Signs of a Rift Between U.S. Politicians and U.S. National Security?

The Hate Mongers Among Us: Part 2

Even with the media support required to sustain hate in plain sight, today’s background chatter suggests that those worried about U.S. national security are at work in the shadows to counter the influence of the Israel lobby.

If so, that is good news — for the United States.

When Israeli-American writer, Jeff Goldberg, appeared again in the news, you knew psy-ops were underway. In March 2002, Goldberg published in The New Yorker a lengthy story alleging an alliance between the religious jihadists of Al Qaeda and the secular Baathists of Iraq.

Though a nonsensical premise, his account made such an alliance appear plausible to a public lacking in knowledge of the Middle East. Goldberg’s storyline made it easier for Saddam Hussein to be portrayed as both an Evil Doer and a threat to the U.S.

Goldberg’s collaborator was James Woolsey, a former Director of the CIA and an avid Zionist. Woolsey assured us that Iraqi intelligence officials met in Prague with Al Qaeda. By association, his stature in intelligence lent credibility to phony intelligence fixed around an Israeli agenda.

Goldberg reemerged in July to promote Evil Doer status for Iran. Writing in the July 22nd issue of The Atlantic, he argued the Israeli case for bombing Iran and urged that the U.S. again join the fray. No one in mainstream media mentioned his earlier manipulation.

Based on the consistency of his “journalism,” it came as no surprise to see Goldberg reemerge just in time for the ninth anniversary of 911. Aided by an array of false intelligence reported by a complicit media, that murderous provocation helped persuade the U.S. to invade Iraq to remove Evil Doer Saddam Hussein.

That March 2003 agenda was first promoted in 1996 in A Clean Break, a strategy paper written for Benjamin Netanyahu by an Israeli-American team led by Richard Perle. This Jewish-Zionist operative re-emerged in July 2001 to chair the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board where he was joined by Woolsey and others supportive of this Israeli agenda.

Advancing the Narrative

Fast-forward to September 2010 and we find Goldberg back at work promoting his interview with Fidel Castro. Emerging fact patterns suggest it came as no surprise to our national security apparatus that the theme of this latest well-timed Goldberg article was the Cuban leader’s concern that Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is “anti-Semitic.”

The timing of this report came as a surprise to those aware that Castro has long been critical of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

Goldberg reports he was “summoned” to Havana to discuss Castro’s fears of a global nuclear war. After conceding in the interview that the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis “wasn’t worth it,” Castro turned to a theme of topical importance to Tel Aviv, insisting that the Iranian government must understand that Jews “were expelled from their land, persecuted and mistreated all over the world.”

Knowing Cuba’s pre-revolution alliance with Meyer Lansky and other kingpins in Jewish organized crime, one must wonder if this “journalist” was dispatched to commence negotiations for gambling concessions as a means to fill the Castro government’s depleted coffers.

The recent relaxation of restrictions on travel to Cuba may signal a pending return to Cuba’s “glory days” as a nearby haven for organized crime.

Castro’s well-timed comments about persecuted Jews may have been a signal that Cuba is again open for business — any business. At the very least, his comments were like a healing balm to nationalist Zionist settlers who have plans to construct another 19,000 home in the West Bank.

So much for those who seek to quell Israel’s long-running land dispute with the Palestinians in order to keep peace talks on track.

Within two days of the release of the Goldberg interview, vandals in Sacramento, California used a swastika to deface an image of Israeli basketball star Omri Casspi. The identity of the vandals has not been confirmed.

This much has been confirmed: timing is everything when seeking to sustain a storyline. Casting Castro as pro-Israeli was a stroke of genius.

Here’s where it starts of get interesting as Americans wake up to find themselves unwitting combatants in the first real Information Age War. When waging modern-day warfare in the shared field of consciousness, media is routinely deployed to displace facts with false beliefs.

Thus the need for substantial and sustained influence in that domain by those determined to shape the political narrative. No one does that better than those who induced the world’s greatest super power to wage a war on their behalf.

Recent developments suggest that the dynamics may be shifting in the “field” where political narratives are advanced and where today’s wars are either won or lost. That field is the shared field of consciousness where consensus beliefs are created and sustained.

In news reported from the Middle East on September 10, Washington took a surprising stance in support of Iranian claims that Tehran was not building a new uranium enrichment facility. That statement came after an Iranian dissident group, in a well-timed release, charged that Iran had a new secret nuclear site 120 kilometers north of Tehran.

That disclaimer pre-empted a lead editorial in The New York Times published in the U.S. later that same day — just before the ninth anniversary of 911. That editorial sought to give credence to a report that had already been dismissed as not credible.

Was this an example of U.S. national security attempting to reclaim the narrative? Does this signal a new aggressiveness by the U.S. in waging field-based warfare against those whose successful deceptions led us to war in the Middle East?

Two days prior, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech stating “there may not be another chance” for Mideast peace. That statement came the same day that a senior Palestinian negotiator confirmed they would not recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Clinton said nothing.

Could these developments signal a crack in the Zionist agenda that has shaped U.S. foreign policy for more than six decades? Are Zionists losing their chokehold on the White House?

If so, will the Israel lobby again rally Congress to Israel’s defense?

Will we see another “unbreakable bond” resolution urging that U.S. interests continue to take second place to Tel Aviv’s agenda for the region?

Will the national security interests of the U.S. prevail or will Zionist goals again triumph?

Timing is Everything

While these events were unfolding, The New York Times continued to stoke the controversy surrounding “International Burn A Koran Day.”

The nation’s “newspaper of record” conceded that this well-timed controversy began with local coverage by the Gainesville Sun (owned by the New York Times) when pastor Terry Jones posted a sign outside his small church that read “Islam is of the devil.”

By August 26th, The Times was prepared to publish a major article on Jones and the anti-Islam views of his 50-member congregation. By September 9th, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki was prepared to say with confidence that Zionists were responsible for the Jones plan to burn a Koran on 911.

In a fortuitous case of timing, recordings played in a federal courtroom on September 8th showed how a government informer induced a 2009 synagogue bomb plot in New York. The recordings made it clear that those on trial as “homegrown terrorists bent on jihad” were not even modestly well versed in Islam. To make a plausible case for later use in the courtroom, the informer prompted comments consistent with the hate-mongering motivation at the heart of the prosecution’s case.

Do these small chinks in the Zionist armor suggest that Israeli dominance of U.S. foreign policy may be drawing to a close?

Next: A look at the recurring use of pliable and reliable assets to advance a narrative.

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    1. Mulga Mumblebrain said on September 16th, 2010 at 8:46am #

      Well I certainly hope that some Americans are tired of living in a country completely controlled by the worst elements of one tribe that numbers just 2% of the US population. People who believe that they and their families are a higher type of creatures, with more precious souls, than the rest of humanity.
      I say that because it might signal some chance that the enslaved Palestinians might soon be released from the horror of Judaic oppression, that Iran,Pakistan, Lebanon and God knows who else might be spared Israeli ordered ‘shock and awe’ like the tragic Iraqis, and that Jewry be diverted from the suicidal path that their military, political and clerico-fascist elites are taking them down.
      For, as surely as night follows day,the plain ambition of that crazed Judaic elite, with their religious dogma that justifies the killing of children and other civilians, that denigrates the human value of all non-Jews and that sees Jews as Chosen by God to be above all the nations, to dominate not just their region but the world, cannot succeed. Some time or other the weight of public opinion will turn against the insane meddling and absolute devotion to controlling and manipulating that is such a trademark of these people, and has obviously been so for centuries. Already Israel is despised throughout the Islamic world,and much of the poor world. The votes at the UN General Assembly against Israel, by 140 or 150 to a pathetic handful of captured states, reveals unanimity in the non-Western world against Israeli barbarity and arrogance.
      One day the Israelis will ‘go too far’, perhaps in being exposed for one of their black ops like 9/11,or their network of spies and communications eavesdropping. Or one of their massacres of innocents will be too brutal, or one of the countless Rabbis or religious leaders who spew hatred will utter some racist calumny too grotesque to ignore. Or, more likely, there will be an economic disaster in the West caused by manipulation in that Judaic cottage industry, the financial markets. Whatever the cause, one tiny tribe cannot bully,coerce,manipulate and control the world forever. The position where there is international law for everyone but Israel cannot be maintained.
      The real danger is that Israel might become so arrogant, so deranged as it lurches to the religiously fanatical extreme,that it will use its nuclear weapons against someone. The Masada complex might rear its head, even if most Israelis would prefer to draw back from the brink. It is not inconceivable that an Israeli Government in the near future might be dominated by religious zealots who loathe and despise, not just Palestinians, Arabs or Moslems but the rest of humanity. It is already plain that many on the Israeli far Right detest the rest of us, and many of their fellow Jews to boot. It is they who may bring the whole Zionist, Eretz Yisrael project to a sudden, and brutal, end.

    2. MichaelKenny said on September 16th, 2010 at 9:29am #

      The point about information age warfare is very good and the internet is the perfect instrument for such warfare. By pretending to give a voice to the “little people”, the internet can vehicle ideas so outrageous that no author with a reputation to defend would dare propound them. Add to that anonymity, undisclosed pseudonyms, “professional” bloggers, the possibility of flouting one country’s laws by simply basing a site in another country etc., and you have a massive disinformation machine. The internet is, in effect, liar’s paradise! The problem is overkill! The spinmeisters have locked down the net so tightly that it’s becoming obvious that someone (guess who!) is, to borrow a phrase, controlling the discourse, regardless of the political stance of the site. Two examples: Israel. On the right wing sites, the articles say, essentially, “Israel is winning and that’s great”. On the left wing sites: “Israel is winning and that’s terrible”. The message is the same, it’s just that one article is dressed up in right wing jargon and the other in left wing jargon! Ditto for the EU and the euro. All articles proclaim that both are condemned to collapse, and European authors are completely censored out. Both right and left wing sites will give you ten reasons why the EU and the euro are bound to collapse, nine of which will be the same. On the left wing sites, the 10th reason will be that the EU is a hotbed of capitalism. On the right wing sites it’s that the EU is a hotbed of socialism! The weakness, therefore, of information age warfare is that you have to be VERY subtle to avoid blowing your cover and thereby damaging the very cause you are trying to promote! And at that level of subtlety, propaganda hardly works at all.
      As for Castro and the Jewish Mafia getting together, it sounds highly plausible! From what I see in the European media, Cuba is dirt poor and even tourism isn’t enough to keep it going. Prostitution is rampant in the tourist hotels, so gambling would be another source of revenue. It is said that the Cuban military finance themselves nowadays by smuggling drugs (to the class enemy, naturally!). Who better to franchise all that to than organised crime? South Florida and the Caribbean are traditional Jewish Mafia territory and the Israeli Mafia is said to be a major player in internet porn.

    3. hayate said on September 16th, 2010 at 9:37am #

      “When Israeli-American writer, Jeff Goldberg, appeared again in the news, you knew psy-ops were underway. In March 2002, Goldberg published in The New Yorker a lengthy story alleging an alliance between the religious jihadists of Al Qaeda and the secular Baathists of Iraq.”

      Jeff goldberg is a modern day version of lord ha ha.

      And he needs to meet the same fate.

    4. 3bancan said on September 16th, 2010 at 9:50am #

      MichaelKenny said on September 16th, 2010 at 9:29am #

      “The internet is, in effect, liar’s paradise!”

      We all know why MichaelKenny is here, there was no need to put it in words…

    5. Ismail Zayid said on September 16th, 2010 at 9:51am #

      Jeff Gates suggests that those worried about U.S. national security are at work in the shadows to counter the influence of the Israel lobby. One might say about time too. The USA wars in the Middle East, including in Iraq and Afghanistan, are costing the Americans thousands of lives and trillions of dollars, wasted to comply with wars created in response to the wishes of the Israel lobby. This Zionist effort is again being reflected in the pressure that Obama and Hillary Clinton are applying on Abbas, in the current so-called peace talks. The suggestion that Israeli dominance of U.S. foreign policy may be drawing to a close is far-fetched and those concerned for US national security have a monumental task to border success.

    6. bozh said on September 16th, 2010 at 12:00pm #

      What’s “zionist settlers” mean to Jeff? Does “settlers” mean people who settle on noone’s land?

      And if a land is s’mone’s or nobody’s how can it be “disputed”. If the land belongs to no one, it can be settled. If a land belongs to a king and he invites a tribe of people to come and settle it, even then the land is not disputed land.

      The fact is, ‘zionists’ stole of all of the land they now possess in palestina and are inviting thiefs in! tnx

    7. teafoe2 said on September 16th, 2010 at 4:18pm #

      Echo 3bancan re Mickey Mouse Kenny and his one-track mouth.

      I find this effort of Jeff Gates’ disappointing. I think he is onto something when he suggests that an increasing number among the People Who Count are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the once consensus view that all aspects of Colonial policy, Military/Diplomatic/Propaganda, could be safely left in the hands of the Zionist Jews. If no such trend existed in Ruling Class circles we would never have heard of Walt & Mearsheimer. But I think he’s a little optimistic.

      (quick aside to Hrvatska hillbilly: Bok! Now go back to Varazdin;)

      Mr Gates seems to be a little unclear about the so-called “National Interest” and the best interests of the majority of the US public, which are not the same thing.

      It may be that some kind of an international cross-class alliance against Zionism and the worst aspects of US imperial
      “security” policy may be just beginning to emerge, something resembling a sort of “Popular Front Redux”? But at this point such a notion is more informed speculation than a perceptible policy trend.

      It may be that a tactical alliance with non-zionist and anti-zionist capitalist interests can be managed in a way that will produce a qualitative lessening of the harm currently being inflicted by zionism, as manifested by both the “entity” in the ME and the US ZPC. But this is a tricky business.
      Extreme caution is a prerequisite when considering such tactical alliances. Remember the Comintern’s “Borodin Strategy” of cooperation with Jiang Jie-Shih’s Kuomintang while keeping Mao, Chu Teh & the 8th Route Army at arms length, “do not call us we will call you”?

      Or take the Popular Front itself: yes, Hitler & Tojo were defeated, the British Empah reduced to a shadow of its onetime gargantuan self — only to wind up installing the zionized US as top dog of the “new world order”. Fyingpan to Fire, anyone?

    8. klaatu said on September 16th, 2010 at 7:48pm #

      Jeff neglects an important fact of history–the Iraq war is not the first war Zionists induced the U.S. into fighting–Wilson created the Creel commission to lead the U.S. into entering WWI–to save U.S. banks (since English banks would default on their loans if England and France didn’t win) and to support the Zionist’ plan for Palestine. And Brandeis was a prime mover in getting Wilson to move the U.S. to war!