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Lanny Cotler and I lived the 60s.  He was involved in the Berkeley Free Speech dust-up and I was Bobby Kennedy’s film crew director to the end in L.A.  We were both in Vietnam, he in State and I for CARE, and saw that debacle in all its hideous depth. We were radicalized then, and it only deepened and matured over the decades of Nixon, Reagan, Clinton et al.  The insane response to 911 under Bush and the congealing of Congress into an American Reichstag pushed us both into a sense that whatever we could do, however slight, we simply had to do.

Blogging seemed less than satisfying and we decided to use our expertise in film, which is considerable, to create a vehicle that would have the muscle and chops to get to a wider audience faster and better than prose alone.  Hence, ClassWarFilms, and Let Your Life, our foundational manifesto.

Lanny and I are the unit, along with my son who is an Internet entrepreneur.

Paul Edwards

ClassWarFilms has one mission: to expose, explain, attack, and dismantle the myth of American Exceptionalism, the mask and disguise of Predatory Capitalism. We have no loyalty to any politics or party, dogma or philosophy, and our one governing principle is justice for all people and the living world. We detest dishonesty, falsity, and fraud, and it is our joy to lay bare and excoriate the cynical crime and depravity of ruling class institutions. We place no race or people above any other, acknowledge no superiority in any culture, honor no special privilege in any nation, and have no respect for any creed that limits the absolute freedom of the human mind. Read other articles by ClassWarFillms, or visit ClassWarFillms's website.