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(DV) Fraser: Hamas Rightly Demands Palestinian Rights as the West Turns Its Back







Hamas Rightly Demands Palestinian Rights
as the West Turns Its Back

by Genevieve Cora Fraser
March 23, 2006

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As Hamas struggles to form a coalition government, find its political footing and a new voice for the Palestinian people, I suspect their assessment concerning Israel and the West is correct. The game is lost with the West because Western powers support Israel First. And frankly, my dear, Israel doesn't give a damn for the lives of its Arab citizens, the Palestinians or their Arab neighbors.

Check out Israel's laws. Their blueprint for racism, apartheid and dehumanizing others abounds. From the beginning the West accepted Israel's Absentee Property and Planning Laws though the United Nations cried foul and demanded change. These laws are not only one-sided and unfair they basically stripped Arab Israeli citizens and Palestinians of Human Rights which allowed and continues to allow for taking of their land, property and in 1948 their bank accounts. Of course in February '04, Israel also robbed the banks in Ramallah because of so-called Palestinian terrorism. This act was also a reflection of "illegal" Israeli laws which allows for accusations without trial to be quickly followed by punishment, including death.

Hamas should not recognize Israel until Israel recognizes the human rights of its own citizens -- other than Jewish Nationals. Recently at the urging of Nobel “Peace” Prize winner Shimon Peres who wants the Negev for Jews only, the Knesset voted to ethnically cleanse 40,000 of its own Israeli citizens, Arab Bedouins from their ancient homelands. The illegal land grabs in East Jerusalem and the West Bank are also justified under Israel's racist laws.

Despite our best intentions, we Internationals accomplish little because we do not challenge Israel's right to exist in its present form. The new mantra need not echo Hamas in its call for Israel to be destroyed, but rather to change. Hamas is correct to assert that under international law they have a Right to Resist as well as a Right to Return. Of course, by demanding their Right to Resist Hamas must also look into what is covered by that right -- and attacking innocent civilians, including children, is clearly not -- despite the fact that Israel does it day in and day out and a 1,000 times more effectively and viciously.

Israel has not abided by international laws since its inception and its government should never have been recognized as legitimate. Yet, the West turned a blind eye and accepted Israel despite Al Nakba which was a direct affront to not only the Palestinians but to all Arabs everywhere -- but not as deep an affront as the laws it subsequently instituted.

Pressure should be put on Israel to change its governance structure, and to adopt a Constitutional Democracy with transparency which upholds Basic Human Rights. Israel could maintain its Jewish character through its holidays and provide for Jewish Law Courts for those who are practicing Jews and wish to adhere to these mandates, but others should not be subjected to them, anymore than non-Muslims should be subjected to Islamic rulings under Hamas (and they claim they won't be).

I believe that Hamas' instincts are correct. The only legislator in America who stood up for Palestine's right to vote for whomever they choose was a congressman from Hawaii. The rest would be just as happy to allow Palestinians to starve. Even assurances that humanitarian aid will be forthcoming are a hoax, because nothing will be done to insist that Israel allow the aid to arrive with any consistency. Such humanitarian assurances are meant to "clear their consciences" as they wash their hands of guilt of genocidal intent.

The US and the EU do precious little to lift Israeli curfews and roadblocks and border blockades so that food, medicine and other essentials reach the Palestinian public. However, much time is spent defending Israel's rights to knock Palestinians from here to kingdom come. Tell me, where are Palestine's Weapons of Mass Destruction, their plans to build atomic bombs, and their tanks, airplanes and attack helicopters, their guided missile systems, remote-controlled attack drones, and their well-armored and trained military? Yet, somehow Hamas' rhetoric and, in the past, their occasional retaliations are a serious threat?

The game is over for Palestine if they depend on the West. Israel's Occupation is Israel's de-facto claim to all of Palestine despite international laws to the contrary. To accept Israel is to accept Israeli supremacy and to legitimize their racist laws and the occupation. Hamas refuses to do this -- as is their right and frankly, their obligation. This means they have no option but to turn to the Arab world and Islam for support and other sympathetic governments who also fear the effect of a One World Government with Israel and a Zionist-America at its center. Of course, many could die -- but many will die as America and the EU boycott Palestine for voting for Hamas. And many will die because Israel wills it to be as they move toward their Final Solution as certain Israeli politicians have stated recently.

Hamas has little choice but to stand up for Basic Human Rights as Israel, the USA and the EU seek to deny Palestine of these rights. Since the election Israel has been on a Reign of Terror to quote their defense minister and over 40 Palestinians have died in less than two months time. And since the election, Hamas has learned what they already suspected, God helps them that help themselves. May God Bless and Help Palestine and in God's good time move the Western World to see the error of their ways.

Genevieve Cora Fraser is a playwright, director, poet, historian and journalist. She can be reached at: gcfraser2@netzero.com

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