WikiLeaks and Espionage: Israeli Style

The U.S. is under attack by an enemy within. Skilled at game theory warfare, this foe targets the most sensitive realm of U.S. national security: its relations with other nations.

The online publication of a quarter-million documents chronicling diplomatic exchanges is notable both for what’s omitted and what’s included. To determine whether this latest release was a form of espionage, analysts need only examine how this treasure trove of trivia was peppered with documents certain to damage U.S. relations.

To identify its origins, analysts must answer a key question: Cui Bono? To whose benefit?

One clue: the release of degrading and insulting language about Turkish leaders soon after they insisted in late October that the U.S. no longer share Turkish intelligence with Tel Aviv.

That request from a valued ally marks a critical step in isolating Israel by requiring that the U.S. shut down Israeli operations inside its 16 intelligence agencies, the White House and the Intelligence Committees in both the House and Senate. Tel Aviv was not pleased.

Turks remain outraged at the lack of accountability for the execution-style killing by Israel Defense Forces of nine Turkish citizens aboard a humanitarian ship that was boarded in international waters while sailing to Gaza with provisions to relieve an Israeli siege.

Was this release a tit-for-tat, Tel Aviv style? Is WikiLeaks the visible face of an Israeli disinformation campaign? Whose interests were served by disrupting U.S.-Turkish relations?

Intent is Determinative

A leak on this scale is only a leak if it is a random data dump. If items were purposely included or excluded based on their intended effect, it’s an intelligence operation. Former National Security Adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, points out how this release is “seeded” with information that is “surprisingly pointed.”

Take, for example, the cables indicating that Chinese leaders are inclined to cooperate with the U.S. in reunifying North and South Korea under the leadership of the south. That information was guaranteed to embarrass China’s leaders, damage U.S. relations with Beijing and make reunification more difficult.

From a game theory perspective, that damaging result was fully foreseeable. With the U.S. economy teetering on a meltdown, the creation of a rift with America’s largest trading partner was also an assault on the economic strength required for the U.S. to sustain a viable defense.

Similarly, the pointed references to Arab leaders were destined to weaken their political credibility at home while complicating relations abroad. By exposing Arab displeasure with Iran, this operation also sharpened the divide between Sunni and Shiite Muslims, a source of ongoing tensions and a key barrier to forming a viable government in Iraq.

The effect was certain to complicate U.S. disengagement and raise America’s costs in both blood and treasure.

The cables involving Saudi leaders were released soon after Washington agreed to allow Riyadh to purchase $60 billion in U.S. aircraft and armaments over a multi-year period. Tel Aviv was not pleased.

By targeting the credibility of both Saudi Arabia and the U.S., this operation targeted the two nations pressing hardest for an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

Transparency is the Biggest Threat

Has Tel Aviv panicked? After more than six decades of nonstop provocations while routinely portraying itself as the perennial victim, has Israel’s storyline lost traction?

Zionism faces an existential threat though not from Iran or those Tel Aviv portrays as “Islamo-fascists.” The threat lurks in the fast-emerging transparency that confirms pro-Israelis as the source of the intelligence that took the U.S. to war on false premises.

A critical mass of disinformation persuaded the U.S. to wage war in pursuit of an agenda long sought by Zionist extremists.

Steve Rosen, a former employee of the Israel lobby, has promised to testify on the lobby’s routine receipt of classified U.S. intelligence. Is this massive release of classified materials meant to make the lobby’s intelligence-gathering operation appear routine?

What’s included in the WikiLeaks release is pointed. What’s excluded is even more so: the lack of facts chronicling the role that Israel has long played in undermining U.S. interests.

Israel has escaped accountability for more than six decades. Was the WikiLeaks release “seeded” to discredit the U.S. at this time-critical juncture? The evidence suggests that what we see is not a data dump but a disinformation operation.

Last week, Israeli resistance to a peace plan was front-page news. This week the news is all about war with Iran. The Jerusalem Post immediately crowed that WikiLeaks “vindicated Israel” by citing Arab leaders’ concerns about Iran.

These latest releases even enabled Tel Aviv to suggest that if U.S. intelligence was flawed on a nuclear-armed North Korea, how can anyone trust America to contain a nuclear Iran?

To whom should this release be attributed? Who benefitted?

Jeff Gates is author of Guilt By Association, Democracy at Risk, and The Ownership Solution. Read other articles by Jeff, or visit Jeff's website.

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  1. shabnam said on December 2nd, 2010 at 9:10am #

    {By targeting the credibility of both Saudi Arabia and the U.S., this operation targeted the two nations pressing hardest for an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestine.}

    These two countries have NO CREDIBILITY for anyone to target their ‘credibility’.
    The people of the region are fighting against US imperialism, at least, since WWII. Saudi Arabia is US/Israel puppet known to everyone. The majority of Arab states, except Egypt, have been created by the British Empire controlled by Rothschild family since WWI, after demise of the Ottoman Empire with the cooperation of Judeofascists in Salonika who were active in Committee of Union and Progress (CUP).

    The majority of people in the region know US; Israel and Saudi Arabia are engaged in state terrorism against Muslims. Saudi Arabia is implicated in many Shiite killing where intends to keep the terror environment created by Israel- US- Saudi Arab alive to further their interests; however, no ‘Shiite’ who is in bed with Saudis – US – Israel has been killed. Ayad Allawi, a ‘Shiite’ puppet funded by the Saudis’ $$$$$$$$$ on behalf of the United States and Israel to become Iraq Prime Minister in the last election failed. Ayad Allawi, a ‘Shiite’ known as BUTCHER OF BAGHDAD has one foot in Iraqi circle of power and the other foot in Britain, going easily back and forth with his British passport, while innocent people who had nothing to do with politics, especially the university professors, have been targeted and killed by US – Israel and their pawns in Iraq.

    The purpose of this ‘leaks’ is to expand division among ignorant people, even the so called ‘progressive’ to put one against the other while US imperialism and Israel Zionism prepare themselves for the next move against humanity.

    This information has revealed no ‘secret’, instead is pointed towards Iran. This information hides the fact that Iraq war was pushed by Israel through its fifth column, the Lobby. Now, these ‘leaks’ want to fool people that Israel is not ‘alone’ wanting to Wipe Iran off the map. They are really stupid if they think they can sell this lie if they include Saudis and other Arab puppet states’ against Iran. Everyone with more than two brain cells knows that the resistance movement in the region not only is targeted by the US imperialism and Zionism but also by their Arab puppets, ‘Arab Moderate Head of States’, led by Saudi Arabia and their media mogul, Al Arabiya. These ‘leaked’ information known to everyone including the Arab population at large.

  2. PatrickSMcNally said on December 2nd, 2010 at 11:35am #

    > By exposing Arab displeasure with Iran, this operation also sharpened the divide between Sunni and Shiite Muslims,

    That’s very likely true. But this has also very likely made it more difficult for anyone to push for war against Iran in the near future. The thing to keep in mind is that most USAians have no wish to fight a war for either Israel or Saudi Arabia, but politicians feel more license when attacking the latter. It’s just like the way that Alex Jones is ready and willing to talk about the Saudis owning Hollywood (nark, nark, nark, as Curly from The Three Stooges would say). A lot of politicians who tread carefully about criticizing Israel will jump at the chance to say “I don’t think we should let the Saudis use us in Iran!” It will be harder, not easier, for someone to argue for war against Iran now that we’ve all been told that the sinister Saudis wanted this. It was politically easier for the Israel lobby to demand war on Iran when the issue was starkly posed in terms of supporting Israel or not.

    I don’t really know what the purpose behind this Wikileaks game has been, but some conclusions floated by many people seem to just be presuppositions more than anything else.

  3. bozh said on December 2nd, 2010 at 12:11pm #

    am i wrong that biden and all u.s judges, congress people r zionists? add to them at least 30 mn rabid zionistic americans and all cia-fbi-army echelons, and we get an awful number of very powerful and rabid zionists!

    and we have at least 200mn americans who ask, what’s zionism? or even what’s netanyahu?. where’s gaza? tnx

  4. Don Hawkins said on December 2nd, 2010 at 1:22pm #

    Gaza is very near where the forests are burning this very day.