A Beautiful Gift from the BBC

If you haven’t seen it, look for BBC Panorama’s “Death in the Med” program online, you will be treated to first class propaganda as only the BBC can deliver.

I am one of the passengers/witnesses interviewed for this program and I am very much aware of BBC’s role in justifying war and covering up Israeli crimes. I am in no way naive about this; to the contrary my motivation for the interview lay largely in the all too likely opportunity to expose the BBC. A relevant job considering the BBC’s role in the slaughter of over one million Iraqi’s, a direct role by virtue of the war they justified. BBC from start to present, justifying Iraq, a massive war crime and crime against humanity based entirely on lies (propagated intensely by the BBC). The British Broadcasting Corporation, synonymous with millions of orphans and refugees and countless lives destroyed in Iraq, beating the drums of war without pause, the ultimate prostitutes of propaganda.

With this understanding I solicited an agreement with the BBC producers, in return for my interview the program would include the fact that we disarmed, captured and ultimately released three Israeli commandos (after giving them medical attention no less). That was the deal, a deal I made with an audio recorder in service.

And yes the poor Israeli commandos were beaten, just as any invader in any capable persons home would be beaten. I take no issue with that fact.

But truth be told, the commandos we captured should thank us for their lives. I ask the Israeli’s, British and American people specifically, if your home was invaded, your family being murdered, would you be willing to disarm, completely control, and then set a murderer of your family free???

You can lie to yourself if you like, bury that head right down deep in the sand, but that ship was our home, and we were all brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles, united, a family, engaged in a most righteous cause, with the vast majority of the planet behind us. The primary beneficiary of our mission, over 800,000 innocent children.

For those lost in a pit of ignorance and indoctrination, those currently stripped of all reason, absent of conscience, duped and hoodwinked, I know you very well because I was once you, a US Marine robot volunteering to kill or be killed. I see my past self in the Zionist who has no capacity at this moment to think, for in that state it is all about regurgitation, independent thought is but a possibility. For you I maintain no hate, for nobody actually, rather it is pity, pity for you that you sacrifice the greatest gift of all, the gift of humanity.

And so it is that the BBC, absent of integrity, contemptuous of humanity, attempts in this program to turn disarmed, helpless Israeli commandos into heroic self-rescuing commandos who managed to Superman their way out of a circle of well over 100 very motivated men whose brothers lay murdered with multiple gunshot wounds. That is what we call a bald-faced lie. Big time lie, in your face lie, you in the audience are a bunch of drooling idiots lie.

Returning from the Zionist alternate universe, we held in our power the fate of three boy commandos who may well have been murderers on that night. Think about that, under these circumstances, we let them go. That is what we call preserving life.

It is not that BBC does not know the truth, there are literally hundreds of witnesses and overflowing facts to reveal it; it is simply BBC’s slavish duty to produce a Zionist storyline of illusions and deceptions. And the story goes that we are the aggressors, “terrorists”, “extremists” and killers. Only in this context can the poor Israeli commandos be victims. How is it possible to dominate and control commandos simply to let them go if we are killers? Answer, it isn’t. And that is precisely why Panorama blatantly lied.

Ah but the irony, the kind of irony that always provides me a smile from the inside out, the irony of these lies being big, beautiful gifts. In all sincerity, thank you BBC.

The BBC says there is doubt as to who fired first. There is no doubt at all who shot who and when to the hundreds of us on the Mavi Marmara and other ships. The Israelis have said we shot at them, well where are their gunshot wounds? And even if you have gunshot wounds, how do we know you did not shoot yourselves? Exactly like you did in “Operation Cast Lead”?

Returning once again from the Zionist alternate universe, the Israeli military attacked in international waters and murdered within the first five minutes of the attack. The attack resulting in scores of gunshot wounds and death in rapid succession. Blood spilling all over the ship. In that environment I took possession of a 9mm pistol that I removed from one of the commandos… and I emptied it of the (real) bullets. Other weapons were seized by other brothers and thrown into the sea, one of which was an assault rifle. Yet when others and myself had the power to end life, and believe me it was as simple as release the safety, point, shoot, over. Instead we preserved life, by taking those weapons away from established killers, we prevented them from killing more. We literally saved our lives and their lives. That is what we call cold, hard facts.

We could have taken out at least three of them, but we did not. Nope, we let them go.

The BBC mentions that we were in international waters at the very end of the story, as if this were an insignificant fact. The fact that Israel stole all the footage that it could, footage that undoubtedly shows them firing 4 bullets to the head of the 19-year-old American passenger, Furkan Dogan. No problem. Executing people at close range, no worries. The fact that the blockade itself is illegal, nah, don’t mention that. 800,000 plus children in Gaza, malnourished, anemic, traumatised… not important.

I would need to review this program many times over to identify every poisoned tactic that the BBC employed in order to do what they do so well, justify murder and war.

Nevertheless BBC’s perversion of the truth will elevate the cause of justice immensely, delegitimizing itself in such grand fashion was indeed a great big gift.

Hats off to ya BBC!

Kenneth O'Keefe is an American-born activist who renounced his US citizenship. Read other articles by Kenneth, or visit Kenneth's website.

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  1. MichaelKenny said on August 18th, 2010 at 9:44am #

    A small aside. We are constantly hearing about the BBC’s pro-Israel line. Why do we never hear about ITV or Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News, for example. Are they “pro-Palestinian”? Or (cynical me!) are they funding the websites that are attacking the BBC in return for those websites giving them a free ride? Given the level of open dishonesty on the internet, nothing would surprise me!

  2. Ismail Zayid said on August 18th, 2010 at 10:10am #

    The BBC performs like the rest of our media. Reports are ‘adjusted’ so that any criticism of Israeli policies is carefully ‘adjusted’ that the facts on the ground are coloured to achieve the biased views that are all we are allowed to see.

  3. hayate said on August 18th, 2010 at 10:20am #

    One wonders if the bbc got conflicting orders from the UK guv and from zionism, inc., who’s orders it would follow then. The British guv, or the israeli guv?

  4. Rehmat said on August 18th, 2010 at 7:21pm #

    The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is supposed to be a publically owned multi-media company – but in reality most of its top management and decision-making positions are held by pro-Israel Jews. The latest addition to BBC executive board is Marcus Paul Agius (b. 1946) born into a Jewish family and married to the daughter of Edmund de Rothschild, the family known to be the founder of Israel.

    It was Marcus, who allegedly influenced BBC decision not to broadcast British MP and former Moyor of London, George Galloway’s appeal for humanitarian aid for the Gazan victims of Zionazi thugs.

    The other Jews, who are and had been occupying top positions are – Greg Dyke, Tny Cohen, Alan Yentob, Alan Bookbinder, Jenny Abramsky, etc. In his 2003 article, Thomas Sparks, reported that the Zionist Jews have an almost total grip on the media in Britain. In addition to the BBC, Jews also control ITV, Granada Plc, ITN, Angelia Television, BSkyB, etc. Furthermore, 85 million copies of Jewish-controlled newspapers are sold in Britain evert week, controlled by Richard Desmond, Rupert Murdoch, Guy Zitter, and Zionist Conrad Black and his Jewish wife, Barbara Ameil.


  5. hayate said on August 19th, 2010 at 9:06pm #

    Well, the bbc is the UK guv version of ??????, the old ??????, not the one now who satires the old one. That’s a notable difference. ?????? gave up the ghost, the bbc became more entrenched. Ironically, though, both are now actually in the service of another nation, other than the country they are associated with.

  6. mary said on August 22nd, 2010 at 1:32am #

    Some true and measured words here.


  7. mary said on August 22nd, 2010 at 1:43am #

    Hayate We did wonder what the reasons were for the BBC devoting a whole interview to Mr O’Keefe in their Hardtalk series. These are normally a platform for neocons and warmongers and their proponents to grandstand under the guiding hand of the presenter Stephen Sackur. This time they gave the job to Sarah Montague part of the Radio 4 Today Zionist-loving team.

    They have wiped it from their archive but it is on You Tube in 3 parts.


  8. mebosa.ritchie said on August 22nd, 2010 at 3:19pm #

    REHMAT-you are really stupid

    1 greg dyke is not jewish
    2 rupert murdoch is not jewish
    3 george galloway is not and never has been mayor of london

  9. Rehmat said on August 22nd, 2010 at 3:59pm #

    mebosa – looks like a ‘chosen lie’ right from the Christian-hating Talmud, eh!

    They’re Crypto-Jewish like Ben Obama, John Kerry, Eisenhower, Stalin, etc. etc.

    Oops! MP George Galloway must have been Mayor of Tel Aviv with 280 brothels, right!!

  10. Mulga Mumblebrain said on August 23rd, 2010 at 2:03am #

    Oh,Rehmat,don’t mention the brothels.They, after all,are signs of Israel’s superior,’Western’ and ‘civilised’ treatment of women, as is the sex slavery that feeds them,in which profitable business Israel is a leading centre of activity.Our Zionist exemplars also show their tremendous devotion to female emancipation by dominating the global pornography industry,but don’t ever say so. Their wonderful,famous ‘morality’ can also be seen in their dominance of the blood diamond trade, and the international trade in human organs,that allows poor people in Moldova and elsewhere to cash in on their superfluous organs, although they are often dudded in familiar fashion,or the organs extracted at gunpoint from those who’ve forgotten their place in the celestial pecking order. And let’s not get into the global financial rackets-we wouldn’t want to be accused of ‘anti-semitism’ after all. Yes,it’s a grand country, with such delightful inhabitants,of which the wondrous mebosa is such a fine example.