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(DV) Mickey Z: Haiku







by Mickey Z.
January 5, 2006

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you  once  seemed  very

important but  now  you  are

another four  years


his  GAP  shirt  stained  with

the  blood  of  el  salvador

does  not  weigh  him  down


the  truth  has  fled  from

the  north  while  the  south  reeks

of  violation


big  white  s.u.v.

edges  into  the  crosswalk

no  room  for  my  feet


half  the  planet  has

never  made  a call  other

half  is  cellular 


seeds  now  mutant  can

no  longer  comprehend  how

evolution  works


i  have  seen  the  best

minds  of  my  generation

destroyed by  blindness


the  way  i  see  it

unemployment  insurance

is  subsidized  arts


my awareness  has

been cleared  of  all  charges  but

told  not  to  leave  town


black mask gun barrel

silhouetted under a

zapatista moon


one  hundred  dollar

pair  of  sneakers  cannot  help

me  to  just  do  it

(a niku?)


Mickey Z. can be found on the Web at: www.mickeyz.net. His latest book is 50 American Revolutions You're Not Supposed to Know: Reclaiming American Patriotism (Disinformation Books, 2005). 

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