Don’t Invade Iran!

Men keep going to war. They go for many reasons. The only defensible reason, however, is self-defense – of one’s family, one’s community, one’s country.

With war many suffer and suffer profoundly. But few gain. Why then do men go to war so often? In one way or another most soldiers are coerced or brainwashed into battle.

The few who gain keep the pot boiling. Only they have the power to do so. Even as they themselves avoid battle, those few force others to kill and risk death.

Many are the reasons for not going to war. To begin with, just count the victims.

Years ago a group of anti-war activists here in Syracuse brainstormed reasons to oppose the imminent US attack on Iraq. Not much tweaking would be needed for that long list to apply equally to a US invasion of Iran.

That tweaking would be no academic exercise. Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush, having despoiled two Islamic nations, are poised to despoil a third.

What follows draws on our brainstorm of years ago. As we did then, we begin here with why people of conscience must oppose war in general:

~ war breeds war. War is contagious. Violence breeds violence. “Violence bounces” (e.e. cummings). War unleashes reactive terrorism, retaliatory terrorism. War is terrorism.

~ war is about killing. Killing is immoral. Killing violates conscience. It violates virtually every spiritual heritage. That the killing is at a distance or from a high altitude, or that it is multiple, doesn’t absolve it.

~ in war soldiers lose not only their limbs but their lives. They lose not only their psyches but their souls. Thanks to propaganda and misrepresentation, soldiers are put in harrowing circumstances no human should have to endure. To avoid killing or for the shame of having killed, some commit suicide.

~ war corrupts. Wars of aggression corrupt absolutely. In war, profiteering is rife. Our taxes finance war while the corporations cash in. The profiteers both promote and perpetuate war.

~ war demands censorship. War demands disinformation. The first casualty of war is truth. War stifles dissent and erodes civil liberties. Benito Mussolini told us fascism is the merger of the corporations with the government. War cloaks and consolidates fascism.

~ the US is the unopposed master of aerial warfare. Air war doesn’t discriminate between civilian and military. It targets and destroys infrastructure essential to civilian life. For the past century civilians have been the vast majority of war casualties. Killing civilians is cowardly. It is terrorism.

~ war spreads, surges, spills over, escalates. It ignores borders, ignores limits. War trickles down; it comes home to roost. War cheapens and brutalizes a people and their culture. Domestic abuse rises as soldiers – many suffering post-traumatic stress disorder — return home.

~ pre-emptive war violates national sovereignty. Pre-emptive war violates the UN Charter and international law. Violations of law – especially by the only superpower – undermine global security.

~ financing war becomes a pretext to scale back social programs essential for the quality of life, essential for distributive justice, essential for real democracy. War, especially repeated war, bankrupts. For better or worse it overextends and implodes empire.

~ the US now uses depleted uranium in its armor and ordnance. Upon returning home many soldiers, exposed to toxic and radioactive d.u., fall ill. Some conceive babies congenitally deformed. In Iraq depleted uranium leads to epidemic childhood leukemia.

~ war pollutes and otherwise subverts the environment. War squanders the earth’s resources.

War on Iran

In 1953 a CIA coup toppled the democratically elected statesman, Mohammad Mossadegh. The CIA then installed the Shah, a tyrant and friend to US oil companies. In 1979 a popular revolution overthrew the Shah.

Iran, a cradle of civilization, has twelve next-door neighbors. In the past two centuries it hasn’t invaded any of them. Needless to say it has never invaded the US… or toppled any US president. Nor has Iran looted US oil.

Iran has never provided any credible threat to US security. Yet Bush Inc. keeps saber rattling, brazenly threatening to attack Iran. The folly and viciousness of such provocation is clear:

~ since 1979 diplomacy between the US and Iran has barely been pursued.

~ war against Iran is a neo-con dream. It’s about controlling the oil faucet. It’s about bending the Middle East to US imperial will. It’s about world domination.

~ despite the hype, despite the lies, a war on Iran would be one of naked, Nazi-like aggression. Israel and AIPAC, its US lobby, incite hostility to Iran, distorting a realistic assessment of our interests in the Middle East.

~ war is unpredictable. The contemplated air war may morph into land war: thousands of US soldiers may die; hundreds of thousands of Iranians may die. Millions may be displaced.

~ war on Iran risks drying up Iranian oil on world markets. If an attacked Iran succeeds in blocking the Strait of Hormuz, other Middle East oil will cease to flow. Oil companies may profit from the scarce supply, but prices at the pump will spike.

~ a US invasion co-opts the choices of the Iranian people. It would undermine those progressive Iranians struggling for reform.

~ Muslims are a quarter of the world’s population. They may grow impatient with the US attacking yet another Islamic country. US soldiers in Iraq will reap the blowback of Shia rage.

~ yet another invasion may undermine US ties with its allies as the US further proves itself a global outlaw, a rogue state.

~ like the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the invasion of Iran would be a war of distraction. That distraction might temporarily obscure those two failed wars and the deepening recession. Domestic opposition here to the war on Iran might somehow provide Bush and Cheney the pretext to suspend the 2008 presidential elections…thus postponing their indictment for war crime.

~ the US has no legal or moral standing to pre-emptively target Iran’s alleged nuclear capacity. The US is the world’s only perpetrator of nuclear holocaust – not once, but twice, not against military targets but against civilians. The US abetted the nuclearization of Israel.

Given its nuclear arsenal, its use of depleted uranium, its arms export industry, its support for the Israeli air war on Lebanon, and its own terrorist training camps (e.g. the US Army’s School of the Americas), it is sheer hypocrisy for the US to claim it is waging “war on terrorism.”

Lastly: for five fierce years a battered and factionalized Iraq – without a national army or air force — has withstood and humbled the mighty US military. Iran is even larger, richer, more intact and more united than Iraq. As Iraq learned when it tried to invade Iran in the eighties, a righteous Iran is no foe to mess with.

Ed served 14 months in federal prisons for his civil resistance against the SOA. More recently he has been one of the “Hancock 2,” the “Hancock 15,” the “Hancock 33,” and the “Hancock 38.” Reach him at: Read other articles by Ed.

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  1. Binh said on March 20th, 2008 at 6:49am #

    They couldn’t invade Iran even if Bush decided to.

    Cheney and the neocons want airstrikes, not an invasion.

  2. zhann said on March 20th, 2008 at 7:00am #

    Ed, your article is well written and well thought out. Your points are well made, and I agree with almost every aspect of what you wrote. The only points I would add to this article are solid reasons for waging war, none of which are currently present for Iran or Iraq. You made a point that War is acceptable as Self Defense, but it is also acceptable to defend ones allies. Otherwise, I applaud your article.

  3. joed said on March 20th, 2008 at 8:37am #

    well, if ya’ gotta’ go somewhere to kill someone then it ain’t self-defense, it is murder. the iraqi freedom fighters are defending their country and families as best they can. the americans are murdering the iraqis. what the fuck did any iraqi ever do to any gi. fuck the ally business too. if you gotta go somewhere to kill someone it’s murder.
    actually, the reasonable thing to do here is to treat all people with respect and dignity and honestly. if others don’t treat you the same then you try harder. there is no moral justification for going somewhere to kill someone; that is called murder.

  4. D.R. Munro said on March 20th, 2008 at 11:16am #

    I like that word, murder.

    Perhaps if we could get the mainstream press to stop saying, “there were 12 casualties in Iraq today,” and start saying, “10 people were murdered in cold blood in Baghdad, one other had his foot blown off his leg, and another got his skull crushed when a Hummer ran him over,” maybe there would be some awakening.

  5. Michael Kenny said on March 20th, 2008 at 1:25pm #

    Probably the most likely reason why Bush will not attack Iran is that it will get him nowhere. He has no land forces and cannot used land-based bombers without the consent of other countries. So close to the end of his term, that’s not going to happen. So he’s left with pinprick attacks from carriers that will annoy people and further discredit the US but will do no real harm to Iran. For both of the foregoing reasons Iran would be unlikely to react (and provoking Iran is the only real rationale for an atack on it), preferring to go to the UN as the innocent victim. At that point, Iran has won!

  6. Arch Stanton said on March 20th, 2008 at 1:51pm #

    Do Invade Iran!

    Let the reprehensible crypto-nazis have their way and launch a full scale attack on Iran. Or even a “surgical” strike. Either way, when the first US planes break Iranian airspace (assuming its a few months away after the new Russian air defense system is in place), the world will get to behold the appearance of a greater pale horse. So it’s good that there are lots of fans of shock and awe out there because they’ll get some shock and awe they won’t fucking believe.

  7. hp said on March 20th, 2008 at 2:26pm #

    Michael, Unfortunately the B-2 bombers can fly anywhere in the world to bomb. They are based at Diego Garcia, 3500 miles from Iran.There are also nuclear cruise missiles and F-18s, F-15s and F-16s can all deliver nukes.
    Of course the minute the USreal attacks Iran, the draft will commence.

  8. Lloyd Rowsey said on March 20th, 2008 at 5:39pm #

    joed, man, that’s concise. going somewhere to kill someone is murder. i don’t know if you thought that up, but I hope you pass it around and maybe put it on signs. and i’m not even a pacifist.

    with regard to kinane, I agree with the evident present consensus of posters that the US Navy, not to mention the USAF, can do as much damage to Iran as the Chipmunk might call for, any time of any feverish day or nite.

  9. Lloyd Rowsey said on March 20th, 2008 at 5:46pm #

    but re-reading kinane, i think it would be fairer to just substitute “invasion or air attack” where he uses the word “invasion.” fairer in the sense of the obvious “drift” of the article, which incidentally I agree with totally, even to the point of there being, certainly in principle, legitimate self-defense of allies. as i just mentioned to joed, i’m not a pacifist.

  10. Lloyd Rowsey said on March 20th, 2008 at 5:50pm #

    so who cares what I think? probably joed. and conceivably kinane.

  11. Shabnam said on March 20th, 2008 at 6:55pm #

    “Iran has never provided any credible threat to US security.”

    Mr. Kinane: You are absolutely right. Iran is not an enemy. Historically, Iran and the US have been natural allies in the Persian Gulf and beyond. The Iranian struggle for independence, and democracy started in 19th centaury. Since then, the Iranian people always have strived for a better society to protect everyone’s right. The struggle for democracy let to the constitutional revolution of 1906-1911, and continued into 1979 Iranians. Iranians are proud and humble people and Iran, as you have mentioned, has not invaded any country in more than two centuries.
    Iran IS NOT AN ENEMY. This has been constructed by Israel and its lobby in the United States. Iran like other countries in the region did not voted for the partition of Palestine but the Shah, a dictator, whose rule was restored by an American/British coup in 1953, supported by US and Israel. Israel and Iran had close relationship during the Shah in power which was vital for Israel.
    The policy of dual containment of Iran and Iraq originated during the Carter Administration, but it was not until the Clinton Administration where the expression “dual containment” became popular and the occupied land transformed into the disputed land.
    The Iran-Iraq war intended to weaken both countries to help Israel position in the region. As Kissinger Said: “Let both countries to destroy each other.” To do that, the west didn’t want either side claim victory and when Iran was winning the war, US entered the war against Iran directly to make sure Saddam was not defeated. Finally, in 1988 Iran was forced to accept a humiliating ceasefire, especially after the USS Vincennes shooting of an airbus killed 299 Iranian civilian passengers including children still remembered by the Iranians.
    The main containment, however, started under Clinton administration, the most pro Zionist administration in the history of the presidency. The policy of dual containment of Iran and Iraq was written by Martin Indyk, the head of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, an
    AIPAC affiliate, and under this policy Iran was accused of, continues to the present, sponsoring terrorism; opposing Middle East peace process; and developing weapons of mass destruction. As you see, preparation to destroy Iraq and Iran started long time ago especially under Clinton using its agents in high position of American decision making circles, forcing sanction, creating and spreading lies against Iran to form negative public opinion using Zionist media until further action. During the Clinton Administration Israel lobby became the major underwriters of US foreign policy toward Iran.
    It was during the Clinton Administration where Mujahedin, MEK, an Iranian terrorist organization was presented as a tool using their ‘expertise’ to bring about “regime change”.
    Israel and the neocon had close relationship with this organization and Daniel Pipe and Richard Pearl attended MEK’s convention where the latter was the key speaker for this terrorist organization at the convention.
    This preparation reached to a new level under Clinton allowing the Zionist lobby to write resolution after resolution to force sanction against Iran and Iraq to cause civilian deaths, to bring poverty and destitute to these countries and to raise public dissatisfaction to be manifested in the demonstrations to hope for riot in the street and clashes between the government and its citizens so they can have pictures and videos to help them to stage a propaganda campaign against these countries which Israel viewed them as an obstacles against its “greater Israel” plan in the region using American influence to reach her goal. Iraq almost destroyed during Clinton administration by bombing and sanction, which killed more than a million, majorities were children.
    So as you see Mr. Kinane when you write:” war against Iran is a neo-con dream.” You are absolutely right knowing that majorities of the neocon were Trotskyite Zionists pro Israel. This is Israel’s wish which is carried out by the neocon. But when you say “It’s about controlling the oil”, I have doubt about that. If you mean oil within “The New Middle East’ then it is Ok.
    It is very interesting to see these days everyone is talking about “Iraq after 5 years”, but no one is talking about the ROLE OF ISRAEL in the destruction of Iraq and now has turned to Iran with full speed. An invasion or military attack against Iran does not bring any benefit for anyone EXCEPT ISRAEL. It is not the United States who needs to destroy Iran and kill many civilians to strengthen its position in the world; rather is ISRAEL who needs destruction of Iran, like Iraq, to strengthen her position. The “greater Israel” is wrapped around “the new middle east” project to save its apartheid state which is erected on the stolen land of Palestine.
    Dr. Trita Parsi in his book “Treacherous Alliance: The secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the US” based on many interviews of both Israelis and Iranians has concluded that after the demise of the Soviet Union Israel felt the US may not consider Israel a “vital asset” anymore, therefore, Israel presented “Islamic extremist” as the new enemy of the US and Iran as its center to engage the United States in her war against the Israel’s enemies.
    People of the world must take action against the war, and expose the role of Israel and Israel Lobby behind these wars.
    Americans should stay out of work once a week to send a strong message that they want no war or sanction against Iranian children and, instead, they demand US withdraw from the Middle East, Iraq and stop US support of Israel.

  12. Lloyd Rowsey said on March 20th, 2008 at 9:04pm #

    “An invasion or military attack against Iran does not bring any benefit for anyone EXCEPT ISRAEL.”

    That would be presuasive, Shabnam, were it not for the fact that after attacking Iran, Bush could declare a state of national emergency and suspend elections. Or not, while the ensuing terror in this country would practically guarantee McCain’s election.

  13. Lloyd Rowsey said on March 21st, 2008 at 5:28am #

    Note Well

    I have a friend who lives in Texas much
    Closer to Santa Ana than Santa Rosa
    Who tells me that George the Second
    Is like the unpopular student
    Who loads up and goes in and blows away
    As many other students as possible

    In order to go out in a blaze of glory.

    Think about that, and Iran, gentle readers.

    Or mellow out on “Irrelevant,”
    A writing I recently read in a book:

    George the Second in a rant
    Labels Gore irrelevant
    Then say He and his sycophants
    “The UN has no relevance!”

    When long ago we had such Georgian rule
    Under another imperial fool
    We gave him the boot in his silken pants
    And History judged him irrelevant.

  14. Shabnam said on March 21st, 2008 at 8:13am #

    It is not very clear yet which rout George will take us to sit McCain as president. One thing is certain that a “terrorist” activity is going to take place by a death man, Ben Laden. A recent tape has warned us:

    “…Pope Benedict XVI of helping in a “new crusade” against Islam and warned of a “severe” reaction to European publications of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that insulted many Muslims.”
    This warning tells us they are probably preparing another pre-emptive strike to increase McCain’s chances for presidency. We should be prepared for another terrorist attack somewhere in Europe; in the US or somewhere else to frighten voters into submission to vote for McCain, the Zionist candidate. They did the same thing in Spain a few years ago to keep the neocon man, Aznar as Prime Minister, but it back lashed. I guess they have more trust in American people’s ability to submit. This terrorist incident, more likely, will take place at the end of the summer to frighten the public, holding al Qaeda, which does not exist, responsible and like in Spain they will find a sack full of documents including telephone notebook contains all names and their telephone numbers for investigation.
    I think the US is very lucky because the main job of the terrorists have been, so far, to make available “documents in form of tapes, CD, Tel. No. and …..” helping authorities to capture them soon after their “investigation.”
    They said, on the air, it is not clear where this tape, Ben Laden’s latest tape, was made. I suppose everyone knows where this tape was made, the basement of the CIA.
    They stop to make videos because Ben Laden was getting younger and younger each time. If they had continued the course we should have been watching Ben Laden in cradle in dipper sucking his pacifier by now.
    Doaa El-Bey in “the real holocaust”, Al-Ahram weekly, has complained about Arabs and passive International stand on Palestinian holocaust:
    “The Jordanian political independent daily Al-Dostour criticized the Arab and passive international stand on the Israeli practices in Gaza. Its editorial hailed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s decision to cut all political contact with the Israeli government. Although it regarded this as one of the important cards in the hands of the Palestinians, the edit called on the Arab regimes to take more positive steps to support the Palestinians.”
    He criticized the population of Egypt for quick reaction against marginal issues:
    “Khaled Al-Harroub found the Arab reaction to different issues perplexing. They tend to react in a strange and slow manner to important issues and quick and rampant to marginal subjects. He questioned why the Arab peoples from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arab Gulf rose up against a caricaturist in Denmark but were dead silent about a fact like the holocaust in Gaza.”
    I think people should recognize their priorities not to be divided and be taken hostage by their enemy.
    McCain’s propaganda campaign, apparently, is not going well. He has shown not only is a liar but also an illiterate on the basics of the Middle Eastern history and events. He is totally dependant on his advisor, Joseph Lieberman, to correct him when it is necessary.
    McCain is traveling in the Middle East to force other countries in the region to cooperate with the US should strike on Iran “inevitable.” McCain said:
    “He said several times that Iran, a predominately Shiite country, was supplying the mostly Sunni militant group, al-Qaeda.”
    He even does not know Iran considers Taliban, Al Qaeda, an enemy from the beginning and Iran has always said Taliban is the creation of Americans to insult Islam.
    Fortunately or unfortunately, Joseph Lieberman, his advisor, corrected him:
    “McCain said it was “common knowledge and has been reported in the media that al-Qaeda is going back into Iran and receiving training and are coming back into Iraq from Iran, that’s well known. And it’s unfortunate.”
    A few moments later, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, standing just behind McCain, stepped forward and whispered in the presidential candidate’s ear. McCain then said: “I’m sorry; the Iranians are training extremists, not al-Qaeda.”
    The mistake threatened to undermine McCain’s argument that his decades of foreign policy experience make him the natural choice to lead a country at war with terrorists. In recent days, McCain has repeatedly said his intimate knowledge of foreign policy make him the best equipped to answer a phone ringing in the White House late at night.
    Lloyd, I think a terrorist activity is necessary more than ever to establish McCain credibility as an “experienced” candidate to be president. Don’t you think so?

  15. hp said on March 21st, 2008 at 8:15am #

    He has given the lexicon another modern phrase.
    “Son of a Bush!”

  16. Lloyd Rowsey said on March 21st, 2008 at 9:28am #

    Presently, Shabnam, I think the disunity among leftists and the increasing internecene warfare among the Dims renders terrorist activity relatively unnecessary compared to a couple of months ago, assuming that activity intends to promote McCain’s presidency.

    Ipso facto, if you are saying that Americans who simulate terrorist activity — with the same intention in mind — now find it “necessary more than ever” to conduct a fake terrorist event (in Europe or America) ofgreat magnitude, I think the same argument applies.

    In either case, why risk a hell of a lot when the rate of change of others accomplishing your goals is increasing?

  17. Lloyd Rowsey said on March 21st, 2008 at 6:59pm #

    Cross out “ipso facto” and replace it with “And.” Cross out “rate of change” and replace it with “likelihood.” Ughhh.

  18. Shabnam said on March 23rd, 2008 at 1:10pm #

    More evidence against the reason behind the war as “anti war movement” has tried to sell to the public, “no blood for oil”, and in fact is blood for survival of Israel. As Matt Giwer warned us in 2002 but no one listened to him:
    “Israel and its brain dead fundies (religious fundamentalists) supporters are a political influence in the US be they Christian or Jewish. These fundies control the Bush administration and much of Congress. Israel has mobilized them for its own advantage. The current thrust for war against Iraq is about obtaining a secure source of oil for Israel.”
    It is important to expose the role of Israel and her puppet, Kurds, in the destruction of Iraq and now they are pushing for destruction of another country, Iran, which is viewed by Israeli and the Kurds as an obstacle against their expansion of influence and expansion of the Kurdish tribe. Apparently, Israel has come to this conclusion that without Kurdistan as an ally, her existence as an apartheid state will be challenged:
    “Were this to happen Kurdistan would have a piece of both the Tigris and Euphrates rivers permitting it to sell water to Israel. This will permit Israel to support a significantly larger population than at present and give it a source of water independent of imports from Turkey. As there will likely be decades of animosity and conflict between Turkey and this Kurdistan an alternate source of water will be assured from one side or the other.”
    So when “intellectuals” are repeating the misleading slogan “no blood for oil”, we should ask them OIL FOR WHOM?

  19. Eli said on March 31st, 2008 at 1:07pm #

    I hope some of you people begin to understand that this is no 3rd grade playground fight. War may cause the loss of innocent lives and sure a pre-emptive strike is completely immoral, but sometimes it is the necessary action to keep a hostile, very dangerous enemy in a place where he cannot cause any damage. Iran is undoubtedly able to produce nuclear weapons within a short ammount of time, this is shown by the purchasing and availability of fissionable uranium and other components to building a nuclear weapon, and the fact that Iranian technichians are very able in this field. I dont need to stress the immense effect that a known nuclear weapon in Iran could entail, every unstable nation in the area, strengthened by the US’ lack of action in disarming iran, would pursue weapons creation of their own both for self defense and to compete in the obvious power struggle in the Middle East. Iran’s President has many times stated his anti-western mindset and will, if allowed, use a nuclear weapon to attack us or use against us in any way possible. All of you anti war people need to understand, our troops are meant to protect our civilians, and truthfully, sometimes the best defense is a good offense. It may be uncertain to this point weather Iran has nuclear weapons, but it cannot be doubted that they have the capability. What then? When Iran has a nuclear weapon at their disposal and are openly threatening the US with an attack, where will you be? Will you still be standing behind your shining morals, protesting anti war while your families and friends are always at risk of an attack that could destabilize not only the most powerful nation in the world, but also every single nation that plays in the same league as us. The israeli observation is indeed a great point, it would propel them to one of the top countries in the middle east and i honestly didnt consider that option, but once again, is it worth the risk? and if we do wait too long, squabbling amongst ourselves deciding the proper course of action, it could only leave us in the situation stated above, where they have a weapon. The way i see the least losses occuring is a preemtive land/sea/air assault on Tehran. This does indeed sound much like the situation in Iraq, and i do say that i was an early proponent of that war and it obviously turned very sour over there, as a result of lack of intelligence, but this sitation is different. Iran is far more capable of producing WMD’s than Iraq ever was, and they have showed it. Also the invasion would have to be ceased soon after success, limiting casualties and removing us from the middle east to let it redevelop on its own, under careful watch of the UN and US, Iran has a strong enough democratic state that it can reelect its own officials with little US intervention. So, the question at hand, invade Iran, reducing the US’ credibility on a worldwide scale and losing many lives along with a possible draft re-enduction, or wait and try to take the peaceful way out, destroying our ability to mediate conflict between unstable countries and putting ourselves at risk of a nuclear attack and a larger scale war between every nuclear power in the world, and giving the green light to almost any nation with nuclear ambitions. You Choose. check it out for a more detailed structure of the ideas i stated. sorry if what i wrote crosses your morals or beliefs, simply trying to clear up that even if we are peaceful, it doesnt mean that they will be.

  20. Shabnam said on April 5th, 2008 at 7:27am #

    The Zionists, such as ELI, and imperialists who are killing Muslims with pretext of a phony “War On Terror”, where majorities of the terrors on earth, at least for the past 500 years are committed by the West, either Britain, France, Israel, Germany, America, Canada, or Australia, they are using all the channels including gays to sell another imperialist and Zionist war against humanity, Iran, asking their agents, Ireland and Tatchell, to fool the western citizens around the world AGAIN. They sold WMD charge, a lie, with the help of their agents, Tatchell and Ireland, to wage war against a Muslim country where the bloody west
    installed Saddam, its leader, through CIA and MI6 in order to kill more than 30,000 Iraqi with a pretext of “fighting against communism” alone. Examples of the brutality and terrorist activities of the west is numerous and known to all “educated” people. The western population cooperated with their terrorist governments actively, like Ireland and Tatchell or passively to kill and rob other nations to keep their behind fat enough so when they fall, they fall on a mountain of FAT, in the other word, the ignorant population of the West HAVE BENEFITED FROM THE KILLING OF OTHER GROUPS. Therefore, they continue to kill and torture unless people of the central Asia, the Middle East and Africa be united to change the course.
    The Zionist/imperialist war has cost Iraqi people more than 1.2 million deaths, Americans themselves looted their museums to WIPE their contribution to civilization and humanity OFF the map and has forced 4.7 Iraqi people out of their land to make rooms for the children of the criminal West, the mercenaries and their thieves in name of corporation, who wipe the indigenous population of Americas off the map, now are robbing Iraq to fund and continue their occupation with the internal enablers, the Kurdish terrorists, spies of Israel and the US, to insult Iraqi people through rape and torture.
    Their population supporting the destruction of other group “sheep” style through mass killing and looting of Muslims now, or active support, Tatchell and Ireland, by waging psychological war through propaganda using mass media to spread lies and deception to sell their spurious charge like they did in Sudan by staging a campaign based on a lie, “child slavery” to force the government in another Muslim country to hand in the South of Sudan to the terrorist, John Garang, who was trained by Israel and the US and received arm and money through “humanitarian aides”. The Zionist pro apartheid state of Israel did the same thing and forced the indigenous population of Palestine out of their land by act of murder and has filled the land by the robbers, as settlers of European decent, who had experience in land grabbing, to occupy the land for the past 60 through mass killings including babies, torture, house demolition, forced deportation and “target assassination” to wipe Palestinians off the map. This is not human quality. They use any avenue to spread lies through their Zionist propaganda tool, the media, including lies about gays in Iran manufactured by Ireland and Tatchell, that gays are executed because they are gays and this rubbish is published even by the “progressive” media like Znet to spread Lies against the enemy of Israel that its interest is protected by the overt and crypto Zionist like “the famous public intellectual”. Those who claim Iran kill Gays because they are
    gays are LIARS and those who buy this lie are FOOLS. Those gays who were punished in Iran were convicted of RAPE crime of minor.

  21. devyn black nyc said on May 19th, 2008 at 12:20pm #

    sail away~