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The Oppressed Have the Moral Right to Decide How Best to Resist Their Oppression

Question: Should people from the oppressor group tell the oppressed people how to conduct their resistance?

Should Jews tell Palestinians what form their resistance to Israeli oppression should take? During World War II should Germans have directed Jewish, Roma, Slavic resistance in the concentration camps?

Nowadays, should whites be telling Blacks how to resist systemic racism — a racism entrenched by segments (and maintained by a plurality) of White society?

I think not. That is why I have a problem, with a likeliest well-intentioned essay, “Racism: Another Crossroads.”

The writer identifies himself as a White male. He then …

My Unexpected Move from Adman to Taxman

Writing TV commercials was fun but retirement would be heaven. I could do whatever I pleased. I’d get to spend weekday afternoons at Yankee Stadium with the sun shining down on the boys of summer.

Then a new world appeared out of the green. I invested my profit-sharing in the stock market. I discovered that newspapers had business pages as well as sports pages. I puzzled over terms I’d never seen before (such as basis prices, which I’ll return to). Looking back I realize this was just the start of an endless tax education.

All federal tax laws are pieces of a giant …

The Wasp Network Highlights Our Lack of Freedom to Tell the Truth on the Cuban Five Case

The film Wasp Network, based on the book The Last Soldiers of the Cold War, The Story of the Cuban Five by Fernando Morais, is a co-production between France, Spain, Belgium and Brazil. It was shown in Cuba last December, soon after it came out. You can now watch it on Netflix.

It is not a film on the Cuban Five, and not a Cuban film. It is a story about three of the Cubans who infiltrated the Miami network of terrorist groups dedicated to destroying the Cuban socialist system. The story focuses on Rene Gonzalez, with Geraldo Hernandez receiving …

Battlefield Report from the Belly of the Beast 

For a half century, I’ve been of the opinion that there is just one social issue of real importance.  Until we put an end to state warfare, or mass-murder for corporate profit, all other causes are meaningless.  Recently I’ve come to the conclusion that the age of bombing for dollars has nearly come to an end.  The fighter jets from nearby Davis-Monthan AFB no longer rip the silent skies asunder, practice-strafing the city of Tucson, replaced instead by what appear to be slow moving surveillance aircraft.  The long protracted age of war is done.  Great cause for celebration, no?  Unfortunately, …

Will Biden Remain Tone Deaf to Palestinian Rights?

Joe Biden wants you to believe that he is opposed to Israel’s likely annexation of parts of the West Bank that Netanyahu plans to carry out in July. “I do not support annexation,” he said during a call with American Jewish donors on June 16. But only a month ago, Biden senior foreign policy advisor Tony Blinken insisted that under absolutely no circumstances, not even the annexation of the West Bank, would Biden consider …

“Six Months To Avert Climate Crisis”: Climate Breakdown And The Corporate Media

In his classic science fiction novel, Foundation, Isaac Asimov posited a future in which ‘psychohistorians’ could predict outcomes based on past history and the large-scale behaviour of human populations by combining psychology and the mathematics of probability. Using ‘psychohistory’, the protagonist Hari Seldon discovers that the 12,000-year-old Galactic Empire will collapse in 500 years. He warns the galactic rulers of this likely fate, while explaining that an alternative future in which human knowledge is preserved can be attained. For his trouble, he is exiled to the remote planet of …

The Final 100 Seconds

(Courtesy of Globe and Mail)
Never before this year 2020 has the world-famous Doomsday Clock registered only “100 seconds-to-midnight.”  According to the Science & Security Board, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, since WWII, the world has never been so perilous.

Alas, it’s been a long journey (73 yrs) all the way up to 100 seconds to midnight versus the original 1947 setting of seven minutes to midnight. The safest setting was at 17 minutes to midnight in 1991 at the end of the Cold War. The wonderfully famous iconic …

Meet BlackRock, the New Great Vampire Squid

BlackRock is a global financial giant with customers in 100 countries and its tentacles in major asset classes all over the world; and it now manages the spigots to trillions of bailout dollars from the Federal Reserve. The fate of a large portion of the country’s corporations has been put in the hands of a megalithic private entity with the private capitalist mandate to make as much money as possible for its owners and investors; and that is what it has proceeded to do.

To most people, if they are familiar with it at all, BlackRock is an asset manager …

Racism:  Another Crossroads

I am a white person. I am also male. Some people would immediately dismiss my opinion on that basis, but they would be wrong to because prejudice is wrong. Like all decent people, I am appalled by racism and prejudice in general, but I see the behaviour and reactions of many people (although well-intentioned rage) causing more division, not easing the problem.  In fact, they are only fanning the flames of conflict.

When I was six years old I kissed a girl – we climbed under a desk in the empty classroom.  We held hands and for a brief moment kissed. …

Canada’s Security Council Defeat is a Win for Palestine

Canada’s defeat in its bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council is a major victory for Palestinian solidarity. It also puts Canada’s Israel lobby on the defensive.

Israeli politicians and commentators have begun to publicly bemoan the loss. Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, told the Jerusalem Post, “we are disappointed that Canada didn’t make it, both because we have close ties with the country and because of the campaign that the Palestinians ran against Canada.” In another story in that paper headlined “With annexation looming, Canada’s UNSC upset is bad news for Israel, US” …

The International Repercussions from George Floyd’s Killing

Part 2

Pulling down statues may make us feel good but will not eliminate the root causes of racism and discrimination.

Part TwoPart 1 here.

The protests to the cruel killing …

George Floyd’s Killing and Its International Repercussions

Part 1

Part OnePart 2 here.

The gruesome killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on 25 May 2020 has given rise to an unprecedented campaign against police brutality in …

The Global Reset: Unplugged

Imagine, you are living in a world that you are told is a democracy – and you may even believe it – but, in fact, your life and fate is in the hands of a few ultra-rich, ultra-powerful and ultra-inhuman oligarchs. They may be called Deep State, Illuminati, or simply the Beast, or anything else obscure or untraceable, it doesn’t matter. They are less than the 0.0001%.

For lack of a better expression, let’s call them for now “obscure individuals”. These obscure individuals who pretend running our world have never been elected. We don’t need to name them. You will figure …

Why the Assault on a Diplomat in Israel should Come as No Surprise

Israel subjugates its Palestinian citizens while being eager to showcase their successes in order to portray itself as a western-style democracy

An Israeli diplomat filed a complaint last week with police after he was pulled to the ground in Jerusalem by four security guards, who knelt on his neck for five minutes as he cried out: “I can’t breathe.”

There are obvious echoes of the treatment of George Floyd, an African-American killed by police in Minneapolis last month. His death triggered mass protests against police brutality and reinvigorated the Black Lives Matter movement. The incident in Jerusalem, by contrast, attracted only minor attention – even in Israel.

An assault by Israeli security officials on a diplomat sounds like an aberration – a peculiar …

Let Legislative Juries Decide Laws

It would be far better and far more democratic if laws are decided by legislative juries rather than by elected politicians.

By a legislative jury, which can also be called a legislative minipublic, I mean a representative random sample of the public that meets to make an informed decision about a proposed law. Such randomly sampled juries can be large enough to be statistically accurate representations of the public, numbering perhaps 800 or more citizens. Jurors can be paid to work full-time for as many days or weeks as needed to make an informed decision. As representative samples of the public …

Message to My Young Readers in Hong Kong

How we sold Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia for Plastic Shopping Bags

For months, this has been a story that I want to share with young readers in Hong Kong. Now it seems to be the really appropriate time when the ideological battle between the West and China is raging, and as a result of it, Hong Kong and the entire world is suffering.

I want to say that none of it is new, that the West already destabilized so many countries and territories, brainwashed tens of millions of young people.

I know, because in the past, I was one of them. If I weren’t, it would be impossible to understand what is now …

Police Violence and Racism Have Always Been Tools of Capitalism

The system-wide challenges the United States faces with policing are entrenched and deeply rooted. When the historical and current practices of police are examined, it is evident police have been designed to uphold the status quo including racial injustice and class inequality. Whenever political movements develop to respond to racial and class unfairness, the police have undermined their politically-protected constitutional rights.

Police have used infiltration, surveillance, and violence against political movements seeking to end injustices throughout the history of the nation. It is the deeply embedded nature of these injustices …

Secret Trials Down Under: Witness J, Witness K and Bernard Collaery

There are few more spiteful things in political life than a security establishment attempting to punish a leaker or whistleblower for having exposed an impropriety.  Such a tendency has no ideological stripe or colouring: it is common to all political systems.  In Australia, it has become clear that secret trials are all the rage.  The disclosure of their existence tends to be accidental, and trials held partly in secret are also matters considered necessary by the current attorney general.

Last year, the case of Witness J made its way into the press like a threatening menace, a reminder that Australian …

Books Protect History, Cash Protects Privacy

But to judge everyone from the past based on the values of today – there truly is no end to how much of history would need to be erased.
Simon Black

History is punctuated by wars, and it’s the winners whose explanations become the records that following generations assume to be as reliable as if carved in stone. The recent 100th anniversary of the First World War prompted many a rearward exploration for facts about what might have led to the “war to end all wars”. A deep search reveals that many of what had become …

Humor from the POTUS

Trump is a Hideous Lying Clown

I watched Mafioso Don’s speech last evening for an hour and a half. I don’t think I’ve ever watched one of his speeches live from the beginning to almost the end, but I did last night.

The stakes are high, and it felt like I should see for myself how this miserable excuse for a human being was going to make his re-election argument.

A huge part of his plan, of course, was to pack the Tulsa arena to overflowing, 22,000 inside and 40,000 in an overflow area. That part failed miserably. No overflow crowd, and no packed arena. Trump was reduced …

Ten-Point Agenda for the Global South after COVID-19

Jorge González Morales (Mexico), Capitalism, 2020

Greetings from the desk of the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research.

In 1974, the United Nations General Assembly passed a New International Economic Order (NIEO), which was driven by the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). The resolution laid out a clear plan for the structural transformation of the world system, which was in the throes of a crisis at the time. But, the NIEO was set aside and the world order was shaped in a …

When Racist Old White Guys with too Much Money are Allowed to Employ People

Say what you will about corporate human-resources departments, but the one thing they effectively do is keep low-grade morons with a propensity for power trips in line. Though managers and owners with inherent tendencies to be upright prick machines will always invent ways to be walking fingernails against a chalkboard, at least the specter of employees reporting them to the HR Manager looms over them like the ultimate check and balance, preventing their asshole propensities from going fully hemorrhoidal at any given time.

I’ve seen and participated in more fucked up shit in restaurants and retail stores than I can …

A Manifesto for the United States of America, Part I

The impunity of U.S. police in killing and brutalizing blacks, native Americans, other minorities and the poor is being tested. It has always been clear to its victims that it demands redress, but others are also waking up to this fact in large numbers, and they are beginning ask necessary questions if we are to effectively address the problems and begin the difficult task of making the changes to a very different society.

The problems go far beyond the police. The way our government and its police treat the marginalized members of our society mirrors way our industry treats its employees.  …

From Toxic Food to Agrarian Disaster: Dirty Deals Done Dirt Cheap

During the early days of the coronavirus lockdowns, in some quarters there was a certain degree of optimism around. Although millions of people were suffering, the hope was that the Covid-19 crisis would shine light on societal and economic systems across the world, exposing some of the deep-rooted flaws of capitalism. There was a belief that people working together with their respective governments could start building a fairer capitalism and more sustainable economies.

However, we see exactly the opposite taking place. In the UK, we now witness a post-Brexit trade deal being negotiated behind closed doors with the US that could see …

Caesar Tries to Suffocate 17 Million Syrians

Since 2011, the US and allies have promoted, trained and supplied militants trying to bring about “regime change” in Damascus. Having failed in that effort, they have tried to strangle Syria economically. The goal has always been the same: to force Syria to change politically. This month, June 2020, the aggression reaches a new level with extreme sanctions known as the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act.

The new law is fraudulent on two counts. It is called “Caesar” in reference to a 2014 propaganda stunt involving an anonymous Syrian who was alleged to be a military photographer. He …

Do Not Belittle Protesters in the U.S. by calling their Struggle a “Color Revolution”

For almost a decade, I have been covering “Color Revolutions” in virtually all parts of the world. While making a film for TeleSur, I was facing Egyptian tanks, risking my life under sniper fire, getting roughed-up in the middle of clashes of the supporters of al-Sisi and Morsi.

Together with Syrian commanders, I was also facing the terrorists in Idlib; challenged the Ukrainian fascists; encountering Bolivian indigenous elders high in the Altiplano after the revolution of Evo Morales and MAS was crashed by the U.S.-sponsored coup in 2019. I regularly worked in Venezuela, Lebanon, and Iraq. And, of course, again and …

Foreign Troops: What is too Close for Comfort?

Tensions in the skies. RT presented a news story of the United States intercepting a fleet of Russian bombers off the Alaskan coast. Four Russian Tu-95 bombers, accompanied by Su-35 and MiG-31 fighters jets, flew from Siberia toward Alaska where they were shadowed by US F-22 fighters. The US and NORAD admitted that the Russian planes stayed in international airspace and did not enter American sovereign airspace.

Siberia and Alaska are close. At its narrowest point the Bering Strait separates Russia and the US by only 88.5 km (55 mi), so it wouldn’t take long upon leaving one coastline to approach …

Was It Only “Fear Itself?”:  FDR and Today

Police and National Guard Attacking Protestors Outside the White House in 2020 (Erin Schaff, New York Times)

“Movement” politics is how the people flex their power, while electoral politics under the corporate duopoly is the domain of the moneyed classes.
— Glen Ford, Black Agenda  Report

While it’s myth that after the stock market crash of 1929, brokers pitched themselves off of tall buildings in Lower Manhattan (None did. A real buzz killer), there was an uptick in suicides among moguls by less dramatic means for a few years. Today, …

Still Can’t Breathe

How Implicit Bias and Racism Have Affected Marginalized Communities During COVID-19

Image source:  Pixabay
It seems almost ironic that it took an unknown pathogen sweeping like a wildfire around the globe to call the world’s attention to what black and brown people have understood for centuries.

Or at least, it would be ironic, if it weren’t so heartbreakingly sad. The fact is that communities of color have been suffocated under the knee of implicit bias and racism since long before George Floyd took his final breaths on that Minneapolis street.

And just as Floyd’s death has perhaps, finally, been the …