Deconstructing the Israeli Narrative

As Israel’s democratic posture becomes more questioned, its mystique becomes more exaggerated. To prove the validity of its actions, Israel’s supporters focus on three components of Israel’s drive to an accomplished nation:

   The significance of the Zionist mission,
   Israel as a Jewish state, and
   Israel not being responsible for the Palestinian displaced persons.

All of these issues, which had roles in establishing the Israel state, are expressed with sweeping generalities, devoid of specifics and facts. Obfuscation, lack of clarity and an assumption that what is being related is correct often characterize discussions of these issues. No questions asked and nothing to explain.

Evidence contradicts the narratives that Israel’s supporters work diligently to create. Deconstructing the spurious Israeli narratives is an essential before constructing a base for Middle East peace.

The Zionist Mission

The Zionists portray themselves as a vanguard of Jewish thought and aspiration, leading the masses of Jewish people to freedom and fulfilling the promises denied to them by an adversarial world. History contradicts these portrayals, especially that of Zionism as a mass movement by the Jewish people. Zionist philosophy had little appeal to the Jewish people in the late 19th century.

The first Zionist Congress (1887) was to have taken place in Munich, Germany. However, due to considerable opposition by the local community leadership, both Orthodox and Reform, it was decided to transfer the proceedings to Basle, Switzerland.

Reform Judaism in a series of proclamations, which culminated in the 1885 Pittsburgh Conference, rejected the Zionist program (Note: Overturned in 1999 by contemporary Reform Judaism):

“We consider ourselves no longer a nation, but a religious community; and we therefore expect neither a return to Palestine, nor a sacrificial worship under the sons of Aaron, nor the restoration of any of the laws concerning a Jewish state.”

The 19th century emancipation movements liberated West and Middle European Jews and permitted them to integrate into European society.

“Jews emerged as writers of secular literature, enriching English, French, and German literature with novels, short stories, poems, and essays. In Britain, Benjamin Disraeli, who converted to Christianity, wrote popular novels before becoming prime minister. Heinrich Heine, who converted to Christianity in order to earn a law degree in Germany, became one of the best-loved German poets.”

The Zionist agenda evidently preferred Disraeli to remain Jewish and not become Britain’s Prime Minister. Jews rejected this agenda, which they perceived as prompting nations to question the loyalty of their Jewish citizens, as serving to impede their advances, and as reinforcing a race-baiting theory that Jews engaged in international conspiracies. Anti-Zionist Rabbis insisted: “Zion exists everywhere but in Zion.”

Examine the Russian Jews. They had significantly more problems than other European Jews. Nevertheless, they didn’t consider Zionism as a relief for their difficulties. Between 1881 and 1914, 2.5 million Jews migrated from Russia—1.7 million to America, 500,000 to Western Europe, and almost 300,000 to other nations. Until 1914, only a mere 30,000 – 50,000 Russian Jews followed the Zionist call to Palestine and 15,000 of them eventually returned to Russia.

So, if not for Zionism, how did the Israel state arrive and swell into millions of inhabitants?

By 1914, Zionism had become a stagnant adventure. Somehow, and in some way, someone took advantage of the Allies victory in World War I to promote the Balfour Declaration, which approved “a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine.” The League of Nations’ certification of the British mandate in Palestine prevented the formation of a national Palestinian governing body and many English speaking European Jews came to work in the British administration Fly below the cloud of propaganda and rhetoric and the principal result of the original Zionist agenda is easily observed: People of uncertain circumstance (not dedicated Zionists) and favored by the Zionists have been transferred from their countries to a new land, while people of more certain circumstances and not favored by the Zionists have been displaced from their lands. The less favored have become refugees and, in many cases, been reduced to poverty.

The Jews who immigrated to Israel immediately after 1948 arrived for mainly economic and political reasons and not to fulfill a Zionist mission. Israel even claims the massive number of immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East (Mizrahi) did not arrive voluntarily, but were forced out of their homes. Zionism has not persuaded a great number of Jews to leave their western nations, not deterred them from greatly participating in their nations’ economic and social gains and not prevented them from integrating themselves into their nations’ cultures. The Economist (Jan. 11, 2007) mentions that only 17% of American Jews regard themselves as pro-Zionist and only 57% say that “caring about Israel is a very important part of being Jewish.”

In the last decades, Russians from the former Soviet Union, most of whom preferred to migrate to the United States, have been the principal immigrants to Israel. Many of them are dubious Jews or lost their Jewish roots during the Communist era. Orthodox Jews, who came for religious reasons and not to join their secular compatriots in common pursuits, are the fastest growing segment of the Israeli Jewish population. Where they settle, the secular Jews tend to leave. More aligned with Rabbis preaching mystical nineteenth century philosophies, these orthodox Jews isolate themselves from their fellow Israelis and from worldwide Jewry.

The dubious Zionists created a dubious Jewish state.

The Jewish State

By what authority did Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proclaim, “The Palestinians must recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people,” and “Jerusalem is the united capital of the State of Israel and the Jewish people?”

The Jewish people don’t have a central authority and no referendum of its 15 millions has been taken. PM Netanyahu might not care, but many Jews fear that their fellow citizens might one day ask: “You have a country, what are you doing here?” or suggest that Jews are more loyal to a foreign nation and are working for that nation.

It is difficult to characterize Israel as a Jewish nation. Avraham Burg, former Knesset speaker and former head of the Jewish Agency has been quoted as saying, “to define the State of Israel as a Jewish state is the key to its end.” The term ‘Jewish nation’ has never been adequately defined and there is nothing exceptional in Israel that identifies a specific Jewish morality, culture or Judaic atmosphere

The cool and breezy manner in which the Israelis express the words ‘Jewish state’ intends to create a comfortable feeling; nothing hostile towards anyone, just a satisfactory note to Jewish citizens. Cause for alarm is abundant. Israel has no written constitution. Its laws discriminate against its minorities and separate its citizens.

   (1) The entire Jewish population left Nazareth many years ago and established a new Nazareth. The new Nazareth receives substantial benefits from the government and has grown prosperous and modern. The old Arab Nazareth remains old.
   (2) In Haifa, the Arab population lives by the sea. The Jewish population lives in the hills.
   (3) Few Palestinians have been able to rent housing or buy property in West Jerusalem.
   (4) In Acre, immigrant Jews are able to acquire property but are not allowed to sell the property to Arab citizens.
   (5) Tel Aviv has contiguous populations but not mixed populations.
   (6) Few, if any Arabs, have been able to purchase government sponsored housing.
   (7) The separation of populations results in the separation of activities, recreation centers, schools and education.
   (8) Although some Arabs are able to obtain college scholarships, the large majority of college scholarships require previous military duty. Since Arabs are not allowed to serve in the Israeli army, few Arabs can obtain college scholarships.
   (9) Arabs don’t obtain many housing loans.
   (10) The state of Israel owns more than 90 percent of the land. Non-Jewish citizens cannot, except in rare occasions, purchase land.
   (11) Whenever the Israeli army wants to construct a military base, Arab property is expropriated for the endeavor.
   (12) Since marriages are performed by a rabbi, a Jew cannot marry a non-Jew within the boundaries of Israel.

Separation of ethnicities is most apparent in how Israel and most of the world differ in regarding nationality. It’s not just separation. It’s a de facto apartheid, which the words ‘Jewish state’ will tend to reinforce.

All Americans have both United States citizenship and nationality. Israelis have Israel citizenship, but don’t have an Israel nationality. Israel’s citizens have either Jewish, Arab, Druze, Samaritan, Circassian, Kara’ite or foreign nationality. Jewish nationals already have overwhelming preference in the Israeli state, Defining Israel as a Jewish state seems ominous; only an attempt to give some meaning to the preference, and reinforce it to an extent that being non-Jewish means you might as well leave

Add to the dangerous mix of laws, which favor the favored nationals, the declarations of Israel’s leaders. According to the Jewish Daily Forward (March 18, 2009): “Foreign Secretary Avigdor Lieberman was elected to the Knesset on a platform that would require a loyalty oath as a condition of Israeli citizenship. He has suggested transferring Israeli-Arab population centers to the control of a future Palestinian state.”

Israel today is a nation whose people have conditions, problems, purposes and values that are different from Jews around the world. The Israeli characteristics aren’t derivatives of a three thousand year-old part urban and part tribal society – but are associated with a specific 21st century industrial society. The specifics create an Israeli identity that is not aligned with the identities of Jews in other nations. Israel is attempting to make all Jews into good Israelis and redefine the meaning of being Jewish. This includes being agreeable to Fundamentalist Christianity, which is not agreeable to world Jewry, but is Israel’s best friend. Israel is strengthening a fervent antagonist of Jewish and progressive peoples.

Recall the conclusion of the King-Crane commission, which was appointed by President Wilson in 1919:

…a national home for the Jewish people is not equivalent to making Palestine into a Jewish State; nor can the erection of such a Jewish State be accomplished without the gravest trespass upon the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine. The fact came out repeatedly in the Commission’s conference with Jewish representatives that the Zionists looked forward to a practically complete dispossession of the present non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine, by various forms of purchase.

In view of all these considerations, and with a deep sense of sympathy for the Jewish cause, the Commissioners feel bound to recommend that only a greatly reduced Zionist program be attempted by the Peace Conference, and even that, only very gradually initiated. This would have to mean that Jewish immigration should be definitely limited, and that the project for making Palestine distinctly a Jewish commonwealth should be given up.

Israelis also make it seem that the route to the ‘Jewish state’ was a natural progression; disregarding their roles in creating the Palestinian displaced persons and the evictions of almost one million Palestinians from their lands.

The Displaced Persons

Israel did not permit Palestinians who left or were evicted during the 1948 and 1967 conflagrations to return to their homes and lands. Assets, businesses, property and household items were confiscated and the owners were not reimbursed. Israeli historian Benny Morris summarized the evictions well:

I feel sympathy for the Palestinian people, which truly underwent a hard tragedy. I feel sympathy for the refugees themselves. But if the desire to establish a Jewish state here is legitimate, there was no other choice. It was impossible to leave a large fifth column in the country. From the moment the Yishuv was attacked by the Palestinians and afterward by the Arab states, there was no choice but to expel the Palestinian population. To uproot it in the course of war.

Benny Morris used the correct phrase: “… if the desire to establish a Jewish state here is legitimate…” It was not legitimate. The choice was not between “having a Jewish state and not dispossessing the Palestinians.” The choice was between “not having the expanded state that Israel gained” and “dispossessing the Palestinians.” Almost all the evicted Palestinians were in the territory granted to the Palestinians. Not since the days of American expansionism has a group of individuals (Israel was not even a declared nation when the confiscations began nor had Arab armies attacked at that time.) invaded another land, seized the territory and cleared the area of the indigenous people.

Can anyone believe that Israel is not directly responsible for the Palestinian exodus? Did these people voluntarily decide to leave their homes, face starvation, have entire families commit suicide because of their desperation and then be willing to sit quietly in refugee camps? Are these verified reports of forced removals, terrorizing killings and destruction of more than 400 Palestinian villages only stories? Why were the villages destroyed? Why weren’t the villagers allowed to return? Why were vacant homes instantly occupied? In Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo and elsewhere, the western nations were firm in demanding prompt return of refugees and fought to achieve that demand. In other situations, refugees had been created, but wanton property and asset seizures were not a rule. In Palestine, Israel seized all properties and assets and allowed newly arrived foreigners to occupy vacant homes. No precedent for these illegal operations exists in the post World War II western civilized world. We have perpetrators telling victims; “Look it’s over, let’s forget it. You want restitution; it isn’t going to happen.”

Israel has revealed its nature; a nation built on actions normally termed war crimes by world institutions; a nation that does not follow international law; and a nation that does not heed United Nations Resolutions. Distracting and deceiving the world community with contrived and fallacious narratives permits Israel to continue its illegal maneuvers. Setting the record straight will straighten the road to Middle East peace.

Dan Lieberman publishes commentaries on foreign policy, economics, and politics at  He is author of the non-fiction books A Third Party Can Succeed in America, Not until They Were Gone, Think Tanks of DC, The Artistry of a Dog, and a novel: The Victory (under a pen name, David L. McWellan). Read other articles by Dan.

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  1. bozhidar balkas vancouver said on October 5th, 2009 at 9:46am #

    Dan lieberman does not stress the facts of greatest import: The ‘givers’ of land to a cultish people from ouside palestine [both pious and impious and all in btwn] did not own but occupied palestine; probably just so the ‘givers’ [nearly all christian lands] cld hand it over to eurokhazars at an opportune or best point in time.

    Thus everything written after ’22 merely roils the perfectly clear waters; unless, of course, jewstory begins at a mutually agreed point of time.
    Lieberman means “nice man” in german. So, he’s either an eurokhazarian/euro-asian or germanic.

    Whatever he is, he writes exactly as almost all ‘jews’: ad infinitum say what they are against, but seldom if ever say what they are for.
    Or have said what they were for, but balatedly after leading some or most of us dwn the garden path.
    as ab. the choice he speaks, there had been one, but for pal’ns to choose. Any choosing by euros had been illegal and immoral. tnx

  2. John Zavesky said on October 5th, 2009 at 9:59am #

    What allows Israel to continue to flaunt international law are the European events of WWII. This narrative is consistently held over the heads of Americans and Europeans alike. During the same war millions of Asian civilians were slaughtered by the Japanese, but there is no demand of western nations to certify this event like a Guiness Record as the most horrific occurance in the entire history of mankind. While not denying that these events occured serious study must be made of this subject. Taking the proselytizers merely at their word is a religion and not a dispassionate study of historical fact.

  3. Ismail Zayid said on October 5th, 2009 at 12:07pm #

    The Zionist designs, formulated by Theodor Herzl, in 1897, and promoted and primarily effected by the British fraudulent ‘generosity’, with other people’s property [the Palestinians], through the Balfour Declaration, in 1917, were the instruments that brought about the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people of Palestine from their homeland. The US and other Western nations continue to overlook international law and all basic principles of humanity, and allow this travesty to go on.

  4. John S. Hatch said on October 5th, 2009 at 1:12pm #

    Israel is not a nation, it’s a crime against humanity.

  5. MEBOSA RITCHIE said on October 5th, 2009 at 2:42pm #

    Israel is not a nation, it’s a crime against humanity.

    and why is that john

  6. lloyd said on October 5th, 2009 at 4:33pm #

    I agree with Mebosa’s question, John Hatch, but (and?) from the direction of the United Nations being the only force likely to restrain militant Israel in the foreseeable future.

    And Israel is in the UN, right John?, as surely as Samantha Power is still a special assistant to Obama on international affairs.

  7. Mulga Mumblebrain said on October 5th, 2009 at 4:41pm #

    John Zavesky, even more relevant, in my opinion, than the exploitation of Western guilt over the Nazi Judeocide by Finkelstein’s ‘Holocaust Industry’, is the control by Jews of the Western political, media and business establishments. I mean, it verges on the comic and grotesque that, when the US Congress votes 400 to 1 to support Israeli brutality in Gaza, that the observation that Jews control US politics is vilified as an ‘anti-Semitic canard’. Similarly in Australia when only one Federal politician from out of nearly 200 dares to refuse to salute the 60th anniversary of Israel’s birth in massacre and ethnic cleansing, and her career is then ended, her retirement forced by her party’s establishment (so grateful for the generosity of Jewish patrons) and she is defamed and vilified in the Murdoch sewer as a ‘going-away present’, to speak of Jewish ‘influence’, let alone the reality of total control, is absolutely verboten.
    This is, as far as my grasp of history goes, an unprecedented position. One tiny tribe, 0.5% of humanity, controls the politics and media of the Western countries. It exercises that power with brutal effectiveness, receiving billions in tribute from its hostage hyper-power, and protection from international law, which it reviles and defiles every day. It has its puppet hyper-power carrying out its policy of destroying the Arab and other Islamic states of the Middle East, the Oded Yinon ‘Zionist Plan for the Middle East’, a process that has continued for decades already, taking millions of lives, and seems set for greater intensification, even threatening nuclear escalation, soon.
    The Western media has become a simple and crude propaganda apparatus for Israel. One reads the papers, listens to the radio, watches TV, notes the 90% plus bias towards Israel, the near total absence of Palestinians, and, if seen, only Fatah collaborators allowed, and if one dares draw the plain conclusion that Jewish power is influencing the media to an almost laughable extent, once again one is spreading ‘anti-Semitic canards’.
    And if one points out the dominance of Jewish power in the finance industry, the pre-eminence of Jews in Hollywood (certainly explaining the constant, unremitting depiction of Arabs and Moslems as loathsome monsters)and questions little mysteries like, where did Bernie Madoff’s loot go, and how did the SEC ignore years of clear revelations of his crookery, once again it’s the old ‘anti-Semitic canard’ line. The reality, alas, is that Jews now control the very way the Western publics think and act. In this country we are unceasingly bombarded with hate propaganda against Islam and Arabs. The propagandists are often Rightwing Likudnik type Jews, who proliferate in our media. Imported hatemongers, often crude and belligerent Israeli Rightwingers, or Islamic apostates, ever keen to please their new masters with yet more lurid demonisation of Islam and Moslems, sully these shores regularly. Often they are imported by Zionist organisations (one can just imagine the utter pandaemonium if a local Islamic group imported an anti-Jewish zealot to preach contempt and hatred of Jews)or by the Zionazis’ local Rightwing allies.When, occasionally, a Palestinian voice is allowed in an opinion page, it is invariably, I mean without exception, followed the next day by an hysterical and mendacious denunciation from some Zionist group. Needless to say, the reverse never applies.
    Zionazi hatemongering is incessant, almost casual. In a piece re-published in Murdoch’s ‘The Australian’ today, from Marty Peretz, amongst the snide attacks on Obama for lack of sufficient enthusiasm in killing Muslims in Afghanistan, and for daring to appeal to the ‘human refuse’ (Marty’s touching description of black South African slum dwellers-they can’t help themselves, can they?)of the world to gain the Olympics for Chicago, he casually smears Mary Robinson, the universally admired Irish stateswoman, as a ‘cold anti-Semite’. One wonders what tiny infraction of total obeisance to the Herrenvolk precipitated that outburst. These vile and infinitely dangerous creatures, not the totality of Jewry of course, just as the Nazis did not represent the totality of Germans, but a majority, I fear, are riven with hatred for non-Jews, unless they are totally obedient, and a centuries old rage for goy crimes, real, exaggerated and invented, against the Jews. One need only look at decrepsi’s excuses for child-murder in Gaza, based on alleged crimes from centuries ago, in Yemen, or Morocco, to see how certain Jews carry a visceral antipathy for the entire non-Jewish world. At present it is the Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, Somalis paying the price of this hate and rage, but as the demonisation of Iran shows, the bloodlust is unslaked, and is unlikely ever to be so.

  8. dan e said on October 5th, 2009 at 5:57pm #

    like to extend appreciation to Dan L for this insightful article, and to Mulga for highly articulate and informed comments. Wd like to extend something else to bovine excrementalists Mebozo and D Creptsy, and I don’t mean a Ten Foot Pole. not even a Littauer:)

  9. b99 said on October 6th, 2009 at 6:54am #

    The 19th century Jewish migrants to Palestine were religious ‘zionists’ – their goal to live and die in the land of their spiritual ancestors. For most Jews in the Pale of Russia, however, Zion was not an actual piece of land – never mind one constituted by an earthly state. One could imagine and dream of Zion – a sort of Nirvana, in Russia, or America, or where ever – it meant escaping this painful and unfulfilling life on earth. It did not mean a Knesset.

    The political Zionist project, on the other hand was an effort to establish a nation-state for Jews. It was a colonial undertaking, and required a colonial sponsor with the ultimate goal of declaring independence for this Jewish state (presented non-threateningly as a ‘national home for Jews’). It arose in the atmosphere of ultra-nationalist and racialized fervor that generated 19th century European state-building, colonialism, and imperialism. Though it had the trappings of emergent Russian and Soviet communism, it was philosophically more aligned with the reactionary elements that contested Bolshevism in Eastern and Central Europe – that is, the ‘blut und boden’ – my race above all others – ideology that permeated that region at that time. (This is what enabled Jews in Palestine and Israel to set up ‘socialist’ institutions such as the kibbutz – an institution restricted to Jews-only, and no Arab has ever been invited to join a kibbutz – a veritable ‘socialism in one blood’ – an oxymoron if there ever was one.) That the manifestation of Zionism on the ground in Palestine was about to fail is now but a footnote, events in Europe, being capitalized upon by Zionists more interested in a land-grab than in the existential condition of European Jews, the course of history was reset to the ticks of a time-bomb.

  10. b99 said on October 6th, 2009 at 6:55am #

    And an excellent expository article by Mr. Lieberman.

  11. Bernmorn said on October 6th, 2009 at 9:42am #

    There are really so many problems and so many people in this world. The obsession with a fraction of a fraction of the world’s piece of land, and a fraction of a fraction of its inhabitants definitely proves that it is a very sick obsession.

  12. dan e said on October 6th, 2009 at 12:15pm #

    “socialism in one blood” — the absurdity of Zionist self-lying would be funny if it wasn’t so deadly.

  13. kalidas said on October 6th, 2009 at 12:59pm #

    AKA ponerology.

  14. b99 said on October 8th, 2009 at 6:02am #

    bernmorn – 9/11 came out of that fraction of the world’s land.

  15. mary said on October 8th, 2009 at 7:38am #

    Quite right B99. And look what flowed from that act, whether or not it was an inside or an outside ‘job’ – the desecration of lands and peoples and the destabilization of the whole of the Middle East and beyond in the War on Terrrrr.

    On the TV at the moment, the Conservative leader David Cameron is making the closing speech of their annual conference. He opened by promising more troops and equipment in Afghanistan and announcing that he will make the retiring chief of the British Army, General Dannatt, a Minister for Defence in the House of Lords if the Conservatives form the next government in 2010. He brought the rabble to its feet by asking them to show their gratitude ‘to our brave troops’. This applause lasted for many minutes. The party’s slogan is ‘Ready for Change’. There will be no change if they are elected which seems likely.

    PS The position of the Palestinians was never mentioned nor was the Middle East referred to which is strange as I think that a resolution of the conflict there is the crux of all our problems. Cameron is a member of the Conservative Friends of Israel lobby group in the House of Commons needless to say.

  16. deceschi said on October 8th, 2009 at 8:40am #

    Indeed, Bernborn, you say it. These people are obsessed. And we don’t need to mention what kind of demonic virus they are obsessed with. It’s quite obvious.

  17. Mulga Mumblebrain said on October 8th, 2009 at 11:21am #

    Bernmorn, please don’t be so disingenuous. Israel is a tiny region, and the Jews a tiny tribe, but the power elite of the Jews, the business leaders who dominate the Western media and politics, particularly in the US, where the ‘House Negro’ Obama is a long bought and sold servant of their power, and the religious/military/intelligence establishment of Israel, whose tentacles extend from one end of the earth to the other, are driving Western policy as surely as night follows day. To deny that Israeli power drives the War of Terror against the Moslem world, plus much, much, more besides, is simple mendacity, which, I imagine explains the decrepit one’s support for you.

  18. bozhidar balkas vancouver said on October 8th, 2009 at 12:23pm #

    Jewstorical record starts at many opportune times. It may start at the time when arab world and pal’ns wldn’t not recognize israel but not at a time when it had been known from 1897- 1922 that humane solution had not been available in the conflict of the christo-talmudniks and palestinians.

    In fact, once a side wants- and not solely engages in- a war, a crime had been commited.
    Such crime cannot but be defended but with crimes. But these points of time do not exist for ?all jewstorians.

    For them it is important that pal’ns wave these crimes away, recognize israel and israel wld ensure that no harm comes to pal’ns.
    That had been said in ’17 also. Brits and ‘jews’ ‘promised’ that no harm wld come to locals by establishing a home euro-khazarians in palestina.

    Americans have behaved like that towards red people. They made thousands of promises to them but their land and numbers shrank.
    Eventually what remained was confined i reservations.

    Pal’ns have been going thru the same or simialr process. And ‘jews’ are close to the end of it and will have done it as soon as US gives ‘jews’ the permit.

  19. deceschi said on October 8th, 2009 at 1:53pm #

    mulgi, your paranoia towards Jews and the Jewish homeland in Middle East looks more and more like that one of a certain little guy in Teheran, same discours of cospiracy, same pattern of hatred. The world experienced already in WWII where hate against Jews can lead. Don’t you think you are a bit pathetic and an anachronism in person? How you and your species of dinosaurs will able to survive when – as all decent people hope – once there will be a true durable peace between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs in Middle East? Will you then finally evolve yourself to a new more developed living form?

  20. B99 said on October 8th, 2009 at 4:58pm #

    dizzy – peace in the middle east means a state of Palestine, a viable state, no strings attached – right now. Anything else is just zionism being racism as usual.

  21. deceschi said on October 9th, 2009 at 1:01pm #

    B….y99, the problem is that the Palestinians want only one state of Palestine in Middle East. From the moment that their desire for peace will prevail on the dream of revenge and reconquest, of which you are faithful spokes(wo)man, we can start to talk seriously about a viable state Palestinian with open borders. But as long as Palestinians and Arabs hate Israel more than love their children, it will be difficult to reach that common goal. So I suggest them to stop the double talk, to drop the charade of peace and to speak straight and seriously with those who are nolens volens destined to be the neighbors. History teachs that the wheel of History can not be rolled over backwards. The sooner they understand this the better for them and the real chance of a own state. There is nothing that can really help them if they do not deal with the concerned counterparty. Everything else belongs to the world of dreams. Keep dreaming and “your” claimed state will remain a dream.

  22. Mulga Mumblebrain said on October 10th, 2009 at 2:03pm #

    The decrepit one repeats one of the vilest slurs of all Zionazi hate speech. The foul assertion that the Palestinians do not love their children properly was first used, I think, by that detestable creature Golda Meir, decades ago. It is a typical Zionazi slur, dredged up from the psychopathic depths of minds riven by hatred and contempt. Of course we all know from daily exposure over decades that in this Judeofascist dominated Western world, the Chosen Herrenvolk can say whatever they like, no matter how vile, how demeaning, how de-humanising about their victims. And to refute these lies and slanders invites being vilified yourself as an ‘anti-Semite’. I confess, decrepit. When a Jew is the type you represent, vicious, racist, arrogant to the point of narcissistic delirium and far beyond, I am ‘anti’ them, and proud of it. When a Jew is a decent human being, who acknowledges the basic equality of all the tribes of humanity and the fact that all people, everywhere, love their children, then not only do I accept them fully as my equal as a human, but they have my unstinting admiration for standing against the tide of racism, viciousness, sadism and racialist contempt that has their tribe, and odious individuals like decrepit, by the throat. The real truth decrepit is that there will only be peace in the Middle East when the evil fraction of Jewry loves their children more than it loves killing and maiming the children of the Palestinians.

  23. maggie said on November 9th, 2009 at 2:17pm #

    “Somehow, and in some way, someone took advantage of the Allies victory in World War I….”

    wow, someone did a lot of research… what a lame article!