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(DV) Kanazi: The War on Christmas







The War on Christmas
by Remi Kanazi
December 25, 2005

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Merry Christmas and a happy new year

I got coal in my sack and a half-shaven beard

I'm going down my list

And I have a few bones to pick

With some of the bad kids running today's politics


You see Santa's a humanitarian

And brings cheer through the night

Even to the third world, so you better be nice

War is not is not fun and killing is not merry

The architects of Iraq better be wary


Cartoon by Achilles Yeldell


Thousands of children

Were left dead in Iraq

Because little boy Bush

Was on the wrong track


Santa also cares about Katrina victims

And the levees that broke

I may not be black

But the children still wrote


Let's change the facts on the ground

And the frown on my face

I'm skipping the White House

To look for the displaced


Santa feels for the impoverished

Though the White House may not

He leaves no child left behind

Not even on the ghetto man's block

Let's bring back the Christmas spirit

And joy to the world

Instead of “liberation” and the carnage it unfurls

Santa's in the North Pole packaging Bush's pullout plan

Because he feels for what Iraqi children demand

Only for Santa should Christmas come once a year
Let's start being better people without the hisses and sneers
Till the magical day I bid all of you holiday wishes
And don't piss me off or you'll be getting coal this Christmas

Remi Kanazi
is the primary writer for the political website He lives in New York City as a Palestinian American freelance writer and can reached via e-mail at:

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