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(DV) La Rosa: Pagan Thanks Given







Pagan Thanks Given
by Mary La Rosa
November 23, 2005

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In reflection of the holiday and the state of the Republic and  written in remembrance of the Pagan Cluster giving out seeds at a NYC Peace Demonstration.

Pagan Thanks Given

We of good intention have called upon the Winds of Change.
We have called out and drummed for Change.
We ring chimes and bells and make spells for Peace.

Above the cries of death and destruction

we raise our sound in continuous chorus and join the sound of others
in great harmony:

the samba and beat of human expression
loud against racism
but making
the noises that make people most happy and positive

We of good intention have invoked and planted the Seeds of Doubt and
the Seeds of Change.

We carried these seeds and charged these seeds and gave them out
freely ! in the name of the Earth!
And some seeds have taken root! Blessed Be.

The Waters wash over us carrying not only flood and
but change and chance to reach out to one another
with love and care

The Air carries its urgent and often furious
message about the planet
and that Air fans Passion

May Fire and Passion, burn in the hearts of the faithful
and hopeful about non violence and peace
and may we be a constant Shining for each other

to pass on and on
good and hopeful intention
put into positive action

May those who are timid and shy find safe place among us.
May those who are hurt and angry find their space to expand beyond
hurt and anger

May we continue in struggle but feel great in our camaraderie
helpful and important to each other's effort

May we prevail, Good Nation and Good Heart.

There are changes in motion!
We will dance in the street!
And I shall be there drumming
this beat for you to dance to!

So Mote It Be.
Blessed Be.

Mary La Rosa is an artist/librarian and can be found in the streets playing samba for Peace.