Defeat George W. Bush!

How can any reasonable person vote for George W. Bush again?

Why would any sane American cast a ballot for Bush to serve a fourth term?

It’s horrific enough that we still have troops in Afghanistan but in this present term, George W. has stepped out of line so many times, it boggles the mind.

Remember the sweetheart deal he cut with the giant pharmaceutical companies three years ago? He effectively tied the hands of the entire U.S. government and allowed the druggies to steal as much as they want. America has to pay whatever price the drug companies say? No negotiations? Unbelievable.

Remember how George W. finally got Bob Dole’s health care hustle passed? George signed a bill which forced millions of Americans to fork over trillions of dollars to private insurance companies. How’s that for a Republican wet dream? He didn’t allow universal health care to come up for discussion. Remember when he promised he’d never sign a bill which didn’t at least contain a public option? And what a boondoggle. This government has never before forced a citizens, just because they happen to be breathing, to purchase a product from a private company. What a precedent. Who knows what you’ll be forced to buy next? Buy Kleenex, it will save the government oodles of money. You think that’s funny? There’s precedent for it.

And how about that Wall Street bailout? Sure, maybe it had to be done, but shouldn’t he at least put one or two of the crooks from the Street in jail for a couple of months? Must be that prosecuting other Ivy League guys simply isn’t done.

Remember the Guantanamo? Do you believe George W. has the gonads to keep that place in operation? Remember how, when he was running for reelection, he swore he’d close it down? How much contempt for U.S. and international law can one man show?

Pipelines across America? This is getting to be a bit much. Everybody knows Jr. is in the pocket of Big Oil but can anyone believe this President is so entirely tone deaf to the will and well being of the American people that he’s going to allow polluters to threaten the heartland of this country with a pipeline that everyone knows will eventually leak? At least it’s good to see the Democrats put up a united front against this one.

Now most folks don’t mind if some possible terrorist gets whacked by a drone in Pakistan, but wiping out their families, and who knows how many other people in the neighborhood? Even W has to be aware that’s against a fistful of established statutes as well as entirely immoral.

Never forget that rendition of prisoners is still going on. Torture.

How can you vote to reelect a President who has signed a bill rescinding habeas corpus for all Americans? This sets back the rights of citizens by seven hundred years.

Everybody has heard all of this before. How anyone could possibly consider voting to reelect George W. Bush is beyond belief.

Defeat George W. Bush!