Gaza on My Mind

“The worst part of the situation is no one seems to care” … that is the sentiment of many residents in Gaza today.

I heard that very line repeated time and time again by people I have been in touch with in the region. In cases like this present situation, the concept of International Solidarity is not only needed, it is one of the few things that keeps hope alive for the thousands of people literally locked in their homes for their safety.

Last night I spoke with Mohammed Omer on the phone. As we were talking I overheard the noise of F16s flying over his home in the Rafah refugee camp. I felt so helpless. I told him that it was a strange feeling knowing that I was only a little more than an hour away from him, but I felt as if I was in another universe because we are totally cut off from each other.

Those F16s are not produced in Israel, they are a “gift” from the United States to aid in the ethnic cleansing of this region. Just last night the United States decided:

The US House of Representatives authorized Friday night a sum of $205 million dollars for financing joint US-Israel missile defense system projects, Israel Radio reported.

205 million dollars will go to projects currently being developed in Israeli factories. According to the report, the defense systems are meant to be able to withstand missiles developed by Iran.

Does it seem more than a coincidence that that decision was made last night, during one of the most vicious raids against Gaza, under the guise of protection against Iran. Just who is Uncle Sam trying to kid?

It seems to me that the very concept of International Solidarity is alive and well but not in the way it is meant to be; it is the aggressor that is being supported, not the victim. Much of the present conflict goes back to the fact that the United States has refused to recognise the FACT that Hamas was elected to represent the Palestinians in their government. The US has influenced other Western nations to follow them. Their one sided “support” for Abbas and his Fatah faction has been responsible for deep splits within the Palestinian Authority. Abbas, himself, is not totally blameless in this matter, for allowing that situation to continue.

As I see it, there are two major requirements necessary here: the first being the unification of the rival factions in the Palestinian Authority and the second being a world outcry against the Israeli and American supported genocide taking place. Only then will this situation come to an end. The people of Palestine are counting on you for help; they deserve it.

Talk it up among your friends and colleagues, don’t let this issue just be another piece you read in the press. There are literally millions of lives at stake here. You must do your part to save them. Show them that you DO care.

Steve Amsel is an active Peace/Civil Rights Worker who aims for a just and lasting peace between Israel and Palestine. At the same time he continues in the struggle against racism and for peace throughout the world. He can be reached at: Read other articles by Steve.