Anti-Communism 101 from Tallinn, Estonia

After the Red Army liberated Nazi occupied Estonia, a six and a half foot sculpture was put in the center of the capital, Tallinn in 1947 to commemorate the defeat of Nazi Germany. On Thursday April 26, the government ordered workers to build a fence and tents located in a small triangular park near Tallinn’s Old Town. The reason was to start excavations allegedly to determine if Soviet soldiers were buried there.

Over 1000 protestors, mostly Russians living in Estonia gathered around the Park realizing that the neo-liberal Prime Minister Andrus Ansip and his Ministers had led the push for the monument’s removal.

Tear gas and battle gear were used by the police as 300 protestors were arrested and the New York Times reported that 44 were injured and one man stabbed to death.

The political motive? The removal of the symbol of the Soviet defeat of German fascism would enhance the chances of Estonia to join the European Union and be part of global capital and good relations with the IMF and World Bank. What better way to win favor with capitalism/imperialism than to show your anti-socialist/communist credentials.

Editor’s Note: As noted on the submissions page: “It is understood that articles published in Dissident Voice do not necessarily reflect the views of its editors or all contributing writers.”

The editors suppose that the writer was referring to EU membership for Estonia rather than NATO membership, hence why the original piece has now been changed. Also the editors affirm our belief that denial of a population’s sovereignty through occupation is wicked whether it be capitalist or socialist.

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Joshua Frank and Kim Petersen

David Silver has a 50-year membership in class, anti-imperialist, and anti-racist struggles. Among them are The Coalition to Free the Angola 3, the American Labor Party (with Vito Marcantonio and Dr. DuBois in the late '40s), the Freedom and Peace Party in the '60s, and Hands off Cuba Coalition in the '80s. Read other articles by David.

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  1. indrek said on May 3rd, 2007 at 5:50am #

    it is easy to tolerate different opinions, but to play with facts is another story. How could the moving of the monument from center park to cemetry in 20 minutes walk distance be motivated by “enhanc[ing] the chances of Estonia to join NATO, the European Union”, if Estonia is already a member of both NATO and European Union?

    Please, I have seen bad journalism during last days – unchecked and strictly false facts, but this must top the list until now.

  2. Toomas Hendrik Ilves said on May 3rd, 2007 at 6:31am #


    The Red Army “liberated” Nazi occupied Estonia the same way that the US “liberated” Iraq from Saddam Hussein — through brutal force and occupation:

    “In addition to the human and material losses suffered due to war, thousands of civilians were killed and tens of thousands of people deported from Estonia by the Soviet authorities until Joseph Stalin’s death in 1953. Soviet rule significantly slowed Estonia’s economic growth, resulting in a wide “wealth gap” in comparison with neighboring democratic countries (e.g., Finland and Sweden). Militarization was another aspect of the Soviet regime. Large parts of the country and especially the coastal areas were restricted to anyone but the Soviet military. Most of the northern, northwestern and western sea shore and all of the islands (including Saaremaa and Hiiumaa) were declared “border zones”. Estonians not directly living there were restricted from traveling there without a permit and could be punished if they did so. A notable closed military installation was the city of Paldiski which was entirely closed to all public access. The city had a support base for the Soviet Baltic Fleet’s submarines and several large military bases, including a nuclear submarine training centre complete with a full-scale model of a nuclear submarine with working nuclear reactors. The reactor building passed to Estonian control a year after the Soviet troops left. Russification was another effect brought about by the Soviet occupation. Hundreds of thousands of Russian-speaking migrants (mostly from the Russian Federation or Ukraine) were relocated to Estonia by the Soviet administration and Communist Party to conduct the aforementioned industrialization and militarization. The immigrants stayed on to form part of the population. By 1980, when part of the Moscow Olympic Games were also held in Tallinn (the Olympic Regatta), Russification and state-orchestrated immigration had achieved a level at which it started sparking popular protests.”

    Does this sound like liberation, or occupation? Why would someone who writes on a website called the “dissident voice” call this “liberation”?

    You said: “The removal of the symbol of the Soviet defeat of German fascism would enhance the chances of Estonia to join NATO, the European Union and be part of global capital and good relations with the IMF and World Bank.”

    David, are you aware that Estonia is a member of NATO and the EU? How would the removal of this statue enhance their chances to join organisations they are part of? What does “be part of global capital” mean?

    Estonia is an independent nation. There is a joke that is resurfacing in Tallinn — “the Russians tell us what to do, and we tell them where to go [to hell].”

    Why is it that every blogger who hates Bush and is anti-war so blindly supportive of Russia? Because it fits into your ideological views, period. Start thinking about these things rather than coming up with knee-jerk responses.

    I believe you need to hear the full side of the story before you continue with a Bush = fascism tirade that has absolutely NOTHING to do with Estonia:

  3. Todd said on May 3rd, 2007 at 6:56am #

    Um, Estonia has been a member of NATO and the EU since 2004. Try looking elsewhere for a false motive…

  4. Kari said on May 3rd, 2007 at 7:20am #

    The reason for moving the Bronze Soldier to a cemetery from the city centre was that it had become a place where ethnic Russians and Estonian nationalists clashed. It was a threat to public order. Estonia is a member of NATO and EU.

  5. Elena said on May 3rd, 2007 at 7:43am #

    I believe Estonia joined NATO already, just before joining the EU on the 1st of May 2004 (one does not happen without the other).

  6. Andrew said on May 3rd, 2007 at 7:59am #

    The removal of the symbol of the Soviet defeat of German fascism would enhance the chances of Estonia to join NATO, the European Union and be part of global capital and good relations with the IMF and World Bank.

    What? Estonia is already in NATO and the EU? I think the motive may have had more to do with removing a statue built by occupiers out of a busy downtown square.

  7. Martin said on May 3rd, 2007 at 8:24am #

    Well, hate to blow a perfectly good theory, but it has to be noted that Estonia is a full member of NATO since March 29, 2004 and from May1, 2004 also an EU member. So, unless Estonians are really really slow, it can’t be it…

  8. Estland said on May 3rd, 2007 at 8:55am #

    Dear Mr Silver

    Thank you very much for your in-depth opinion on Estonia. I allowed myself to repost your article with some comments.

    Best regards


  9. Nigel MacEntee said on May 3rd, 2007 at 9:29am #

    “The removal of the symbol of the soviet defeat of German fascism would enhance the chances of Estonia to join NATO and the EU”….

    Rubbish. Estonia are already full members of NATO and the EU for several years now. The statue was removed from the city center as it is a flash-point every 9th May (Russian VE day) for nationalistic russians who long for the old times to gather and protest violently. The statue is also a constant reminder of the 50 years of Soviet occupation suffered by the Estonians after 1944. During this time of russification, thousands of Estonians were killed, and 100,000s of soviets were settled within the borders of Estonia; mostly military employees and their families.

  10. Indrek said on May 3rd, 2007 at 10:32am #

    I am not happy to say it but your story contain some wrong-wrong fact.

    Daivd wrote: “After the Red Army liberated Nazi occupied Estonia”.

    The correct one is: “After the Red Army REOCCUPIED Nazi occupied Estonia”. That is historical fact. 😉

  11. Tõnu said on May 3rd, 2007 at 10:44am #

    David, I can’t understand where do you get your “facts”. This little arcticle is a real piece of … . I wish you would go to school and have some education.

  12. Toomas Hendrik Ilves said on May 3rd, 2007 at 10:53am #

    “Estonian authorities are holding dozens of suspects for pre-trial investigation, following the plunder of shops in downtown Tallinn. Rioters whom Russian state television lionized as “anti-fascist” protesters actually looted such shops as Armani and Hugo Boss, computer and camera stores, as well as bars for the liquor.”

    Sounds pretty capitalist to me, David.

  13. Heike said on May 3rd, 2007 at 12:52pm #

    I have never seen such idiotic garbage as what was posted by Mr. Silver. Your level of knowledge about Estonia is shown by the comments of so many posters about your lack of understanding of the most basic facts. You are living in a Stalinist dream world of your youth, along with your Russian friends. If you were a true anti-imperialist, you should oppose Russia’s blatant attempts to swallow up a small country like Estonia, as well as the continued Russian occupation of south Ossetia and Transdinistra. If this is all new to you, I suggest you do a little research.

    You really sound like a broken record, a Rip Van Winkle who has been hibernating for 20 years and doesn’t understand the world has changed. Do you think Russia is a communist, anti-imperialist state?

    If you are really so anti-fascist as you make believe you are, you should strongly condemn the fascist gangs that are used by the Russian authorities to attack foreign diplomats and to invoke a new fascist “Kristallnacht” in Estonia. If you are really so anti-fascist, you would strongly condemn the calls the Russians make for the overthrow of the democratically elected Estonian government.

  14. yahkov vahkov said on May 3rd, 2007 at 3:04pm #

    Uh, guys–you can call it “radical journalism” if you want to, but if you’re going to include that second word, it’d be a good idea to do at least a little research. I mean, the EU and NATO accessions were a big deal when they happened, and they’re not exactly a secret. The rest of this synopsis omits so much information on the incidents in Tallinn that it’s hard to know where to start tightening it up.

    By the way, I know a lot of Estonians, and they’re not anti-soviet (“anti-communist” if you’d rather win points in this sandbox, apparently) just for poops and giggles. Apparently they’re still actually a little pissed about the whole “liberation” thing. Occupation, liberation, tomato, tomahto.

  15. Dave Silver said on May 3rd, 2007 at 5:42pm #

    I take full responsibility for my bad reasearch as to when Estonia joined NATO and the European Union. My article Anti-communism 101)
    However it in no way detracts from my main thesis; that the removal of the statue in Tallinn that commemorated thedefeat of German fascism and the Estonia’s liberation by the Red Army, was to showwestern imperialism that they merited a favored position within the IMF, World bank and in the global market. That anti-communism, sometimes in disguise is evident by the response to my article because of my error.
    One response equated the liberation of Estonia with the genocidal behaviopr of US imperialism in Iraq. Anti-communism, neo-liberalism
    and reaction is alive and well here and in Estonia.
    Dave Silver

  16. k said on May 3rd, 2007 at 8:26pm #

    Yes, the occupation of Estonia was an occupation. But for Jews facing extermination, surely there was an aspect of liberation.

    It is worth pointing out that Russians in Estonia are not endowed with the same rights as EU citizens: the right to live and work in other EU states, for example.

    The original article is too simplistic, but it is true that in Eastern Europe there are attempts to equate Stalinism with Fascism; the Czech communist youth group, KSM, has been banned by the Czech government because it supports a publicly owned economy.

    There is no doubt that history wars like the one in Estonia are motivated by relations with Russia and an attempt to forbid any alternative to pro-capitalist politics.

  17. Kurt said on May 3rd, 2007 at 8:51pm #

    If he’s been a party pooper for the last 50 years (fighting capitalism) then maybe what he’s written is just a product of senile dementia or Alzheimer’s.
    This silly man has probably not even visited Estonia and seen the marked changes in society in the last decade. 10 years of the ABSENCE of communism/socialism has seen a remarkably positive change in people’s attitudes and aspirations, personal wealth and happiness. Tallinn itself is now booming with new buildings popping up everywhere.
    He should have made his article’s focus a question about how is it possible for a group of politicians from Russia’s Dumas – to come to Estonia (a soverign State of the EU) to demand that the Estonian government be disbanded. Has anybody ever heard of a more absurd request? The best that can be said about this is that it clearly shows the entrenched ‘Soviet’ style mindset that permeates the upper echelons of the Russian government – where they still think of Estonia (and Latvia, Lithuania etc) as an errant outpost of their mighty Empire, peopled by ungrateful serfs, who still needs correction.

    So, yes, Mr. Silver’s article should have been on questioning the mental capacities of the non-elected parliamentarians in Russia (and the vociferous, drunken thugs shouting ‘Ross-i-ya, Ross-i-ya” in Tallinn) – rather than a decision by Estonia’s government to move a few hundred kilograms of bronze a couple of kilometres to a more suitable location.

  18. WaffaDrunker said on May 4th, 2007 at 10:35am #

    I am sorry, i missed something… did this article author suffer braintumor, and hes operation went (really really) bad …?! Or does he have mental problems?
    There is all kind of people, i know one who believes he is actually hippo who was adopted by aliens. Lucky he does not write news…

    – WaffaDrunker: It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice –

  19. Kelly said on May 4th, 2007 at 11:50am #

    To ‘k said on May 3rd, 2007 at 8:26 pm’ – for your information, the Russians in Estonia who have learned the Estonian language and have become citizens have exactly the same rights as the native Estonians in terms of travel, work, living, etc. The ethnic Russians who after decades of living in Estonia have not bothered to learn the language or take any other steps to acquire Estonian citizenship or to integrate into the society – sure, they are left out. But hey, imagine if someone came to your country and insisted that instead of trying to fit in, YOU should be the one to change your language, customs and traditions to suit THEM, would you really welcome them with open arms? If these ethnic Russians are at any sort of disadvantage at all, it is because of their own unwillingness to accept that they are living in Estonia, a sovereign country, and not in some province of Russia!

  20. Arctic said on May 4th, 2007 at 11:57am #

    I won’t even comment on the original article by Mr. Silver, I think people before me have said it all, pretty much. I would like to somment on ‘K’s’ post from May 3rd, 2007 at 8:26 pm:
    “Yes, the occupation of Estonia was an occupation. But for Jews facing extermination, surely there was an aspect of liberation.” – That’s rubbish. I quote from the European Jewish Press, “The Soviet occupation of Estonia in 1940 led to the abrupt end of the Jewish cultural autonomy and hundreds of Jews were deported. ”
    ‘K’ also said, “It is worth pointing out that Russians in Estonia are not endowed with the same rights as EU citizens: the right to live and work in other EU states, for example.” – Completely wrong. Any citizen of Estonia, no matter what nationality, can enjoy exactly the same rights within the EU. If we are looking at non-citizens, well, then the claim would applie to any of the 27 member states – if you life in the UK as a resident only, you also cannot enjoy those benefirts EU brings.

  21. Estonian Russian said on May 4th, 2007 at 12:56pm #

    David Silver,

    You are damn right about the motive. Not about to become a member of EU and NATO, they already are, but as many Estonian politicians say “as a member of NATO we can not afford political demonstrations with red flags near the memorial in the downtown near our parlament”. We, Russian community in Estonia, recently opened discussion in English on our forum about recent events:

  22. Nilats Fesoj said on May 5th, 2007 at 7:40am #

    Hmmm… David Silver….Cannot understand the difference between Red Army Liberators and occupiers (and in fact, invaders!!!!!). Check your facts, buddy, and leave your political persuasions at the door.

  23. k. said on May 5th, 2007 at 3:40pm #

    to kelly and arctic. I am sorry if I am misinformed on the status of ethnic russians in estonia; I was entirely reliant upon tv news reports which suggested that ethnic russians were actively denied rights. As for Kurt’s comments about Estonia since the end of socialism: if only Estonia’s success existed in all of the other ex-socialist states. One wonders too, wether it is ordinary people who are living in the buildings that are popping up. I’d say Estonia appears to be the exception to the rule; Belarus seems to be fairing better, though my observation that living standards are higher in socialistic Belarus than neighbouring capitalist Poland will no doubt be offensive to some.

  24. Heike said on May 6th, 2007 at 4:26am #

    k: Did you know that only 7 Estonian Jews (some say as many as 10) remained in Estonia alive at the time of the “liberation?” Hundreds of times more Jews lost their lives because of the Red Army (I include here Russian collusion with Naziism in the 1939-41 period) than were saved by it; 10% of the Jewish population of Estonia was deported by the Russians.

    Belarus? Go do a little research before you sound off at living standards. Belarus came in at $2760 in 2005, compared with Poland at $7110 and Estonia at $9100. All figures are per capita GNI, corrected for PPP (see

    As to Товарищ Silver, you’re still living in Fantasyland. Estonia’s relationship with the IMF and other international institutions is not determined by the location of Soviet statues within its territory, but by the success of its economic policy.

    Estonia’s enviable economic performance in the last decade and a half was marked by rapid real convergence and low inflation. This was facilitated by policies—a currency board arrangement (CBA), conservative fiscal policies, and liberal economic institutions—that created profitable investment opportunities and attracted a large inflow of private financing. Estonia’s strong performance under the euro-based CBA testifies to its readiness to join the EMU, a step that would foster increased economic integration and eliminate risks associated with having a separate currency. (see

  25. Estonian Russian said on May 6th, 2007 at 4:45pm #

    Did you know that only 7 Estonian Jews (some say as many as 10) remained in Estonia alive at the time of the “liberation?” Hundreds of times more Jews lost their lives because of the Red Army (I include here Russian collusion with Naziism in the 1939-41 period)

    What are you talking about? In 1941, just before German invasion there were about 1000-2000 Jews in Estonia. All of them were slaughtered in Nazi concengtration camps, one for example was in Klooga Concentration camps were run by Germans, but many Estonians served in SS Legion, they joined it voluntarily. They did dirty job as concentration camps guards – executed prisoners. Estonia was 1st country, reported as judenfrei to Hitler. And guess what? Now SS vets are officially treated as “freedom fighters” by Estonian government.

  26. Heike said on May 6th, 2007 at 6:15pm #

    Товарищ, This is what I’m talking about!

    Only 5,000 Jews lived in Estonia before the war, and 4,000 escaped to Russia and survived.
    Of the 1,000 that remained, only seven survived.

    Frankly, if you want to have Russia bully a country because of rehabilitation of fascists, why don’t you pick on one which is closer in size, such as Ukraine:

    KYIV – The Cabinet of Ministers on July 19 adopted a proposed bill that would recognize Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) veterans and grant them government benefits, including higher pensions and public transportation discounts.

    “For the first time in 15 years of independence, the Ukrainian government examined this matter and reached a positive decision,” said Viacheslav Kyrylenko, the acting vice prime minister for humanitarian affairs.

    “I believe this is a significant contribution of President Viktor Yushchenko’s policies, which are oriented toward reconciling all veterans who fought for our homeland’s freedom.”

    No more than 15,000 UPA veterans and their family members are still alive, Mr. Kyrylenko said. At least half of them receive the appropriate government benefits granted by local city governments in western Ukraine, he said.

    But really now, what are you saying? Does all this justify the acts of the new Vyshinskys to give ultimatums to the Estonian government to resign in favor of one more palatable to the Moscow masters? Or of Russian agents to meet with their local servants in Tallinn parks (it’s all on film), to give instructions about “spontaneous” uprisings? Or foment DOS attacks against Estonian websites? You don’t call that fascism?

    Do you have one word of criticism for the acts of the Soviet government, or for the Russian government that is trying to recreate the Soviet Union (cv: Putin called the demise of the Soiuz the “greatest tragedy of the 20th century. ” Do you agree with him? You are highly resentful at not being the Master Race in Estonia any more, aren’t you?)

    Does all this justify Russian occupation of south Ossetia, Transdinistra, Abkhazia, or threats against Tuzla? How many fascist skinheads run rampant in Russia, or proto-fascist nashisty?

    for your education:
    Russian Fascism and Russian Fascists

    By Kirill Buketov

    On the streets of Russian cities, it is not hard to find
    stalls trading in fascist literature and insignia. Here one can
    buy Hitler’s Mein Kampf, tape cassettes of Nazi marches, swastika
    flags, and publications of the present-day fascist press. The
    best-known fascist newspaper, Russkiy Poryadok (“Russian Order”),
    is distributed free of charge in the very centre of Moscow. It is
    free, however, only to “people of non-Jewish appearance”. Members
    of the group Russian National Unity, well-built young men with
    bulging torsos, hand out the paper as reverently as if they were
    distributing keys to the kingdom of heaven. Lamp-posts are pasted
    over with leaflets calling for Russia to be cleansed of Jews, of
    members of Caucasus nationalities, and of non-Russians in
    general. Involuntarily, you find yourself asking how this could
    be possible in a country where almost every family lost relatives
    or friends in the war against German fascism.
    Unfortunately, the matter is not limited to nazis
    distributing printed tracts and other goods. Young fascists
    regularly set out to intimidate opponents, invading newspaper
    office and sending threatening letters. Press reports speak again
    and again of acts of thuggery committed by young men with
    swastika arm-bands.

    How many Estonian Jews were deported by your Russian brethren after the “liberation” of 1940?

    Go try to read some history that doesn’t simply confirm your deep-seated prejudices. Have you ever visited the Okupatsioonide muuseumi in Tallinn? You might learn something. If your Estonian isn’t sufficient to the task, the exhibits are по-русски as well.

  27. Estonian Russian said on May 6th, 2007 at 11:02pm #


    I do not follow your twisted logic, you were telling Red Army killed more Jews than Nazis but nonetheless most of them chose to leave with Red Army to Russia in 1941, this sounds like contradiction to me.
    Ultimatum, Russian agents – you just have paranoia 🙂 As for DOS attacks – they were carried out by some pissed off teenagers, who felt same way as those protesting in Tallinn. And how Nashi can be fashists if they waive red flags near Estonian embassy? If they were, they would have to cheer Estonians and not embarass that poor lady 🙂
    And what does Russia or Ukraine have to do with it? We are talking about Tallinn riots here and why we Estonian Russians reacted this way. Estonia has pro-Nazi government, who humiliated the memory of those died fighting Nazis and many of us Russians have or had somebody in their family who fought Nazis in WW2. That is how Estonia got into this mess.

  28. Kurt said on May 7th, 2007 at 4:40pm #

    Estonian Russian, don’t complain about ’tisted logic’ from others when you use the same methods. i.e. “ Nashi can be fashists if they waive red flags near Estonian embassy? If they were, they would have to cheer Estonians ..”
    You infer in that statement Estonians are fascists. No proof is offered.

    Fascism:”A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.”

    Tell me, how is Putin doing these days?
    Answer: Just like all his predecessors

  29. Heike said on May 8th, 2007 at 12:00am #

    Estonia got into this mess because Molotov and Von Ribbentropp signed a non-aggression pact with a secret additional protocol on August 23, 1939. This pact brought on World War II, with the extinguishing of the independence of the Baltic states, Poland, and many others, and the deaths of millions.

    I am saying that the Russian occupiers killed more Jews than they finally liberated. How many survived the death camps in Siberia? (the statistics I gave you don’t account for the missing).

    Fascists can wave red flags as well.

    And please educate yourself about what constitutes fascism before you make these sumashedshi statements about the Estonian government being fascism. I an assure you that, if it were really fascist, it would never have been accepted into the European Union. Maybe you regard the whole EU as fascist?

    It’s not my paranoia, friend. What do you think your Russian buddies were doing in your “homeland” in 1940? What country has the absolute gall to send a delegation to another country with which it has diplomatic relations and demand the resignation of the democratically elected government? What country’s leader has the absolute gall to talk about the sacred memory of the victims of fascism and then to turn around and say that the greatest tragedy of the 20th century was not the murder of millions of innocents in World War II but the collapse of the Soiuz?

    Yes, DOS attacks were carried out by some displeased teenagers — in the Kremlin.

    I’m raising the Ukraine issue to show the utter hypocrisy of the Russian authorities — they pick a fight with a country that they outnumber by 100 to 1, but they’re more careful about picking a fight with a country that is closer to their size.

    You simply don’t get it. Estonians were protesting against those who brought them slavery, or do you consider the mass deportations that the occupation authorities engaged in after 1945 were also liberation?

    I hope you have found the Okupatsioonide muuseumi by now.

  30. Estonian Russian said on May 8th, 2007 at 8:54pm #

    Heike, you are just lying, are you a jew yourself? Better learn what they (jews) say “it was the Red Army which effectively stopped the mass murder conducted by the Nazis and their local collaborators on Estonian soil” And guess what? They do their own research, and do not just eat that Mart Laar style BS.

    >Fascists can wave red flags as well.
    Of cause, nobody can scream “Thief!” louder than a thief himself 🙂 It is Estonian government, who recognizes Nazis as “freedom fighters” ( and its members attend SS Vets rallies and meetings, this just does not happen in Russia. There are neo-nazi gangs almost in any European country, and in Russia they get court sentences if they caught commiting a crime, or just get their ass beaten from responsible citizens from time to time. Google the keyword antifa, for example. Activists and members of antifascist organization are being arrested in Estonia, and the government is cooking a political trial. Government blames them for organizing riots, and these are the men known and recognized by human rights organizations. Right now you can get arrested for distributing antifascist fliers in Estonia, and you will be charged for interference with the police, for example. During the riots police were beating up violently everyone, they randomly picked their victims, even those who were just filming all this. This is how two Euronews reporters got beaten up. So, all of this fits into your description of fascism perfectly.

    >Maybe you regard the whole EU as fascist?
    That is hilarious! And how typical for Estonians: to sh*t on one neighbor’s porch and hide behind another neighbor’s back 🙂 Do you think in EU there will not be anyone to make you to clean up after youself? Ha!

    I heard one young man was arrested in Estonia for organizing DOS attacks, I guess this answers the question about paranoia.

  31. Kurt said on May 9th, 2007 at 3:59pm #

  32. WaffaDrunker said on May 20th, 2007 at 9:02am #

    wtf u talking about “estonian russian?”

    I was there, filming 3 days these criminals and looters. I was in middle of the action most of the time. No one beat me – except some Russian mobs who wanted to beat my ass if i started to film them. Other person i know, one from russian newspaper and otherone from Eesti Express – they was middle of the action – police was not attacking them. I did not see ANY point of time that police would beat some one who was doing what they have told. NONE of them saw any police attacking no one who was not rioting. Of course – videos in YouTube u can not see that these people throw rocks to police or yell them some insults before they was taked down.

    so stop these LIES about random “victims” – even if i would get beat by police, it would have been my fault because i know i should have not been there in first place.

    what a pefedic propaganda!

  33. jacob said on June 18th, 2007 at 12:05pm #

    The fact is that Estonia had a Fascist regime before the 1940 Soviet invasion. The country then sided with Nazi Germany against the USSR.

    Estonians, in general, resent the Soviet occupation from 1945-91 but hesitate to condemn the actions of Nazi Germany.

    Those Estonians that sided with the Nazis in fighting the USSR are now heroes. This is completel6y unacceptable, especially when Germany herself unconditionally condemns Nazis and their allies.

    Oh and those that condemn the Molotov-Ribbetop pact need to remmber that Nazi Germany was as responsible for the pact as the USSR. Can’t take the blame away from Nazi Germany for the 1940 Soviet invasion of Estonia.

  34. Sausage said on January 3rd, 2008 at 7:40am #

    Jacob, go read Wikipedia or something, you took wrong pills