Playing God for Halloween

by Joshua Frank

Dissident Voice

October 31, 2002



As the elusive snipers left mystical tarot cards at the scenes of their brutal crimes, I couldn't help but think that those who believe they are morally justified in taking the lives of innocents are simply -- playing God. 


I have yet to hear anyone make excuses for why these killers did what they did, or justify that the 10 lives lost were somehow just collateral damage in a patriotic or religious battle of good vs. evil.  Does any of this sound familiar? Good vs. evil, us vs. them, collateral damage?  It should. Our oil-crazed administration is playing God just like our fanatical DC sniper was.  Except spinsters for this epidemic are more than ready to justify the taking of innocents in Iraq.


Am I calling our administration fanatical? Absolutely.  Is there any question that innocents will be killed in war?  Is there any doubt that insomniac fear will pump through the veins of Iraqi civilians just like those residents around DC? Of course not. Except it won't be snipers in the mist this time, it'll be fighter jets with smart bombs, and nerve gas from Saddam attempting to rid his Baghdad of US marines.  Does the Bush administration have any qualms with this? Nope.  Are they okay with taking lives (collateral damage) for geopolitical reasons? Yes. (geopolitical war for oil -


So I ask you, how is this different from the sniper's inhumane crimes? 


Other than the fact Iraqis will know who is behind the deaths of their loved ones?  You think the cable news monopolies will carry 24-hour coverage, reporting on the anxiety and destruction the Bush team has bred in the Middle East? Not like they did with the DC assassin--that's for sure.


The correlation here is clear; just like the sniper, our government is playing God for Halloween.  Dressing themselves in the costumes of righteous deity, who can choose who does or doesn't deserve to live.  But these creatures of hate aren't God-like or even holier than thou; but rather wicked demons willing to devour innocent souls for whatever dark agendas they have cogitated.  Don't let these transparent costumes of trickery fool you -- for the shedding of innocent blood has never brought the world peace, and it never will. Happy Halloween.


Joshua Frank, 24, is an activist and freelance writer living in Portland, Oregon. Email: