Washington Pinocchios and the Lifting of the Veil
by Manuel Valenzuela
March 30, 2004

First Published in Axis of Logic

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In Washington, noses continue to grow, minds continue to be devoid of intelligence and hearts have yet to be found. Such is the calamity that is the group of liars who comprise the Bush administration, nothing more than an amalgam of unscrupulous beings molded out of the same bed of clay. This clay has yielded us men and women of similar proclivity towards malfeasance who are leading us into bottomless sewers of ignoble and hazardous waste. They have for three years caused us to drown in fear-infested cesspools of toxic insecurity, causing our emotions and lives to be controlled as they succumb to the Bush administration’s incessant fear mongering manipulation. As such, for three years they have been allowed to do as they please, causing nothing but trouble to our beleaguered nation. They are called the Washington Pinocchios.

This group has unleashed a Reign of Error and Terror on America and the world. The Pinocchios have made us less safe, not more. They have exacerbated terror, not alleviated it. They will leave Washington with the world having become a worse place than when they first took office. Many should be tried at The Hague for the atrocities and misery they have helped create. Crony capitalism and debauched democracy runs through their veins. Warmongering and profiteering, subjugating and exploiting, murdering and destroying are ingrained principles they espouse. Flag-draped traitors and unpatriotic exploiters of calamity they have become, silencing protest, discourse and dissent with the power of semantic words of national threat. String-laced puppets with no heart or mind, Washington Pinocchios lack empathy and humanity as they condemn tens of thousands to premature death. A miserable failure cannot begin to describe what their incompetent energies have accomplished.

Yet their days are numbered, for karma is knocking on their White House door. The veil that has shackled us for three years is beginning to lift. Truths are beginning to emerge. Fictions and their creators suddenly find themselves nervously uneasy for the winds of change are breezing through their bodies. Universal principles of fairness, truth, justice and morality have fused together, joining hands with billions of human energies to make right what has been made wrong. The positive energy of right is meticulously yet slowly swallowing up the negative energy of wrong. The momentum is in the air and it can be felt with the rebirth of life in these warm days of Spring.

A certain pattern has begun to emerge, now more apparent than ever, that the world was lied to and steered into an unjust, immoral and illegal war that has endangered rather than protected us. From Britain to Spain and Italy to Australia internal investigations and inquiries have revealed the level of deceit and manipulation that led the so-called “coalition of the willing” towards illegal war even with 80-90 percent of the population of these states opposed. The leaders of these nations have come under intense pressure thanks to their blind support for Bush’s war. The same conclusions now being reached in America have been known in these other nations for months. The lies and illegalities have become apparent; the deceptions found to have been systemic and worldwide.

Now, with Joseph Wilson, Paul O’Neill and Richard Clarke’s revelations, not to mention those by Pentagon insider Karen Kwiatkowski, the pattern continues its troubling path towards shedding yet more snake skin in the pursuit of the truth. Finally emerging from shut closets the Washington Pinocchios would rather have us leave unopened are collaborated truths, coming from reputable and honorable men and women, both of Republican and Democrat inclinations, that are beginning to show the level of manipulation and dishonesty prevalent in the Bush administration. One assertion only validates the others, and the pattern emerging is hard not to see.

We can now see how 9/11 was cynically used politically to augment power and consolidate control. 9/11 was the springboard for a pre-planned invasion of Iraq, fostered during the first days Bush was in office by the warmongers slithering out of ominous offices in Washington intent on toppling Saddam, fighting Israel’s wars and enemies by proxy and launching the next wave of empire building and geopolitical and strategic endeavors. September 11 was the perfect opportunity for pillage, profiteering, power, control and destruction. The biggest profiteers of 9/11 have been the Washington Pinocchios. Since then they have begun to mold the world according to their master plans.

The search for WMD was but the first excuse in allowing over 560 American men and women, over 100 coalition troops and over 10,000 Iraqi civilians to perish for the aspirations of the warmongering and profiteering clan of fanatical deviants. When it became apparent that their first lie would surface, the altruistic excuse of freeing Iraq from the “evil” grip of Saddam and bringing democracy to the country suddenly emerged. Washington Pinocchios, living their delusion of self-centered imbecility, never imagined the invasion of Iraq would turn into a quagmire and a disaster. They never thought their insatiable drive to death and destruction would come back to haunt them. Arrogance and ignorance, however, are the ultimate Weapons of Self-Destruction.

Washington Pinocchios, having built a monument to ineptitude and malfeasance over the last three years, have now turned to a coalescent attempt at self-implosion through their continued smear-mongering of anyone brave and willing enough to speak out against the Bush policy of ever-growing follies and gaffes. Suddenly the hunter has become the hunted, trapped in the unmistakable corner of truths arising mightily out of the horizon. The Washington Pinocchios are melting, slowly but surely, as the powerfully scorching rays of fact envelope their withering bodies.

Contradictions abound, sweating inconsistencies of nervousness are everywhere. Tripping over their own incessant firewalls of lying and deception, the Washington Pinocchios are stumbling over themselves to discredit the growing list of government whistleblowers whose truths are eroding the fictions of the fabled “war president” and his merry bunch of “brave, noble and chivalrous” administration members. Cheney, Condi, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Powell and the rest of the minions of vultures have left their bone-filled, rotting-flesh infested nests, scattering throughout the airwaves in a self-defeating attempt at salvaging the dwindling credibility and integrity they espoused but never possessed. In their futile attempts at damage control their lies and deceptions are being acknowledged.

Their riled dispersement and subsequent attack has become a vicious cycle that is only impregnating into our minds the fallacy of their arguments. For if there was nothing to hide, nothing to fear and nothing to stonewall their attempts at smearing would not be so necessary. Their attempts at shifting the importance of the truths coming out to a discourse on the whistleblower himself by the never-ending spin and lies have betrayed their intentions. Their continued use of lie upon lie in order to prevent the truth from emerging can only be seen as them fighting for survival by any means necessary. They hope to confuse the population into indecision, into questioning revelations and ignoring realities. It is the hallmark of the Washington Pinocchios to destroy the truth and anyone espousing it.

Yet their blitzkrieg in the media is only serving to tighten the noose around their collective jugular. By continuing to lie, smear, attack, stumble, contradict and defend themselves they are assuring that the issue will not disappear, that the public’s attention will only spike upwards and that their fraud will continue to linger and be made known. Those who have nothing to hide or fear from the dissemination of information do not resort to smear-mongering or vindictive reprisals. Those filling the shoes of soldiers of integrity, honesty and honor do not resort to ruining lives and decimating reputations. Instead of defending their policies the vultures defend their evils. Instead of showing us their integrity they show us their malfeasance. The true colors of the Washington Pinocchios have begun to emerge.

Make no mistake, the virulent Bush administration finds itself encaged, and, like a rabid animal foaming at the mouth, sees its continued existence in peril at the sight of the growing assembly-line of government officials with so much concern for the future of the nation and the direction Bush has us headed in that they are willing to sacrifice reputations, jobs and futures in order to tell their stories. When people from Bush’s own party begin to emerge with accusations and criticisms we can be assured that certain facts ring true and possess an element of reality.

The shadows of the World Trade Center have subsided; the fog of 9/11 clouding our mind has dwindled. Our eyes have been made to see the light. The invincibility and integrity of Bush has been seen for the made-for-television mirage that it always was. The public relations images concocted by the spin-machine spawned from the bowels of Karl Rove of Bush as an FDR-like leader possessing Churchill-like bravery and Kennedyesque wisdom has been revealed for the absurdity that it is. Actions speak louder than words and Bush has, through the sheer limitations of his being, managed to implode America from within and endanger our country from outside.

The fallacy of Bush as a “great leader in times of change” and a “steadfast war president,” the only perceived strength he has to run on in November, has been discovered to be the con that it is. Yet it is the only con left, and so the Washington Pinocchios must dig in their claws and preserve the lies still believed by a large segment of the citizenry. It is the reason they are out in full force in an attempt to smear the Wilson’s, O’Neill’s and Clarke’s of the world.

9/11 granted Bush and the crooks and cronies who comprise his administration free reign to do as they pleased. Since the tragedy that befell America, Bush has squandered the nation’s treasure, its world reputation and the fabric of its society. His Reign of Error has resulted in the Global Corporate Empire’s omnipotence and in the unleashing of perpetual war for perpetual profit. During this time, America’s citizens were intimidated into subservience and conditioned into silence. Without critics or dissenters the Washington Pinocchios released the hounds of war and the vultures of despicable callousness onto our consciousness, igniting flames of lies, deceit, manipulation and deception from which to energize their preordained unmoral agenda.

However, three years removed from the fear and the insecurity of the horrors of 9/11 has allowed more and more citizens to come out of hiding, to break free from the grip of the smoke-infested mirrors that have held us hostage since 9/11. The blind can now see, the deaf can now hear and we can all now touch the reality upon which we have been forced to live and endure. A new conscious is arising to challenge the politics of fear that have inundated us into subjugation. America is on the verge of waking from the terrible nightmare implanted into its dream-like state that has allowed a few warmongering and profiteering zealots captured by the demons of greed to smash the foundations upon which America stands on.

No longer hypnotized by the terror of 9/11 we are waking back to the months before the tragedy when we could see the coming storm the Washington Pinocchios were forming. During that time, Bush’s unpopularity was soaring, criticism of his policies was prevalent and an inherent understanding existed that the appointed son of royalty was beginning to undermine the pillars of civilization and world fraternity. Strong dissent existed, truths were self evident and clouds of fiction easily dispersed.

The reality of Bush and his cronies was all too evident in the months after his anointment by the Supreme Court. Anger and resentment were prevalent, mandates to lead and impose ideology were but infinitesimal specks of dust tucked away in Bush’s coattails and a realization was beginning to emerge, even then, that the new administration was dividing and polarizing us while alienating America from the rest of the brotherhood of nations. Even then the signs were apparent that Bush would slowly lead us to ruination. 9/11 soon unleashed the massive tidal wave of dust, asbestos and a disintegrated World Trade Center throughout the nation, however, blinding and clouding our minds for the next three years. Only now is the cloud of death disappearing.

Fear of our government and the Bush administration is subsiding as we sojourn through time and distance and into realms of confronting what has been done to us by a fanatical group of zealots and the consequences of what has been done to countless others in our name. The fear of being labeled a “terrorist” or marginalized as “unpatriotic” has given way to bravery in the face of adversity and audacity in the face of personal destruction. We are now realizing that it is those who dissent, seek truths, criticize and challenge those in authority who are the real Patriots, not those hiding behind the flag and corridors of power. It is those who sacrifice reputations and employment, voluntarily give up anonymity and privacy and challenge danger and castigation that are true Patriots to the nation. Those who lie and deceive for personal gain are but treasonous excuses for the concentration camp in Guantanamo.

Those who are the backbone of the US government, thousands of decent and honorable citizens who are life-long civil employees in Washington, are beginning to take back the reigns of government away from the unscrupulous cluster of hemorrhaging cancers that have infected the world with their disease. They are fighting back against the evils of the Bush administration that has only served to smear what they have worked so hard to achieve.

Joseph Wilson, Paul O’Neill, Richard Clarke and others have launched the first wave. They will not be the last to come out of the closet of intimidation and acquiescence in order to finally confront the anomaly that has wrought so much damage to our shores and the world. The ones who have come before have only opened the door of inspiration to those who will soon follow. I am sure Clarke is but the ripple to an oncoming onslaught of even greater truths that will soon emerge from the mouths of those seeking to restore a semblance of balance by outsourcing Bush back to Crawford, Texas.

The Bush administration has created a plethora of enemies within the US government. They have walked through and over many civil servants with lifelong employment in government. From the intelligence community which has taken a full frontal assault by the Washington Pinocchios to the people at the Justice Department whose voices have been muted, from the EPA and its many suppressed findings and reports to the many Departments whose work has been devastated thanks to lunatic dogma, quakes of discontent are sending tremors through Washington as realizations begin to emerge that BushCo must be purged from government. Whether Democrats or Republicans, progressives or conservatives, an awakening to the dangers of BushCo is mobilizing unseen forces of anonymous action. The people are taking back their government.

After three years of the Reign of Error the world can finally take pleasure in watching as the people who have unleashed parallel dimensions of tribulation onto our world squirm in uncomfortable agony as their lies and crookedness are unmasked in the great ballroom dance of karma restoring order and balance to a world robbed of both. The beginning of the end of the plague called the Bush administration is upon us as the winds of change swirl out of the chains of bondage and traverse freely to reclaim the universal will of human civilization.

There is no longer any doubt that BushCo has demonized this country and this world, making us all victims of fear and insecurity. Our negative energies have galvanized the crooks and the corrupt to impose their vision of the world onto us. They have used fear to quiet, intimidate and suppress us. They have conditioned us to hide behind our insecurities. We have been programmed to cower and think of evil at the words “terrorism” and “terrorist.” Through our passivity they have undone progress and exacerbated violence. Unjust wars, illegal and criminal, have been committed in our name. Crimes against humanity are being carried out as we speak. Fear has engendered power, control and carte blanche authority without accountability, and we wonder why BushCo destroys, slanders, smears and attacks those whose knowledge of the truth has the capability to awaken us all to realities that might prevent us from once more making a terrible mistake.

In the long and harrowing three-year national nightmare we presently find ourselves trapped in a filthy brand of governance has emerged, entrenching itself deep into our society with its claws of violence and destruction. It is a government devoid of honor or integrity, living, breathing and spewing lies and deceits, exploiting fear and insecurity to achieve its goals and manipulating an entire nation suffering through its post 9/11 insecurity and slumber into blindly following its evil dictates.

Yet a new sunrise is upon us, blinding in its power and illuminating us forward past the dark abyss of mismanagement and devastating ignorance. Fear of the Washington Pinocchios is subsiding and with this we are witnessing the rising bravery of truth once more casting its mighty shadow, trumping the corrupt distortions of those who claim to lead with the purest of intentions.

Truth is rising in the east just as the Bush administration is setting in the west. All the while, America is once more regaining what it lost in November 2000 and September 2001, which can only mean terrible news for Bush and his band of miscreants who had hoped the awakening would not take place until after November 2004. The veil is lifting over our eyes and minds, the Washington Pinocchios are trembling in fright, and soon this parallel dimension we have been living in will soon pass us by like the bad pestilence that it is.

Manuel Valenzuela is social critic and commentator, activist, writer and author of Echoes in the Wind, a novel to be published in 2004. His articles appear bi-weekly on axisoflogic.com. He welcomes comments and can be reached at manuel@valenzuelas.net. © Copyright 2004 by AxisofLogic.com.

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