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(DV) Walsh: What's For Lunch, Senator?





What’s For Lunch, Senator?
A Feast of Novel Expression
by John V. Walsh
April 17, 2007

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Hillary Clinton: I’m starved.  

John Edwards: Me too. What’s on the menu?   

Barack Obama: Same here. What’s on the table? 

HC: I told them to leave all Iranian options on the table. My goodness, some folks want them off the table. They want to starve us.  I have said, “No option can be taken off the table.”

BO: At the AIPAC dinner the Iranian options were all on the table. They looked scrumptious. The folks there were ready to feast on them. I have said, "We should take no option, including military action, off the table." 

JE: Me too.  I went all the way to Israel and told them that I would keep the Iranian options on the table.  I have said, "We need to keep all options on the table."

HC: You know a lot of the generals do not want them on the table.  What do they know?  I wish we could have a real conversation with them about that.  

JE: None of them has even been to an AIPAC dinner. 

BO: I think they simply like Eisenhower, the coward.  They forgot how people were practically starving in his day. He kept taking nuclear options off the table. The table was practically bare. There was hunger in America. 

JE: Let’s not forget that John Kennedy put all options back on the table. It was a feast that had not been seen since Truman. As Democrats, the least we can do is put all the Iranian options on the table. 

HC: Gosh, we can go beyond that. We can be bipartisan. Vice President Cheney has insisted that the administration ‘has not taken any options off the table' as Iran continues to defy us. 

BO:  I want to eat. 

HC: My goodness, me too.  But 2009 is a long way off.  I hope that the options on the table do not go bad by then. 

BO: Sometimes you just have to diet for a while before you can get to the options on the table. 

JE: I agree. You can never be too thin or have too many options on the table.

John V. Walsh can be reached at  He thanks Norman Solomon for many of the quotes

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