Arab Teens Need “Protecting from Israeli Justice”

Judge Warns of Israel’s Two-tier Legal System

An Israeli judge made an historic ruling last week when he decided that an Arab teenager needed “protection” from the justice system and ordered that he not be convicted despite being found guilty of throwing stones at a police car during a protest against Israel’s attack last winter on Gaza.

Prosecutors had demanded that the juvenile, a 17-year-old from Nazareth in northern Israel, be convicted of endangering a vehicle on the road, a charge that carries a punishment of up to 20 years’ imprisonment, as a way to deter other members of Israel’s Arab minority from committing similar offences.

But Judge Yuval Shadmi said discrimination in the Israeli legal system’s treatment of Jewish and Arab minors, particularly in cases of what he called “ideologically motivated” offences, was “common knowledge”.

In the verdict, he wrote: “I will say that the state is not authorised to caress with one hand the Jewish ‘ideological’ felons, and flog with its other hand the Arab ‘ideological’ felons.”

He referred in particular to the lenient treatment by the police and courts both of Jewish settler youths who have attacked soldiers in the West Bank and who violently resisted the disengagement from the Gaza Strip in 2005, and of religious extremists who have spent many months battling police to prevent the opening of a car park on the Sabbath in Jerusalem.

Abir Baker, a lawyer with Adalah, a legal group for Israel’s 1.3 million-strong Arab minority, said the ruling was the first time a judge in a criminal court had acknowledged that the state pursued a policy of systematic discrimination in demanding harsher punishments for Arab citizens.

“We have known this for a long time, but it has been something very hard for us to prove to the court’s satisfaction,” she said. “Now we have a legal precedent that we can use to appeal against convictions in similar cases.”

The youth was arrested during a protest on a road near Nazareth a few days after Israel launched its operation in Gaza last December.

Dozens of demonstrations took place in Israel during the four-week attack, leading to the arrests of 830 protesters in what human rights groups described as often brutal Israeli police action.

The overwhelming majority of those arrested, say the rights groups, were Arab citizens, despite the participation of Israeli Jews. Adalah reported that 250 protesters were subsequently indicted, almost all of them Arabs and half of them minors.

Judge Richard Goldstone, in his United Nations fact-finding report into the Gaza assault published in September, wrote that he had been “struck” by the fact that despite many counter-demonstrations by right-wing Jews that had turned violent the police appeared to have made “no arrests” in those cases.

He also noted that, according to the information he had seen, most Arab protesters had been refused bail and held in detention for lengthy periods, even in cases where they faced relatively minor charges.

Of the court system, Mr Goldstone concluded that “the element of discrimination between … and differential treatment of Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel by the judicial authorities, as reflected in the reports received, is a substantial cause for concern”.

The ruling by the Nazareth juvenile court appeared to confirm those findings.

Mr Shadmi wrote in his verdict that, in recent years, the Israeli authorities had been “working on two fundamentally different enforcement levels in relation to crimes perpetrated by [Israeli] minors”.

He pointed out that in cases of violence by Jewish youths against the security services, legal proceedings were usually frozen or cancelled before the indictment stage. He said he had not heard of a single instance of a Jewish minor being sent to prison for such offences, even though most Arab minors were convicted and jailed.

The judge admitted that he had nearly been swayed by prosecution demands for a lengthy jail term for the youth, who cannot be named because of his age. But ultimately, he said, he had been persuaded by the defence’s argument that similar cases of “ideological violence” involving Jewish youths — such as settler attacks on soldiers — rarely, if ever, merited jail terms.

“If the state feels that ideological offences justify relatively forgiving enforcement for minors, then this should be the policy towards all minors regardless of nationality or religion.”

Earlier this year the justice ministry recommended that 40 Jewish settlers convicted of resisting the disengagement from Gaza be pardoned on the grounds that their acts “were prompted by an unusual historical event and that the perpetrators are not felons”. According to Israeli media reports, many of the settlers arrested over the dissengagement will never be brought to trial.

Mr Shadmi ordered the Nazareth youth to refrain from committing any offence against the police for two years against a bond of $1,300. In a procedure mainly reserved for juvenile offences, he sentenced the youth to 200 hours of community service without convicting him.

The verdict was greeted with surprise by the youth’s family. The father told the Israeli media: “Thank God we had a judge like him, who is not motivated by racism. This may lead the state of Israel to understand that it’s time to stop treating the Arab population like enemies.”

The prosecution announced that it would appeal against the decision.

Gideon Fishman, a sociology professor at Haifa University who has made a study of criminal sentencing policies in Israel, said he was not aware of research into discriminatory policies by prosecutors towards juvenile offenders. However, he said he was sure that there was systematic bias.

“The judge is right to raise his voice against a policy that is more lenient towards Jewish offenders. This is a policy being pursued by state prosecutors intentionally and not by accident, and it undermines trust in the system.”

Judge Shadmi referred only to discrimination in sentencing in Israeli criminal courts.

Palestinians from the occupied territories are tried in Israeli military courts under different legal rules and procedures that have been severely criticised by human rights groups.

Jonathan Cook, based in Nazareth, Israel is a winner of the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism. His latest books are Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East (Pluto Press) and Disappearing Palestine: Israel's Experiments in Human Despair (Zed Books). Read other articles by Jonathan, or visit Jonathan's website.

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  1. tom ward said on November 17th, 2009 at 9:36pm #

    See how even a (seemingly) small act – in this case courageous – resounds around the world today.

    ‘The end of the world as we know it.” I hope so.

  2. Annie Ladysmith said on November 18th, 2009 at 12:53am #

    I AM SCREAMING SICK OF THIS TOPIC. Like there are not lots of other injustices all around the world. How about the war in Pakistan? How about sex slavery, how about the peadophile rings who destroy and often MURDER little children for videos? IS THIS NOT A GREAT INJUSTICE AGAINST THE INNOCENT! Ya know what would be really great IF THE WAS A FREAKING JUDGE THAT STOOD UP FOR THESE CHILDREN! RESOUNDS AROUND THE WORLD?? What are you on guy, i guarantee it didn’t resound anywhere but on this site.

  3. pat said on November 18th, 2009 at 3:50pm #

    yes there are lots of injustices around the world so , lets hope there are more judges like the one in Israel called to recognize and deal, with an injustice that was placed before him.Justice is like charity; it begins within your own reach.

  4. B99 said on November 18th, 2009 at 4:27pm #

    Annie – Israel/Palestine is a legitimate and popular topic for Americans because the American taxpayer directly pays for the genocide of Palestinians and the theft of their land and the US government – both the legislature and executive branches, both the Congress and the Senate, and both political parties endorse this policy through these moneys, numerous laws and declarations of fealty and through uninterrupted support in the UN and other international bodies. That’s why I am involved with this issue.

  5. B99 said on November 18th, 2009 at 9:17pm #

    Mebozo – No Jew-hate here. But the genocide of the Palestinians and the US willingness to pay for it brought us 9/11. We don’t need that again – do we?

    The Jews have killed upwards of 60,000 Palestinians – and maimed for life hundreds of thousands of others. I think that more than meets the threshold of needing attention.

    Besides, I support an Israel behind pre-67 borders – you support mass killing of Palestinians. That makes YOU the hate-monger Bozo.

  6. onecansay said on November 19th, 2009 at 7:22am #

    Well Mebosa, by your calculations 6+ billion are having to bow to a population of 25 million. These are your numbers. Now wonder why!

  7. mebosa ritchie said on November 19th, 2009 at 11:02am #

    more good news from the jewish state of israel
    mary–your boycott’s working really well

    The Manufacturers Association of Israel on Wednesday signed an economic-cooperation agreement with Poland aimed at boosting trade relations.

    “Within Europe, Poland has suffered a minor impact from the global economic crisis because of the country’s relatively low debts and a less-developed banking system,” Dan Catarivas, head of the association’s foreign trade and international relations division
    “Poland is in the process of implementing the European Union’s Lisbon strategy, an initiative of reforms at national and European level for investment in research and innovation supported by large European and local funds aimed at setting up innovation centers,” he said. “This creates an array of potential business opportunities across many sectors for Israeli companies, which already have some presence in Poland.”

    Catarivas said the volume of export and import trade between the two countries was relatively low, at less than $500 million a year. In 2008, Israeli exports to Poland totaled $280m., out of which 32 percent were chemicals, 31% machinery and equipment, and the rest food and plastics.

    The agreement was signed between Manufacturers Association of Israel president Shraga Brosh and his counterpart Andrzej Malinowski, president of the Confederation of Polish Employers .

    Malinowski is part of a Polish visiting delegation of 58 business representatives headed by Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Economy Minister Waldemar Pawlak. The delegation is taking part in this week’s Watec Israel 2009 conference in Tel Aviv.

    The Manufacturers Association of Israel said Israeli investors have been showing great interest in Poland in the field of renewable energy, while Polish investors are seeking investments in Israeli hi-tech including biotechnology, pharmacology, food processing, IT, electronics, medical equipment and defense.

    “Until now, Israelis have been active in Poland mainly in real estate,” Catarivas said. “But as the country’s standard of living rises, there will be vast opportunities in other consumer-related areas as well as health care and renewable energy.”

    Currently, Israeli capital is invested in some 100 companies in Poland. In recent years, Israeli investors have been very active in the Polish real-estate market, building residential housing, shopping malls and cinemas.

    Among Israeli companies already active in Poland are Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries, Makhteshim Agan Industries, Tadiran, the Strauss Group, Superpharm, Multilock and GTC.

    Separately, Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer met on Wednesday with Pawlak to discuss the potential participation of Israeli companies in preparations for the Euro 2012 soccer championship that will take place in Poland.

    “Israeli companies are well-equipped to participate in building the infrastructure in preparation for the soccer tournament,” Ben-Eliezer said. “Israeli companies have gained substantial experience from taking part in international sports events such as the Olympics in Atlanta and Athens, and they can offer the appropriate solutions, mainly in the area of homeland security.”

    He called upon the organizers of the games to visit Israel to get an impression of available technologies.

    Ben-Eliezer also discussed opportunities for cooperation between the two countries in water and agriculture.

  8. b99 said on November 19th, 2009 at 11:06am #

    Mebozo – And your point would be?

  9. b99 said on November 19th, 2009 at 1:04pm #

    Mebozo – Like I said before, Israeli state accomplishments have the moral equivalence of Nazi state accomplishments. A cretin state is a cretin state, no matter the science accomplishments or trade agreements. Besides, Israeli leaders can’t even go to Western Europe for fear of being dragged into the WORLD COURT a la Milosevic. Clock on Israel is ticking Mr. Bozo. Tick-tock.

  10. deceschi said on November 19th, 2009 at 1:47pm #

    Bullshy: “Besides, I support an Israel behind pre-67 borders”

    Happy you support Israel behind pre-67 borders. Do you think your friends Hams, Muslim B(r)otherhood, Hezbi, Iranian Mullahs and many others of the same ilk (even some subgroups in the Fatah) support this idea too? Would be funny but we still have too little evidence …

    Don’t be so sure about your WORLD COURT. As long as Arab countries and the same Palestinian leaders have so much dirt on their hands, it will be quite improbable that Israeli leaders will be arraign for defending their country. Unless you support a Islamic ruled WORLD COURT, but then not only Israel would be on trial, don’t agree?

  11. b99 said on November 19th, 2009 at 2:18pm #

    I’ve always supported a pre-67 Israel and have said so many times here. You’ve only supported killing Palestinians. Joining me in this support are Hamas, Fatah, 22 Arab League states – and virtually all the nations of the UN (including the US). But Israel can’t bear the thought – it wants more land before it can consider ‘peace.’ The facts don’t lie. The PROOF of the pudding is in the settlements. The settlements show that Dizzy and Bozo and the Yahu are lying through their teeth.

    No, Israeli leaders don’t go to western Europe – they are afraid they will find themselves sitting in a jailcell behind the Hague courtroom.

  12. Dear Annie, MANY of us are "screaming sick" of Israel..., said on November 19th, 2009 at 4:03pm #

    Annie Ladysmith [‘SICK OF INJUSTICE’ ANYWHERE _ELSE_ __EXCEPT__ IN AND BY ISRAEL] said on November 18th, 2009 at 12:53am #: “I AM SCREAMING SICK OF THIS TOPIC. Like there are not lots of other injustices all around the world.” …How about sex slavery, how about [the] MURDER [of] little children? ”

    So, Annie Ladysmith, you’re not tired of, _supposedly_, ‘opposing’ oppression anywhere else EXCEPT in and by Israel. So, you’re, _supposedly_, deeply against injustice and oppression in OTHER places, but NOT in and by Israel. (Not that you’re actually _doing_ anything about oppression anywhere else!) Hmmm…, tellling…., how reveallling… : I wonnnder if you’re…a _ZIONIST_!? Engaged in Zionists’ usual moral DEFLECTION.

    Actually, the sex slavery of young foreign women, trafficked, taken or lured from Eastern Europe and Asia into Israel, and the Israeli sex trafficking (including its domestic operations in the sexually forced [i.e., rape] and sexually perverted video trade) by Israeli Jewish criminal prostitution and sex slavery rings (no doubt also trafficking in under-age girls), has become Israel’s rampant, and all-but openly Israeli government-tolerated, ‘little secret’. (And, according to the late Jewish-American feminist author, Andrea Dworkin, this even includes widespread, underground, Israeli sadism pornography based on torture and imprisonment during the Holocaust!) Even human rights commissions of the UN, the EU, and other international human rights institutions have _demanded_ that the state of Israel stop tolerating this domestic Israeli trade so widely, in order to at least fall more closely within the criminal-justice and prosecutorial norms of Western human rights standards.

    Now, the Israeli state murder rate against Palestinian children (even “little children”)…: well, can you actually still _deny_ that by now??? (If you can, then see the documented stats at and other human rights advocacy sources.)

    Have you ever heard, Annie Ladysmith, that, “Injustice _anywhere_ is a threat to justice everywhere”? Zionism and ISRAEL – THE ONLY STATE OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD – has created the longest humanitarian crisis in the contemporary world (besides that, perhaps some still ongoing elsewhere, against other indigenous people): “IS THIS NOT A GREAT INJUSTICE AGAINST THE INNOCENT!”, too?

  13. deceschi said on November 19th, 2009 at 6:13pm #

    oh bullshy, how wonderful that Arab Palestinians in 1947 rejected the Partition plan, fighting against Jews and their state since its birth (and of course before), yet now – according to your opinion – they are so willing to accept it. Please can you tell me which Palestinians exactly? Maybe Hamas that openly rejects any kind of peace talks with the ‘Zionist enemy’? Or do you mean Fatah which declared these days that peace talks have failed without even considering to restart them? And please which Arab state exactly? Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, …, let alone the non-Arab but indeed Islamist state Iran?

    I truly have some difficulty to see your alleged recognition.

    As for the settlements, the Second Intifada and the Gaza experience since the Israeli pull-out in 2005 proved that withdrawal and appeasement don’t work but bring only more damage. Israel sees the settlements as negotiation mass and it is not anymore willing to give them up free without serious peace negotiations and the full garantee of a lasting peace. It’s really a pity that your fellow Palestinians aren’t a bit more open for talks and compromise that could bring to a solution and to a Palestinian state. But evidently their desire for peace and for a own state is still much weaker than their desire to oppose the legitimacy of the Jewish state of Israel in Middle East “by all means”.

    By the way, you seem not very well informed:
    Meshaal said he is willing to accept a Palestinian state in the 1967-borders, there is no mention that Hamas recognize Israel in those borders – on the contrary, he speaks at the most about a 10-years-hudna. But we are use his (and your) twisted talks.

  14. B99 said on November 19th, 2009 at 6:38pm #

    Well Dizzy, one reason they are willing to accept it is that it is a fait accompli – Israel has now been a state for 61 years – the foreign Jews having overrun the entire country precisely as they promised and precisely as Palestinians knew and feared they would. But you see now how it makes sense that the Jews were willing to ‘settle’ for 56% of historical Palestine – having had no land whatsoever in the region before that. In the same vein, the Palestinians are willing to accept 28% of historical Palestine. Because they have NO land. Yet the Jews will have none of this!! The Jews want ALL the land, just like they always said they wanted.

    Now as I posted here before, I can thoroughly document the Hamas position of acceptance of Israel within pre-67 borders. Thoroughly. On the other hand, Fatah is finally coming to the realization that the Jews are shylocking the ‘peace’ negotations – the Jews have no intention of negotiating until all useful land is absorbed into Israel, just as did their Nazi spiritual forebears in Germany. So it just might be that Palestinians are going to finally push for a unitary state. Welcome to Palestein!
    Uh, as I said – ALL 22 ARAB states have offered peace and full recognition of Israel, probably even if you don’t confess to your tawdry history, that history that EVERY Israeli historian subscribes to, even if the lying sacks of shit that make up the majority of the Israeli population can’t stomach it.

    There has been no Israeli pullout. Israel still occupies both the West Bank and Gaza. That’s the real world – and fully understood by the United Nations. Your only duty is to pick up the moral midgets gratuitously called ‘settlers’ and take them back home to the only home the world recognizes – Israel behind pre-67 borders. And also take the little shit-pantsed high school grads, raised on hatred of gentiles- back to Israel where they belong.

    The Palestinians will never recognize a Jewish state on that land, no more than the Australian and American native populations must recognize a white state on their land. Here’s your choice. A state of Palestine in 28% of historical Palestine or a unitary state. You know one or the other is going to happen (perhaps both in time, we can only hope. Ha!) It’s as inevitable as an Apartheid-free South Africa.

  15. deceschi said on November 19th, 2009 at 7:45pm #

    “ALL 22 ARAB states have offered peace and full recognition of Israel”.

    Yes, on condition that it may be inundated with millions of refugees and their descendants up to the fourth degree. Very useful peace, indeed.

    “In the same vein, the Palestinians are willing to accept 28% of historical Palestine.”

    Of couse, as Abbas show us eloquently.

    “I can thoroughly document the Hamas position of acceptance of Israel within pre-67 borders.”

    So document it.

    “the lying sacks of shit that make up the majority of the Israeli population” “….little shit-pantsed high school grads”

    You must have a serious problem of dysentery, bullshy. But don’t worry: it’s a problem that affects the majority of Jew-haters.

  16. B99 said on November 19th, 2009 at 8:14pm #

    No dizzy – the condition is that Israel negotiates in good faith the just settlement of the refugee problem (which we should add that the Jews caused, but won’t own up to). Besides, the was the very condition by which Israel was admitted to the UN – so the ENTIRE world knows you are in an advanced state of denial on this. (Of course, most of you guys know the truth, but that just gets in the way). Besides, the right of return IS THE LAW.
    SO- your first step is to ADMIT YOUR HISTORY.

    No hate here! Just a strong belief in self-determination for ALL peoples! That doesn’t mean that Israel is not – in the words of a Canadian statesman: ” a little snot of a state.” But it IS your little snot of a state – and should remain behind ’67 borders. That’s all the world asks.

  17. dino said on November 20th, 2009 at 12:05am #

    deceitski has a pool of lies at his disposition.He is an “Italian” citizen but ask him all you want about any detail of Israel-Palestine “conflict” and you’ll get suddenly the lie directly from the Israeli hasbara.He ,being too stupid can’t even adds a nuance of personality.This is an organized trick how reminds Philip Giraldi in Antiwar:
    The free flow of information on the internet has also produced a reaction among those who are more concerned with getting out a specific message. If you have noticed the frequent appearance of bloggers and “talkbackers” on the various internet sites who write in less than perfect English and who always support attacking Iran and are defensive about Israel, sometimes overwhelming sites with garbage messages, you are not alone as it is clear that a sustained effort is underway to intimidate, influence opinion, and suppress opposing views. The United States and Israeli governments have taken the lead in putting out propaganda over the internet and there are also indications that several European countries, including Britain and Germany, are engaged in creating regulatory hurdles and countering information that they do not approve of. When the debate is open and the interlocutors are identifying themselves as government representatives one might well argue that the process is healthy as it permits a genuine exchange of views, but where the government hand is hidden the exchange should be regarded as little more than propaganda, what the old Soviet Union might well have referred to as “agitprop.”

    The focus on war by other means over the internet is important, if only because it means that governments are using their vast resources to spread propaganda in a deliberate effort to confuse the debate over important foreign and domestic policy issues. Israel is at the forefront, exploiting its cutting edge telecommunications industry and enabled by its large and powerful diaspora to get out its message. Not surprisingly, its lobbies including AIPAC are also leaders in the effort, sometimes acting openly and sometimes covertly.

    Israel became heavily engaged on the internet during its devastating assault on Gaza last January, when world opinion came down strongly against it, recruiting teams of young soldiers and students to blog in support of Operation Cast Lead. It has recently focused on the UN’s Goldstone Report that claimed that Tel Aviv had committed numerous war crimes in Gaza, supporting a worldwide organized campaign to discredit anyone promoting the report. The latest victim of the smear has been the respected and nonpartisan group Human Rights Watch (HRW). In June Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister pledged that his government would “dedicate time and manpower to combating” human rights organizations. Shortly afterwards Ron Dermer of the Israeli Prime Minister’s office named Human Rights Watch as one of the offending organizations. Many attacks on HRW were subsequently carried out openly using various front organizations, including NGO Monitor which is based in Jerusalem and funded by wealthy Americans. Elie Wiesel, who cashes in on his humanitarian credentials while remaining notably silent over Israeli war crimes, is on the Monitor board and has written a letter attacking HRW. Critical pieces in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times soon followed the initial attacks, commentary that was distributed widely by AIPAC on Capitol Hill and also all over the internet.

    Israel’s Foreign Ministry, headed by right-wing extremist Avigdor Lieberman, runs a semi-covert program which is openly funded by the government as the “internet fighting team” but which deliberately conceals the affiliation of the “talkbackers.” Ilan Shturman coordinates the Ministry effort, which is run out of the Hasbara Department, “hasbara” being a Hebrew word that is normally translated as propaganda. Shturman’s young and enthusiastic employees work from a prepared script of official Israeli government positions. They are instructed not to identify themselves either as Israelis or as government employees. There have been numerous applicants to work for Shturman. An Israeli source reports that one applicant emphasized his own qualifications, writing “I’m fluent in several languages and I’m able to spew forth bullsh*t for hours on end.”

    But there is also concern that the program will further distort the news cycle which is already suffering from deliberately misleading government leaks, making it impossible to discern what information that is surfacing is being fabricated. One Israeli critic of the Foreign Ministry program has described it as part of a “thought police state.” And the effort is increasingly international in nature. During the attack on Gaza, Shturman headed an effort to obtain the assistance of Jews abroad, recruiting a “few thousand” to work with his Israeli volunteers to bombard hostile websites with Israel-friendly commentary. Much of the chatter is in English, though the teams also work in the other principal European languages. Recent immigrants from the Israeli government’s Ministry of Absorption have been recruited and used to attack sites in their own more exotic native languages.

    The Israeli government program is expected to increase. A private advocacy group called Give Israel Your United Support has a reported 50,000 activists who use a specially developed software called megaphone that sends an alert when anti-Israeli commentary appears, permitting supporters to bombard the hostile site with their own comments. In July, 5,000 members of the World Union of Jewish Students were given the megaphone software. There are also reports that several American Christian evangelical groups have indicated that they are interested in helping the cause. The goal is to have hundreds of thousands of activists worldwide who are prepared to place messages supportive of Israel

  18. mebosa ritchie said on November 20th, 2009 at 12:10am #

    b99 i don’t think you understand what truth is .
    you are a jew hater par excellence,apart from your ability as a liar. i can’t believe you hold down a job or have any relationships with anyone as i assume you lie throughout your daily existence

    No hate here! Just a strong belief in self-determination for ALL peoples apart from jews That doesn’t mean that Israel is not – in the words of a Canadian statesman: ” a little snot of a state.” But it IS your little snot of a state – and should remain behind ‘67 the ghetto where we can destroy it,even we have consistentently failed since 1948 That’s all the world asks.
    let’s get rid of all jews

  19. deceschi said on November 20th, 2009 at 1:08am #

    Dinosaur, I’m a normal individuum living in this world who has its own knowledge and opinion on the subject of Middle East conflict . But you are free to believe in your sick cospiracy theories. Your Stalinist view of your information are not very useful to understand the reality.

    By the way: If your Italian was so bad as it is my English, you might look happy.

  20. deceschi said on November 20th, 2009 at 1:17am #

    bullshy, I’m still waiting for your evidence that Hamas recognizes Israel within the 67-borders. Otherwise I have to agree with Mebosa’s interpretation of your so-called “peace solution”, that means no peace solution at all.

    Dysentery plays tricks, as we know.

  21. Mary said on November 20th, 2009 at 1:22am #

    Zionist Control of Britain’s Government: 1940-2009
    By William A. Cook
    November 19, 2009

    “After so many years of setting the tone, bribing UK politicians and controlling the BBC they (Zionists) are used to being untouchable.” (Gilad Atzmon, “Britain Must de-Zionist Itself Immediately,” Nov. 17, 2009, MWC News).

    This week the British people listened to the Daily Mail’s Peter Oborne present, on Channel 4, his devastating account of the Jewish lobby’s control of their government. Now we know that virtually all the principal politicians in the UK of both parties, like their brothers across the lake in our House and Senate, take “contributions” from the Israeli lobby machine ensuring that the Anglo-American mid-east policies follow the dictates of the Israeli government. Gilad Atzmon responded to this report in his article “Britain must de-Zionise itself immediately,” noting that this control has been in place for so many years the lobby feels “untouchable.”

    How many years are “many” one might ask? In 1941, the High Commissioner of Palestine, Harold MacMichael, Senior Palestine Mandate officer for the British Mandate forces in Palestine, sent the following “Top Secret” “Memorandum on the Participation of the Jewish National Institutions in Palestine in Acts of Lawlessness and Violence” to the Secretary of State, dated October 16th, a report prepared by The Palestine Police, Criminal Investigation Department:

    The memorandum illustrates—indeed, brings into full limelight—the fact that the Mandatory is faced potentially with as grave a danger in Palestine from Jewish violence as it ever faced from Arab violence, a danger infinitely less easy to meet by the methods of repression which have been employed against Arabs. In the first place, the Jews … have the moral and political support … of considerable sections of public opinion both in the United Kingdom and the United States of America … all the influence and political ability of the Zionists would be brought to bear to show that the Jews in Palestine were the victims of aggression, and that a substantial body of opinion abroad would be persuaded of the truth of the contention…

  22. Annie Ladysmith said on November 20th, 2009 at 1:33am #

    Dear ‘Many of Us’ who wrote to dear Annie, come off your high horse you Punk! This is EXACTLY what i was describing, IDIOTS like you who want to pick a bitching match with anyone with a DISSIDENT VOICE. I can’t be sure of what you said because i didn’t read it, BUT, if it was like the first two sentences you are a CRETIN. Your stuff is boring, humorless and trite, drop dead!

  23. Annie Ladysmith said on November 20th, 2009 at 1:40am #

    Ya know who is a ‘little snot of a state’? CANADA EH!!!

  24. dino said on November 20th, 2009 at 3:20am #

    deceitski,you still didn’t reach the level of individuum ,you are deeply in this of tribe.Individuum is one who,how Decartes put it has doubts, “dubito ,ergo sum”.You are far of this.When you will stop to quote from avigdor lieberman wisdom will do a little step to become an individuum.BTW,you know what means the world “conspiracy”?The propaganda activity of Israel foreign ministry is done openly.

  25. mebosa ritchie said on November 20th, 2009 at 3:31am #

    dino,every country has a public affairs division of its foreign ministry
    what’s your problem with israel having one?

  26. Hey, Annie Ladysmith... said on November 20th, 2009 at 5:32am #

    If you are “SCREAMING SICK OF THIS TOPIC” (Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people), THEN _WHY_ DO YOU — DDUHHH — KEEP COMING BACK HERE!?

  27. Mary said on November 20th, 2009 at 8:01am #

    Assuming the last remark is addressed to the Zionist trolls, because they are sent here and to other sites to do their ‘work’. Google Megaphone, Camera and Hasbara.

    If it was sent to ‘Annie Ladysmith’, then I do not know the answer.

  28. Shabnam said on November 20th, 2009 at 8:18am #


    Thank you for your warning. There are too many rabid zionists at this site, trying to divert people’s attention from zionists’ war crime activities against Palestinian and world peace. The best is to ignore them all; otherwise they keep coming here to post their rubbish.
    They are not going to accept the truth; otherwise they would have stopped spreading their manufactured history of events by now.

  29. bozh said on November 20th, 2009 at 8:29am #

    I have stopped reading posts by trolls. In any case, al the salient facts that pertain are widely known. I think that even a lot of ‘jews’ wld abhor a state for ‘jews’ only.
    And it wld definitely be detrimental to world jewry! Perhaps an israel or binat’l palestinian state may proffer the best chances for a viable state. tnx

  30. Mary said on November 20th, 2009 at 9:19am #

    Thanks Shabnam and Bozh.

    When I posted the article by William A Cook (which I see is now posted in its entirety here today) I meant to add that I think it is a very important document. It illustrates that as the UK and our allies were using all resouces to deal with one tyranny that had arisen and thrown the world into turmoil, another one was rising in Palestine.
    It is called treachery and treason – as the UK defended Europe from tyranny, another tyranny rose up.

    “Perhaps one of the most frightening observations MacMichael makes comes at the very end of his dispatch: “As matters now stand it seems to me inevitable that the Zionist Juggernaut which has been created with such intensity of zeal for a Jewish national state will be the cause of very serious trouble in the Near East.” Prophetic words indeed.”

  31. deceschi said on November 20th, 2009 at 10:23am #

    botz – I also abhor a state for Jews only, but I adhere to the idea of a Jewish state of Israel, that means a state which maintains its Jewish nature and respects its minorities, as all democratic countries of this world. If you had been a time in Israel you wouldn’t be so ignorant about the expression “Jewish state” and you would know that there are plenty of arab villages in the country. In Israel live one and half millions Israeli Arabs. How many Jews live in the whole Arab world? Not more than 20 thousand. And do you know why, botz?

    Why are you Israel-haters so ignorant and self-righteous? It must be complementary.