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(DV) Zeese: Democrats Buy War From Bush and Use it to Fund Projects for their Constituents







Democrats Buy War From Bush and Use it to
Fund Projects for their Constituents

by Kevin Zeese
March 5, 2007

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The Democrats' Iraq War may be even more disgusting than the Republicans'. They are using it as a Christmas tree to fund a host of projects that they could not get funded in any other way. 

The Democrats have reportedly decided to pass the Iraq War supplemental with meaningless restrictions designed to embarrass the president rather than end the war or bring the troops home safely. They will require the president to explain why he is using troops that are not combat ready, rather than stopping him from doing so. 

The article reports: “Pelosi spokesman Brendan Daly said the goal was 'to get consensus within the caucus on this' and 'pass the war funding bill.'” So, while the Democrats claim to be passing the supplemental to support the troops they are providing funds to allow ill equipped, non-combat ready troops to be sent into a quagmire with no clear goal in a war that cannot be won and is not supported by the American public.

The Democrats say they are providing the funding “for the troops” but now that they have decided to pass the supplemental -- essentially giving a president they constantly criticize as irresponsible another $93 billion on top of the $420 billion already provided -- their other agenda is becoming clear. 

The Associated Press reports that the Democrats plan to use the Iraq War to fund projects for their constituents. The Democrats’ illegal war in Iraq -- they are in the process of buying it from the President Bush so we may as well start calling it “The Democrats’ War” -- will be a Christmas present for California's avocado growers and others. The Speaker of the House, who is based in California, is bringing home the guacamole -- more than $1 billion in aid to California avocado growers on the backs of US troops!

The Associated Press is reporting that the Democrats “hope to load this measure up with $10 billion in add-ons, from aid for avocado growers to help for children lacking health insurance. Lawmakers also hope to add money for drought relief in the Great Plains, better levees in New Orleans and development of military bases that are closing down.” Maybe some of these projects can be justified, but they should be justified on their own not on the backs of US soldiers risking life and limb.

The Democrats are confident they can get these billions in taxpayer give-a-ways through because the Republicans will not vote against the war funding and Bush will not veto it. Who knows what giveaways will be added by other Members of Congress as this bill works its way through the House and Senate. Pork barrel politics on the backs of US soldiers makes an already ugly war even more ugly.

The Democrats may find the political price is higher than they expect. The public wants the war to end; they don’t like tax dollars given to campaign contributors. So, the Democrats in less than two months in power are abusing their majority status -- using the war to fund projects for their friends. Is this why the voters gave the Democrats majority power in both Houses?

Kevin Zeese is Director of Democracy Rising and co-founder of VotersForPeace.US.

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