreadful. Awful. Awful.

The Unspeakable does not need me, or you, or any barker, blatherer, smoke-signaler, or graphomaniac to make itself heard and known and understood.

One day, the Unspeakable will announce itself. It will abruptly declare, “I AM,” and just as abruptly, “we” will cease. Like a phrase cut short. A thought interrupted, mid-sentence, then forgotten.

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