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(DV) Tibbs: Letter to Greg Palast







Letter to Greg Palast
by Angie Tibbs
July 27, 2006

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Hello Greg,

Generally I am a fan. Today, I'm not.

Your flippant dismissal of both Hamas and Hezbullah is unwarranted. Hamas is the elected government of the Palestinian people. This is contrary to your claim that: "Hamas, just days before it kidnapped and killed Israeli soldiers, was facing certain political defeat at the hands of the Palestinian majority ready to accept the existence of Israel as proposed in a manifesto for peace talks penned by influential Palestinian prisoners."

I am unaware that Hamas "kidnapped Israeli soldiers." It was a joint venture in which Hamas, and other Palestinian freedom fighters, captured an enemy combatant, and it was one soldier not "soldiers." For someone who uses words as you do, Greg, surely you know the difference between capturing an enemy soldier of war and kidnapping.

And what proof do you have that Hamas was losing popularity with the Palestinian people? Long before the January elections, Hamas municipal governments were thriving in Israeli-occupied Palestine, and they were doing so without corruption -- something totally unheard of in Israel and the US of A, wouldn't you agree?

And there has been no mention by you at any time to my recollection that the Palestinian people have a right to exist, a right to have “rights” -- social, economic, human, and civil rights -- something Israel is determined they would never have. They also have the right to be protected against Israeli terrorism, something no one in the craven international community has ever had the courage to do.

And Hamas wouldn't be "broke" had the international community, again, that craven entity, so called, recognized the will of the Palestinian people, gave a blessing to its new government, and carried on with aid and allowed Hamas to govern. Israel, followed by Canada (to our shame), and the rest of the nations of the world, refused to do that.

Arrogantly dismissing Hezbullah as "a fundamentalist street gang," is, again, incorrect and totally misleading. Its members have fought and died for the freedom of South Lebanon against Israeli terrorists and Israeli expansion plans. Its political wing, contrary to your insinuation that it’s a hated entity, ran in 14 seats in South Lebanon in last May-June elections, and they won 14. I'd hardly classify that as being "overwhelmingly rejected." And, again, like Hamas, they are not corrupt, something governments in the US, Israel, and other "allies" cannot claim to be.

And they are certainly not traitors to their own country and to their own people as we saw with the current PM, Fouad Siniora, who grinned and clasped the hand of the enemy, Condoleezza Rice, war criminal, while the terrorist state of Israel dropped its US weaponry on Lebanese civilians and Lebanese infrastructure rendering them into a state of vaporization. That was not a pretty picture, and God help Lebanon if this is what the majority of Lebanese people want.

You are deliberately (as is the wont of so many supporters of Israeli terrorism) forgetting to mention that both Hamas and Hezbullah have every right under international law and conventions to fight for the liberation of their countries.

Why don't you write a spiel for us about the illegal and brutal Israeli occupation of Palestine, Shebaa Farms in Lebanon, and the Golan Heights in Syria? And emphasize the fact, why don't you, that there would be no need for Hamas or Hezbullah if the terrorist state of Israel lived by the rules of international law and got the hell back to its own piece of real estate which is, of course, equally illegal and illegitimate.

As if that would ever happen!

You're wrong, dear Greg. This is not in the least about oil. No, no, no, no, no!! This is about acquisition of as much land in the region as Israel possibly can get away with under its blather about "security"; this is about land -- and water!

Angie Tibbs is a writer/activist living on the east coast of Canada. She can be reached at: fightingoppression@nl.rogers.com.