You will note that, so far as you, the “free radicals”  or “Viral Deviants” (VD) within the system are concerned, that the “willfully ignorant” Selfish Lazy Artificial Vain Enablers of the System (SLAVES) are not the harmless, neutral yahoos you in your “educated” arrogance had assumed them to be.

On the contrary, these SLAVES, willfully ignorant of Systemic Destruction of lives “at home” and abroad, will remain willfully ignorant, vehemently so, when their more vociferous friends, neighbors and relations are taken away to re-education camps to have their misguided notions of  freedom and humanity corrected through torture and/or death, the tried and true cure-all we System Administrators of Empire have always opted for to rid ourselves of pestilence.

The SLAVES will remain so willfully ignorant that even your so-called “best friends” among them might not recall your ever having existed within a day or two of your sudden, inexplicable disappearance.

It really is quite terrifying, I’m sure, when you realize that many of your long-time “friends and family,” while not supporting The State (or anything else; perhaps the root of the problem, hmmnnn?) will certainly not risk…anything for anyone if they have not by now, at this juncture in Time, concluded that those stains on their hands that won’t go away, even when scrubbed with Brand X or what-have-you Detergent, are in fact blood, the inevitable mark of “silent” collusion.

Ones such as myself are proud of the stains we’ve earned through diligence, study and hard work.  But then, we are professionals.   We are recompensed, quite well, actually, for our efforts.

Why the SLAVES do what they do, or rather, do not do, never have done and never will do what they do not do is, I would imagine, one of the great mysteries, unknown to all, unknown even to us SysAdmins with our state-of-the-art surveillance techniques and equipment.

Uknown to all, that is, but our lords and masters, the Unseen — may They have mercy on us all — who stand vigilantly between humanity, such as it is, and the dreadful abyss.

Just saying…

Ever Yours (truly, ever),

Octavius Spaeiouk, Ph.D.

Dr. Spaeiouk (pronounced "spake, speak, spike, spoke and spook" according to both class and dialect in various regions of his native land), has been a researcher and perception manager since immigrating to The Nation many years ago. He might or might not be working on his memoir, "Spaeiouk, Memory," which might or might not be plausibly denied. Don't know him? Not to worry. He most certainly knows you. Very well. Very well indeed... Read other articles by Dr. Spaeiouk.