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About half the states in the US require that a woman seeking an abortion be told certain things before she can obtain the medical procedure. In South Dakota, for example, until a few months ago, staff was required to tell women: “The abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being”; the pregnant woman has “an existing relationship with that unborn human being,” a relationship protected by the U.S. Constitution and the laws of South Dakota; and a “known medical risk” of abortion is an “increased risk of suicide ideation and suicide.” A federal judge has now eliminated the second and third required assertions, calling them “untruthful and misleading.” ((Washington Post, February 26, 2010.))

I personally would question even the first assertion about a fetus or an embryo being a human being, but that’s not the point I wish to make here. I’d like to suggest that before a young American man or woman can enlist in the armed forces s/he must be told the following by the staff of the military recruitment office:

“The United States is at war [this statement is always factually correct]. You will likely be sent to a battlefield where you will be expected to do your best to terminate the lives of whole, separate, unique, living human beings you know nothing about and who have never done you or your country any harm. You may in the process lose an arm or a leg. Or your life. If you come home alive and with all your body parts intact there’s a good chance you will be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Do not expect the government to provide you particularly good care for that, or any care at all. In any case, you may wind up physically abusing your spouse and children and/or others, killing various individuals, abusing drugs and/or alcohol, and having an increased risk of suicide ideation and suicide. No matter how bad a condition you may be in, the Pentagon may send you back to the battlefield for another tour of duty. They call this ‘stop-loss’. Your only alternative may be to go AWOL. Do you have any friends in Canada? And don’t ever ask any of your officers what we’re fighting for. Even the generals don’t know. In fact, the generals especially don’t know. They would never have reached their high position if they had been able to go beyond the propaganda we’re all fed, the same propaganda that has influenced you to come to this office.”

Since for so many young people in recent years one of the determining factors in their enlistment has been the economy, this additional thought should be pointed out to them — “You are enlisting to fight, and perhaps die, for a country that can’t even provide you with a decent job, or any job at all.”

I fear for us all, but I especially fear for those already poor. How much lower can they go without being cannon fodder or electric chair fodder or street litter or prison stuffing or just plain lonely suicide?
— Carolyn Chute, novelist, Maine USA

Where seldom is heard a discouraging word … like “bribery”

I really did not know that I could still be so surprised, even shocked, by corruption in the Congress of the United States. I thought my coating of cynicism was already more than thick enough to be impervious to any new revelations. I was wrong. Consider the following.

Seven members of the House of Representatives steered hundreds of millions of dollars in largely no-bid contracts to clients of a lobbying firm, PMA Group. In fiscal year 2008 alone, the seven lawmakers sponsored $112 million worth of “earmarks” (construction and other projects paid for by the government) for PMA clients while accepting more than $350,000 in contributions from the firm’s clients and lobbyists.

Such behavior should be investigated by the House ethics committee, should it not? And it was. The Committee on Standards of Official Conduct issued a report stating unanimously that the Congressmembers had not violated any rules or laws. “Simply because a member sponsors an earmark for an entity that also happens to be a campaign contributor does not, on these two facts alone, support a claim that a member’s actions are being influenced by campaign contributions.”

Ethics watchdogs issued sharp denunciations, citing portions of the report that showed that the private companies themselves thought that their donations helped them win earmarks.

One of the seven Congressmembers investigated was Peter J. Visclosky (D-Ind.) The Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), a government agency not composed of members of Congress, which conducts preliminary reviews, found probable cause that Visclosky sought contributions in exchange for steering federal contracts to contributors. The OCE was in possession of e-mails suggesting that Visclosky’s fundraisers were specifically targeted toward PMA’s clients who were seeking earmarks. Even though the OCE recommended that the more powerful House ethics committee subpoena Visclosky and his staff to answer questions under oath about his earmarking practice, the members of the House committee chose not to subpoena Visclosky or any of the pertinent records.

Wait, it gets better — The FBI actually raided the PMA offices as part of an investigation into whether the company had directed illegal campaign contributions to lawmakers who helped clients obtain earmarks, and in 2009 a federal grand jury issued subpoenas to Visclosky, one of his former aides, and his political committees. ((Washington Post, February 27, 2010.)) But nothing — apparently nothing — could move the members of the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct of the United States House of Representatives to condemn their comrades.

This is the kind of Congressional corruption that drives so many Americans — on the right and on the left — to think of forming a new party. At times, the thought hits me as well. But two factors interfere. One, the overwhelming role played by money in American electoral campaigns can trump the best of intentions. Wealthy elites have no need for any other party. The Democrats and Republicans serve their needs just fine, thank you.

And two, ideology. Gathering together a lot of people who are turned off by Congressional venality and amorality sounds good until the ideological shit hits the fan. There will undoubtedly be a wide range of ideological leanings in any such group because people who are serious about third parties like to be “non-sectarian” or “non-exclusionary”, but this typically leads to serious friction, disputes and splits. Even if you specify something like “the United States should get out of Afghanistan as soon as possible”, that can still take various conflicting forms; people’s politics are complicated, not to mention confused. To those who like to tell themselves and others that they don’t have any particular ideology I say this: If you have thoughts about why the world is the way it is, why society is the way it is, why people are the way they are, what a better way would look like, and if your thoughts are at all organized, that’s your ideology, even if it’s not wholly conscious as such. Better to organize those thoughts as best you can, become very conscious of them, and consciously avoid getting involved with a political party that is incompatible. It’s like a bad marriage.

Things are indeed polarizing in America. There’s The Tea Party on the right and The Coffee Party on the left. On the face of it, The Tea Party scarcely makes any sense. A seemingly burgeoning new movement semi-hysterically marching and screaming that their beloved free enterprise is threatened by the “socialist” Barack Obama. (What next, that he’s a committed “Marxist” or “communist”? They’ve probably already said that; if you’re going to be dumb you may as well go all the way and be retarded.)

A group of more mainstream conservatives gathered February 17 at a Virginia estate once owned by George Washington and called for a return to the principles of Washington’s time to fight the political battles that lie ahead. They produced a declaration, “The Mount Vernon Statement: Constitutional Conservatism: A Statement for the 21st Century”. It is a short statement, a mere 546 words, yet the idea of “limited government” or “self-government” is referred to seven times. These people, no less than the Teapartyers, are obsessed with the idea that government intrusion into society of virtually any kind is harmful, or at least much inferior to what could be derived from “free enterprise, the individual entrepreneur, and economic reforms grounded in market solutions”, as they put it. This is standard and familiar conservative doctrine to be sure, but now feeding and powering a whole new generation of right-wing activists.

To counter the arguments of these activists, progressives need to present their own doctrine about the role and value of government in people’s lives, a concise summary of which I just happen to have prepared in my essay: “The US invades, bombs and kills for it … but do Americans really believe in free enterprise?” It was written several years ago, as the examples I use make clear, but this matters not for the ideological principles have not changed. The essay concludes: “Activists have to remind the American people of what they’ve already learned but seem to have forgotten: that they don’t want more government, or less government; they don’t want big government, or small government; they want government on their side.”

Paraguay, Honduras, and Barack Obama

During his campaign for the presidency of Paraguay, former bishop Fernando Lugo promised to bring health care to the millions unable to afford it. A month after Lugo took office in August 2008, the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare (MSPBS) gradually began to make some public health services free, waiving fees for office, outpatient and emergency room visits. Later, hospital admission fees were eliminated, along with charges for intensive care, post-op incision care, treatment in an infant incubator, oxygen therapy, surgery and other services. In 2009, fees were removed for diagnostic tests in all specialties, and for dental and ophthalmological services. Almost all public health services in Paraguay are now free of charge. “What we are doing is making health care a right, regardless of a person’s ability to pay,” said the director general of the MSPBS.

After 61 years of rule by the right-wing Colorado Party, the Paraguayan left needs to institute various reforms to make sure that free health care is sustainable in the long term. ((Inter Press Service, January 6, 2010.))

So what would it take for free health care to reach the shores of the world’s only superpower? Well, a president who believed in it and who had some backbone. But every passing day brings us fresh evidence that the man has no backbone. The Republicans, or certain Democrats, or a powerful lobby, or Israel applies a little pressure and the man buckles. Like a shack in Haiti during a quake.

As to his beliefs … In May of last year I wrote in this report: “The problem, I’m increasingly afraid, is that the man doesn’t really believe strongly in anything, certainly not in controversial areas. He learned a long time ago how to take positions that avoid controversy, how to express opinions without clearly and firmly taking sides, how to talk eloquently without actually saying anything, how to leave his listeners’ heads filled with stirring clichés, platitudes, and slogans. And it worked. Oh how it worked! What could happen now, as President of the United States, to induce him to change his style?”

How long before Fernando Lugo lets slip some critical remarks about the behemoth to the north that tosses Paraguay into the ODE (Officially Designated Enemy) dumpster along with Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, et al.? Undoubtedly, there are any number of old-time right-wing military officers in Paraguay who are just itching to duplicate what happened in Honduras. I can hear them now — “We don’t need no stinkin’ socialist government with its stinkin’ communist free health care” — and just waiting for someone at the Pentagon to casually nod his head. And if that happens, the Obama administration will embrace the Paraguayan caudillos just as they’ve done with the Honduran golpistas, the latest show of support being the announcement by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of the resumption of aid and her urging Latin American countries to recognize the new Honduran government, despite its serious and daily violations of human rights. ((Associated Press, March 5, 2010.))

Help wanted for an animated political cartoon

I have written a script for a short video — estimated 5 to 10 minutes long, to be shown on YouTube and elsewhere on the Internet, tentatively entitled “Be nice to America. Or we’ll bring democracy to your country.” We need a cartoonist to draw the images and a technical person to create the movement using Adobe flash or other software, and to add the narration. Could be one person for both functions. The persons should be in basic agreement with the political ideas expressed in the script, which is available for a confidential reading upon request. Halfway decent pay. Write to: moc.loanull@6mulbb.

William Blum is the author of: Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War 2, Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower, West-Bloc Dissident: A Cold War Memoir, Freeing the World to Death: Essays on the American Empire. He can be reached at: Read other articles by William, or visit William's website.

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  1. bozh said on March 9th, 2010 at 10:07am #

    Yes, i have been saying that US soldiers in iraq and afpak are innocent. Maybe even at least some cia agents.
    In any case, if wld apportion blame and punishment for US crimes, probably US judiciary is more to blame than even army echelons.

    But the real, actual rulers, many of which may never know, shld be punished the most.
    But the real capos or masters of wars make sure that it will never be known who they are.
    And no prez or congressperson wld tell since they are virtual godheads when it comes to dealing with ‘aliens’: they cannot break any law; in fact, they are proclaimed as benevolent rulers. tnx

  2. Mulga Mumblebrain said on March 9th, 2010 at 10:26am #

    Once again Mr Blum illustrates the stark truth of Americanism,the philosophy of the hereditary US ruling caste. Americanism is hidden behind a pretty facade of proclamations of love for humanity, the love of freedom and the pursuit of happiness, but in reality, for over 200 years it has really all been about murder, violence, intimidation and pillage. Where Americanism is at its most horrific and dangerous is in its Messianic determination to rule the entire world and to extirpate any ideology or philosophy, or even thought, not based on the true American ideal of ruthless, arrogant,infinitely greedy egomania. The triumph of Americanism after Gorbachev’s surrender in 1989, ushering in an era of wars of aggression based on lies, the ever-spreading tentacles of NATO across Eurasia (in flagrant disregard of solemn promises made to Gorbachev, who,fool that he was, seemed to have actually believed would be honoured by creatures without a scrap of honour)rapidly rising global inequality, mass immiseration and elite kleptomania, has now reached an impasse.The essential corruption and inefficiency of an elite run kleptocracy based on financial swindling rather than production, has bankrupted the US and the West. The lower 99% of US society has been thrown overboard, and, as the elite show no sign of any behaviour but business-as-usual, face a future of serfdom or debt peonage in a neo-feudal society. The parasites clearly imagine that their one remaining trump,the gigantic juggernaut of violence and destruction built up over generations will suffice to de-rail China, break-up Russia, pillage and punish the rest of the planet, and keep the rabble in line at home. The success in placing the confidence-man, psychopathic dissembler and trickster and ‘House Negro’ Obama into the White House to pursue the elite’s agenda without change from the Bush years,has emboldened them.They are itching for another massacre, somewhere new, either Iran,or Venezuela or Bolivia. I see little hope of escape from this cul-de-sac, short of global revolt and massive casualties. Meanwhile ecological collapse makes all these problems moot,as the point of no return to planetary environmental disaster disappears into the ever receding land of missed opportunities.

  3. Don Hawkins said on March 9th, 2010 at 3:23pm #

    The time is now we will not get a second chance. The climate bill is next and illusion is so far still the game. On this path think super fund site but this time it’s called Earth. It will take a lot of us same page a new way of thinking. The truth the knowledge.

  4. Gary S. Corseri said on March 9th, 2010 at 10:57pm #

    Blum makes a lot of sense, as usual.

    But, I’d argue with his views on a 3rd party.

    Well, really it would be a 2nd party, because we’ve only got one real party now–the Republicratic Party. That party serves the interests of the Corporate State (formerly known as the democratic republic of the United States), now also called the U.S. Empire, the Global Empire, the New World Order, etc. The Republicratic Party is wedded to the Corporate State the way the Communist Party is wedded to the Communist State in China. And just like the Communist Party there, the Corporate party here has factions. When it comes to any real reform here, there are the Go Slow guys and the Go Slower guys; the Don’t Rock the Boat guys and the Don’t Even Think About It guys.

    So, what we need is some real rad thinking: some Mario Savio, throw your body on the machine kind of thinking. Blum is right that a “3rd Party” (in his terminology) could not accommodate all the various viewpoints: the loonies, the Alice-in-Wonderlanders, the Commies, the Socialists, the free marijuanaists, the Truthers, the Birthers, gun lobbyists, gun controllers, women’s right to choosers, pro-lifers, gays, anti-gays and all the rest of the delightful mix that is Amerikaka in 2010.

    In fact, we don’t need a 2nd Party, or a 3rd Party–we need about 100 other parties–which is what democracy was supposed to be about. You know–the “market place of ideas.” (Imagine a supermarket where the only vegetable choices are between red peppers and green peppers! That’s pretty much what we have now!)

    Anyway, we’re not likely to get there this decade–barring a Great Collapse, in which case all bets are off. One thing we CAN do now is start thinking seriously about the election of 2012. I’ve suggested this before in print: DON’T VOTE. (Google or Yahoo “The 6 Best Reasons Not to Vote” if you’re a glutton for my kind of prose.) The main point is: BE SERIOUS about why you’re not voting, let everyone know the SYSTEM is a sham and you’re MAD AS HELL AND NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE.

    Every 2-4 years we go through these ridiculous exercises designed to show the world we’re really a democracy. So, the various uninformed go out and shout themselves hoarse for the horse of a candidate of the day. Then they wonder why the horse starts whinnying in tune to the corporate fat cats as soon as s/he is (s)elected. So, DON’T TAKE PART IN THE SHAM! One trait all tyrants share: They hate to lose face!

    BTW, the recent Supreme Court decision sanctioning corporate funding of our elections (removing limits on corporate campaign contributions) pretty much sounded the death knell of the tattered remains of this ghost of a democracy. And, of course, those “patriots” meeting to pay homage to George Washington and his crew really don’t have a clue about what those guys stood for. And, further, do we really want to be stuck in the 1700s? After Woodstock Nation back to the minuet?

    Dream! Imagine! Dare!

  5. Don Hawkins said on March 10th, 2010 at 3:36am #

    Here’s an article that kind of goes to the heart of the matter. Going out in style is it and they call that style. The same can be said for so called leaders who make our policy style is it no no no it’s called nut’s. It is true to vote so far on this path the low road the runway of life for what reason I ask you. Why can’t we all just get along well that question may take a few more years to answer but as a start and only a start we stop burning fossil fuels or we will not answer that question. As long as fossil fuels are the cheapest way to go it will be used so yes easy this will not be if these people can fly an iceberg in for the big show and a new machine that can download the library of congress in one second what’s up we can’t give this a try but that’s right style is much more important nut’s I tell you nut’s.

  6. Don Hawkins said on March 11th, 2010 at 6:28am #

    Figure 11 site above

    Can we tell people the truth the little people the masses the average Joe or Jane it appears not as it’s just better that way. Here’s a good one what elements go into making a 3D TV? Did anybody do the math on figure 11 as the Earth is still warming in it’s present state and as the black spot’s make a come back enjoy the rain and that will not happen as God sees we are having a few problems and decided to give us a little help and keep the Sun cool. God’s work and can we think of any other examples of God’s work? A clue Derivatives the black box you see God took the spot’s from the Sun and now we use them to build the shinning city on a hill in Hawaii for myself and a few close friends. Does this all sound strange well there seems to be much strangeness in the world now and just going with the flow it’s just better that way. Am going to invest in the market and hope to make enough money so as to rent a theatre on Broadway and have my own show heck with the middle man I’ll just buy it. Freedom Work’s that’s what I’ll call the show then go National heck the World on the third planet from the Sun and will I use a black box maybe and maybe not think I would tell you I think not I know how wall street work’s and let me add am in contact with some of the best math people we now have on Earth and one and one is thirty no no no think much bigger like one and one is 20 trillion give or take a trillion. Freedom work’s and I’ll start the show with how many of you watch plant’s grow? How many of you have health care ok how about a home, food, water ok freedom. I see some of you have sign’s like I asked Obama as Hitler good one. Wait does that sign say raise tax’s spread the wealth baby, security. How did he get in here? Am seeing spot’s.

    Not smart grid low loss the real thing and only a start the truth the knowledge.