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Georgie Boy
An Election Year Ballad

by Edward Jayne
August 29, 2004

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                    Georgie Boy blows up frogs with firecrackers.
                                    How’ze gonna laugh?
                                    Hee hee.

                        Georgie Boy cheers for Yale.
                                    How’ze gonna shout?
                                    Go Yale, go.

                        Georgie Boy dabbles in cocaine.
                                    How’ze gonna snort?
                                    Snuff snuff.

                        Georgie Boy goes C-flat at Andover, Yale, and Harvard.
                                    How’ze gonna getta big-time job?
                                    See to it Poppy see to it.

     Georgie Boy wants to dodge the draft.
                           How’ze gonna do it?
                           VIP national guard VIP.

                        Georgie Boy jumbles his ideas worsen his wirds.
                                    How’ze gonna speechify normal wise?
                                    Talk cowboy talk.

                        Georgie Boy flashes his what-me-worry monkey smirk.
                                    How’ze gonna put his mind to work? 
                                    Tricks monkey tricks. 

                        Georgie Boy becomes a moral guy,
                                    How’ze gonna patch hisself up?
                                    Jesus quick Jesus.               

                        Georgie Boy mooches Ken Lay & Bin Ladens.
                                    How’ze gonna look clean?
                                    Who Lay Bin who?

                        Georgie Boy sells Harken stocks on inside info.
                                    How’ze gonna keep outa jail?
                                    Poppy fix SEC fix Poppy.

                        Georgie Boy runs 2 oil corporations into soil.
                                    How’ze gonna strike out elsewhere?
                                    Cheap homerun baseball homerun cheap.            

                        Georgie Boy gets elected part-time big-state gov’ner.
                                    How’ze gonna run the show?
                                    Execute, execute.

                        Georgie Boy needs Florida’s electoral votes to steal election.
                                    How’ze gonna scrounge ‘em up?
                                    Yes, Jeb muscle/Scalia hustle, yes.

     Georgie Boy ignores air terror warnings, then surprised by 9/11.
                           How’ze gonna manage the crisis?
                           Fly high till it’s safe to land, fly high.

                        Georgie Boy flounders to unite America once again.
                                    How’ze gonna pull us together?
                                    Make war, baby, make war.

     Georgie Boy seeks quick answers to win victory.
                            How’ze gonna gettum?
                            Torture, don’t call it torture.

                        Georgie Boy makes billionaires his election base.
                                    How’ze gonna helpum?
                                    Every way he can--every way.

     Georgie Boy runs nation into unprecedented debt.
                           How’ze gonna dredge up an excuse?
                           Taxes lower taxes.

     Georgie Boy becomes depressed with White House job.
                           How’ze gonna feel good?
                           Medicate medicate.

    When Georgie Boy washes out in politics, How’ze gonna support hisself?
                           Don’t bother to ask, don’t bother.

Edward Jayne is a retired English professor with experience as a '60s activist. He can be contacted at:


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