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A Time of Changes
by Hsing Lee
April 29, 2005
First Published in: Southeast Asia News

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As most of you know, Pope John Paul II, formerly known as Karol Wojtyla, died from organ failure after a series of prolonged illnesses. His is a complex portrait, and one worth a glance at this time of changes. Even as he was head of one of the most vile institutions in human history, an institutional merger of Spirituality and State into what we call Religion, in many ways he has been a great reformer within that institution. Even as he chaired the death cult that has caused more war, theft, and suffering than any other force in human history, he fought for freedom and prayed for peace. And for all the needless suffering his refusal to punish child molester priests has caused, for all the needless starvation and slow death in the developing world that his anti-birth control policies have caused, for all the AIDS his anti-condom policies have caused, in many ways he has taken more steps toward undoing the ravages of racism and ignorance than any Pope before him. The man was a walking contradiction. And love him or hate him, you have to respect the path he chose in leaving this world behind.

When I saw him over the last year, the first thing that came to mind is something like this: what a stubborn old man. What willpower. What determination to live. THIS is what Dylan Thomas was talking about. Rage, rage, rage against the dying of the light. You have to respect that, even if you despise the man and everything he stands for. Instead of just giving up the ghost and departing for a make believe Heaven, he fought for each breath, savoring every last moment of life on earth. Good for him.

The policies and ignorance of the Catholic Church and Christians in general have stunted mankind’s scientific, intellectual and spiritual growth like no other force in our evolution. Europe lost almost a thousand years in the Dark Ages thanks to the Church. A millennia of near total stagnation of the Western Mind. And still, even in this day and age, Christians fear reality so much that they make up fairy tales and kill those who won’t accept their fairy tales as gospel. They have done so since Constantine merged Church and State in 322 AD. For more info on this topic, there’s a great book by Charles Freeman called “The Closing of the Western Mind”. Give it a read.

Time after time, Western nations have used this State apparatus called Religion to demonize those that the State wants to steal from and enslave. Constantine rewrote the Bible to demonize Jews, justify slavery, and rationalize theft and murder in the Middle East. In the name of god, of course. He used Longinus, the Spear of Destiny, the spear that supposedly killed Jesus, as a relic of Imperial power, making Holy a phallic symbol that killed one of our greatest teachers.

Charlemagne used the Bible and the Spear of Destiny in the same way, to justify his rape and conquest of others as he was stamping his genes on the Western World for all time. To this very day, virtually all European and North American aristocracy can trace its lineage to Charlemagne the Barbarian rapist. A large percentage of American Presidents, including GHW Bush (mass murderer and drug lord) and GW Bush (mass murderer), have Charlemagne’s blood in their veins. Blood they share with Longshanks (mass murderer and grotesque serial killer), Richard the “Lionhearted” (mass murderer of Muslim women and children), and many other famous killers and rapists. According to several different and well respected genealogical societies, some 70% of all Caucasian Britons have Charlemagne’s blood in their veins, and almost 30% of Americans also share this blood. Could the passing on of the genes of the serial killer Charlemagne be the reason why today, 90% of all serial killers are Caucasian males between the ages of 25 and 35?

I’m not saying it is, but it definitely makes one think.

Kaiser Wilhelm picked up the Spear, and picked up where Charlemagne left off. Then Hitler picked up Constantine’s torch and the Spear of Destiny after allying himself with the Catholic Church, and went marching after Semites just like Constantine. Today, George W Bush has been anointed by Evangelical Christians as the successor to these Christian soldiers. And on they march.

In fact, now that I mention Herr Bush and Evangelicals, there IS something worth commenting on here briefly: the direct correlation between social stagnation and Christianity. I think most of us today will agree on one thing: slavery is morally wrong. In Canada, a secular nation where many faiths lived side by side with less exploitation than in the USA, slavery was abolished forthwith, and segregation abolished several generations before it was abolished in the USA. But things are far different in America.

The Ku Klux Klan, who for many years were the spokespeople of the so-called Christian Right, have always used Christian Scripture as justification for their beliefs. For those who claim this to be an exaggeration, consider that Birth of a Nation, a film that portrays the Ku Klux Klan as America’s greatest heroes, was the first movie ever shown in the White House, when it was screened for Woodrow Wilson. From 1619 until 1967, slavery and then after slavery Apartheid, was the official, legislated law of the land.

Jerry Falwell, John Ashcroft, and Chief Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist have all used Christianity as justification for segregation and maintaining the Jim Crow divide in America. These men made their careers fighting for White Power and segregation. And the control these kind of people exercise over those stupid enough to be Christian is near total. They “Hate Vote” as a huge block in every election, and were the largest voting demographic for Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Bush. None of these genocidal hatemongers could have been elected without Evangelical Christian voters. Which is why the USA was officially an Apartheid white power state until 1967. The haters vote while 60% of the nation sleeps.

This is the power of Christianity. It is used by the rich, among those rich the Clergy themselves (Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell in particular), to manipulate Congressional races at the State and Federal level, in order to get the government to give the taxpayer’s money to companies that the preacher man’s investment portfolio owns shares in. The Bible thumping nation of idiots stagnates while in secular nations with an educated population who are less susceptible to this type of hatemongering, human social and cultural evolution progresses at an accelerated pace.

In that sense, America is currently experiencing a modern mutation of the Dark Ages that settled over Europe after Constantine. It’s madness. The most powerful nation on earth is in the control of hateful imbeciles who are actively working to make the Bible into legislation, and have succeeded in keeping evolution from being taught in one third of the nation’s schools.

But enough about the Bushites and their Bushit. Let’s go back to John Paul.

During his time, John Paul II has done some remarkable things. He has distanced the Church from the concept of Papal infallibility. He actually apologized to Galileo. He issued a formal apology to the Galilei family and everything. Which is basically the Church admitting for the first time that the earth revolves around the sun, that the earth is not the center of the universe, and that the Church has lied about this for 1700 years. Consider the significance of this, in historical terms. A Pope apologizing to commoners for lying to people and persecuting them for telling the truth. It IS historic, even if the admission of a lie was done in a backhanded way.

John Paul II also apologized for the Church’s part in the atrocities committed against the First Nations of the Americas. And he apologized for the Church’s persecution of Martin Luther. He was big on addressing former periods of oppression. In hindsight, the world would have been much better off without Martin Luther. No Martin Luther, no Protestant Church. No PC, no British Empire. No Puritans. No Evangelicals. No McKinley. No Taft. No Nixon. No Reagan. And neither Bush. A MUCH better world. But I digress.

The really big apology was when John Paul II reversed the Church’s stance on the Original Sin of Constantine and Eusebius which they committed when they rewrote the Bible. According to John Paul II’s Papal Edict, Jews did not kill Christ, are not Christ killers, and can and do go to Heaven. Which means that today, only Protestants and Mel Gibson’s mutant branch of Catholicism stand by this lie.

Do you understand the significance of this?

The man took the first step toward ending the root cause of Caucasian racism against Jews, after seventeen centuries of the Church being created by Constantine to propagate the greatest lie ever told. If John Paul II had done nothing else in his time, he deserves huge brownie points, and a place in history, for this alone.

The framing of Jews as Christ killers, and the way this was accomplished by Constantine, is one of history’s great magic tricks. Misdirection of the sort used by Hitler, McCarthy, and today by George W Bush. Point a finger in a way that absolves the target audience of any blame for their domestic problems. Give them an easy target for their hatred, preferably one whose takedown can make people rich. And while the public is looking at the target, fleece the masses for everything they’ve got, emptying the state’s coffers to buy weapons made by your friends and frat brothers.

Consider the story of Jesus’ crucifixion. He’s imprisoned by the Romans. White guys. He’s ordered to be crucified by Pilate. Another white guy. He’s tortured by these same white guys. Then they nail Jesus to a stick, feed him vinegar, and mock him. Then one of them, a Roman named Longinus, uses his spear to kill Jesus. Today, this spear is known as the Spear of Destiny.

All this done by white people. But nooooooo, it was Jews who killed Jesus, because the Romans offered to free a prisoner, and the Jews chose someone other than Jesus. So it’s all their fault. White people had nothing to do with it, even though it was white people who jailed, sentenced, tortured, crucified, poisoned, mocked, and impaled Jesus.

When you put it the way I’ve put it above and confront a Christian with the facts, they’ll say “no no no it’s not like that at all… the Jews are Christ Killers because they wouldn’t accept him as King of the Jews and the son of god”.

And when you point out that the Roman’s didn’t accept him as the son of god either, and that the Romans had, in fact, appointed their own Jewish King, and that the Romans went even further in mocking Jesus by making him wear a crown of thorns, and that every crime the Jews committed against Jesus was committed by Caucasians three times over, they tend to react in one of two ways: they say “you’re just anti-Christian”, or “you’re just anti-White people”.

How can the truth be anti-anyone?

And how does the above story make any sense?

It doesn’t. It’s simply the original case of book publishing being used to further the cause of military expansionism. And this same tactic has been used by Europeans to justify the Crusades, the Inquisition, the slash and burn policies of the US Cavalry, the era of so-called Manifest Destiny, Kaiser Wilhelm’s war, and Hitler’s Holocaust. It’s now been adapted by Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson to demonize Muslims, and it won Election 2004 for George W Bush.

And so long as there are Christians, it will continue to work, because the Holy Bupkis is the most hateful book ever written. It’s a perverse manuscript designed to kill Jesus and his ideas for all time. And it might have worked, if not for the discoveries at Qumran and Nag Hammadi. These scrolls prove that while the Old Testament may be a made up, plagiarized work of mostly fiction, it has passed down from Jesus time unedited. They also prove that unlike the Old Testament, the version passed down by Jews intact, the New Testament is a work of complete and total bullshit, rewritten for a European audience that wanted to conquer and enslave the world. Constantine’s version of the Bible gave them the power to rationalize rape, murder, and slavery as being “in the name of god”.

One more quick digression in the name of fairness and balance. You will note that sometimes I mention Franklin Graham beside Falwell and Robertson, and sometimes I don’t. That’s because unlike Robertson and Falwell, the Graham family, Billy and Franklin Graham, receive only US$500,000 a year from the foundation. They do what they do because they truly believe. They’re not in it for the money. The Grahams really are true believers, whereas Falwell and Robertson are in this to get filthy, stinking, rich. Franklin Graham is a true believer, and while we may mock his beliefs and disagree with him, I will fight to the death for his right to hold those beliefs if he so chooses. He may be misguided, but he’s not lying for profit or prophet. Pat R and Jerry F, on the other hand, are FOCCERS.

WWW.FOCCED.COM - Click on the NEWS link to watch in streaming video.

But enough about this silly death cult. We were discussing John Paul II. Those apologies aren’t all he accomplished. In his lifetime, he tried to get Europe and North America to forgive Third World debt that was generated by the private sector as a form of enslavement and genocide in slow motion. He divested the Vatican Bank of its holdings in munitions manufacturing companies which the Church had held since WW II. He even spoke out against the neo-Nazi invasion of Iraq.

I give him very few points for his Iraq stance though. He COULD have used his position to put Berlusconi and Bush in the box not only by declaring the war in Iraq illegal and immoral, but also by declaring that any Catholic who participated would be excommunicated. This would have prevented all the South and Central American nations, Poland (the land of his birth), the Philippines and probably Spain and Italy from participating. It would also have allowed any Catholic Americans to not participate on religious grounds. But John Paul II didn’t have the stones for this last fight. He had other stones to worry about I guess. Kidney stones, gall stones, whatever. But he could have done more. And he had to live with that knowledge in his final hours.

As an afterthought, I’m sure he’s aware that gangsters like Bush and Berlusconi wouldn’t think twice about having him killed, and probably realized that’s precisely what would have happened. And at his advanced age, no one would think anything of the old man “passing in his sleep” like his predecessor did when he was murdered in 1978. Come to think of it, that could well be why John Paul II didn’t stand up to Bush on Iraq. Dying with the knowledge of the irony of being killed in the same fashion, and with the same cover story as the Pope one was chosen to replace would have made the mental torture of those last moments far too horrible to contemplate.

I have no illusions as to what the Pope and the Church represent. They are and always have been snake oil salesmen preying on the weakest, stupidest, and most hopeless among us. But John Paul II took more steps toward facing reality, and more steps away from propagating hate, than any other Pope before him. Not that this is a difficult feat to accomplish, considering that his predecessors were Crusaders, Inquisitors, liars, thieves, and usurers. But still, he did some important things, even if he only did them to prolong the lifespan of the death cult he represents.

What DOES the Church represent, really?

At its core, it represents Caesar’s credo of Divide and Conquer. Demonize and disempower women, so as to divide humanity in half, lifting the more muscular half up above those who can create life, to make whores and slaves of those with the REAL power. In fact, John Paul II further reinforced his racism against women by allowing Cardinal Ratzinger to release the statement that there will be no discussion of female priests.

The Church represents Europe’s attempt to demonize the Semitic people so as to steal their lands, and with those lands the trade routes that were so precious in the 4th century. Demonize all those not Roman and Christian, so as to justify murder, rape, and theft for fun and profit. Entrench slavery as an integral part of Roman life by twisting the words of Jesus into a demonic perversion of the truth. Divide humanity into smaller and smaller groups, so that no group can be powerful enough to challenge the authority of the State and the merchant class that gives the State its marching orders.

Even the symbol of the church is a direct attack on women. The Crucifix is a sword turned point down. A weapon of war, and a phallic symbol, the sword’s point thrust downward violently into the life-giving earth. It’s reinforced as a phallic symbol in other ways too. The predecessor of the Crucifix is the Ankh, the Egyptian symbol of Isis and fertility. You’ve all seen an ankh. It’s that thing that looks like a crucifix with an oval sitting on top, the oval representing the womb and the power of creation. With the crucifix, the womb is replaced by a stick, a penis. Another way of looking at it is that the crucifix is the symbol of a decapitated woman. We all know those symbols for male and female: the circle with an arrow sticking out of it for male, and the circle with what amounts to a crucifix underneath it for female. Cut the head off that symbol, disempower the female, and you have the symbol for Christianity.

That is all Christianity is, and all it will ever be. A hateful death cult that divides us with lies, half-truths, and a hollow promise of redemption in exchange for tithes – you can STILL buy the title of Commendatore from the Church for the right price. We must work to shine a light on those lies, especially now that John Paul II is no more, and hope for real change lies on the horizon.

That change begins by working to reveal the biggest lie. The Gospels themselves. For fifty years, the Church has had ancient texts in Jesus own tongue from his own time in their possession. The Church refuses to release official translations, because those translations of the Nag Hammadi scrolls prove Christianity to be teaching the opposite of the actual teachings of Jesus. John Paul II’s predecessor, during his short reign, gave hints that he was preparing to reveal the truth, and to reform the Church accordingly. And they killed him for it.

Let us hope the next Pope has both the resolve and the conscience to do the right thing, and embrace truth instead of embracing the hateful lies told by Constantine and his editor, the scribe Eusebius. Let us hope that the Cardinals elect a man of character from the Third World who will challenge the American hatemongers, and destroy Nazism in the same fashion that John Paul II helped destroy the Soviet Union. Let us hope that this next Pope takes a cue from John Paul II’s example, and picks up the pace of reform so that millions of kids don’t have to starve to death for no reason other than to keep the Church’s numerical superiority.

But being realistic about it, I’d be happy to settle for a Pope who will release the Vatican’s files on the Nazi ratlines to America that the Church ran after WW II, when they helped Truman smuggle tens of thousands of Nazi war criminals to the Americas, in order to have those Nazis set up the Central Intelligence Agency in the USA. It’s high time that reparations were made to Jews by both the Church and the profiteers on Wall Street that armed and financed Hitler. In fact, at this time, only America and the Church have walked away from Holocaust profiteering without having to apologize or make restitution. It’s important that both parties pay the Piper in the name of Truth and Reconciliation.

Making disclosure of the full scope of Pius XII’s participation in the Holocaust will do wonders toward bringing the last Nazis, virtually all of them now in the Americas, some still working for the Bush family and the GOP, to justice. John Paul II may have issued an apology to Jews for the Church’s part in their persecution, but the Vatican bank kept their money, and John Paul II never apologized directly for the Holocaust, nor did he condemn Pius XII’s collaboration with the Nazis. That apology, and documentary disclosure, are well past due.

Pope John Paul II could have done these things, but he didn’t. Even though he himself was a victim of the Holocaust, he simply didn’t have the moral character to push the Church to accept its role in the greatest genocide of the mid 20th century. He should have, seeing as how the entire world knows what they did. It’s time to clean the slate. His refusal to come clean with the world on this issue amounts to spitting on the grave of every Jew, Pole, and Gypsy who was ever killed by the Nazi war machine. And once again, this is something I hope he contemplated in his final hours.

If you think about it, and if you believe that John Paul II actually believes in god and the Bible and all that crap, looking back at all the things in his life he should have done as a moral guardian of this planet, he was probably afraid to die because he knows that if there IS a Heaven and Hell, he’s going straight to Hell for all the lies he’s helped propagate, and for all the Nazis he’s allowed to go unpunished for their sins. His inaction, given his position and access to information, is tantamount to one giant lie. And in Christian mythology, liars burn in the deepest pit of Hell, the lake the burns with fire.

Kind of puts a whole new light on why this guy fought so hard not to die, doesn’t it?

And now, with his passing, a change is coming. A new Pope. And a good chance of a Cardinal from the Third World, a black man or a brown man, rising to the seat of power. The choice ultimately lies with the Italian Cardinals and which way they vote. But there’s a chance, a good one, of a Black or Hispanic Pope.

America’s nightmare. THE voice of Christianity in the hands of a Black man while literal Jim Crows are running the USA. How ever will Bush deal with such a man, considering that Bush’s nominee for Attorney General was a man who proclaimed that racial integration and desegregation was an affront to god and an outrage to human decency?

If the Pope is from Latin America, however will America deal with a Pope who calls America to task for the CIA’s training and funding of Contra guerillas who resorted to such terror tactics as raping and sodomizing nuns?

Will the above scenarios play out? That remains to be seen. IF the Church has the balls to elect a Third World Pope, it’s going to make for some of the most entertaining TV in a long, long time.

It’s of the utmost importance that the Church do the right thing, and pick a Pope who will come clean with the world about all the Church’s lies, sins, and suppressions. We can only hope that this next Pope, rather than ally with the Romans or Nazis of this age, has the wisdom to learn from the teachings of Jesus, and become a champion of the people. It’s needed desperately as a counterbalance to the madness and hatefulness of Evangelical Christianity.

The United States government, as a matter of policy, is deliberately killing off thirty-six thousand people a day via their monetary policies… policies which William Howard Taft referred to as Dollar Diplomacy, policies which Taft formulated and put into action in the Philippines which we refer to today as National Socialism. They are literally using international trade as an instrument of War and Genocide.

For those who scoff, read Nobel Prize for Economics winner Joe Stiglitz’s book Globalism and it’s Discontents. According to the IMF and World Bank’s own numbers, the USA is killing off tens of thousands of colored people a day. They’re being stripped of their livelihood, forced from their homes, starved to death, or die from bad water or treatable illness.

And it’s all being done on purpose. The IMF and the World Bank are nothing more than a wing of the Pentagon. For those who scoff and say that these institutions are NOT part of America’s war machine and are not being used to murder people on purpose, take a look at who the USA has appointed to the World Bank and IMF in the past.

Robert McNamara, the Secretary of Defense that brought us the Vietnam war and oversaw the genocide of millions of Vietnamese for fun and profit, was later sent to the World Bank. Today, George W Bush has appointed Paul Wolfowitz to head the World Bank. The former number two man at the Pentagon who was instrumental in helping Bush lie about WMD in Iraq. The man who knew from day one that there were no WMD in Iraq, and brought in Ahmed Chalabi to lie to Congress so that America could go kill colored people for fun and profit and steal their oil.

If the US does not intend to use the World Bank as an instrument of war, why do these genocidal warmongers keep getting appointed to the World Bank?

Could it be for their fiscal frugality?

I think not. Both men wracked up war debts more than ten times what was projected.

Could it be for their neutrality?

I think not. Wolfowitz is a card carrying Zionist who wants to see Jews control the Middle East and all Arabs who won’t be slaves to Jews and America dead.

Ultimately, there can only be two reasons for Wolfowitz’s appointment. First, to ensure that he carries on “god’s work” and sees to it that tens of thousands of poor colored people continue to die for fun and profit. Second, to ensure that the natural resources of the Third World end up in the hands of America by crushing these nations under unpayable debt and Structural Adjustment Programs that hasten the transfer of wealth by putting millions of out work and in the streets, so they’ll be forced to labor for a dollar a day in order to survive.

And when Third World leaders like Jean Bertrand Aristide try to put a stop to it by trying to raise the minimum wage to two dollars a day, the Pentagon is standing by to invade those countries and oust the leadership like they did in Haiti.

Like the Romans of the 4th century, we live in an age of compromise. An age where a frightening and uneducated population is pulled this way and that by rich men in soft clothes who want to kill others for fun and profit, because war is the only way these men can keep their fortunes, and war is the only way the middle class can keep its tiny, value-added slice of the American pie. And rather than question how they’re being provided for, the public shuts up and goes along with it, because going along is easier than admitting to oneself than one is a Nazi, and most of one’s friends are Nazis too.

Before Christianity, there used to be a moral code for leadership. In Rome, a leader who was exposed as a liar, thief, or a failure as a leader was expected to take his own life as repayment for failing his people. A Roman Senator who had wronged Rome or the people was expected to take a hot bath and slit his own wrists. A Roman General was expected to fall on his sword. It was much the same in Asia. A Japanese Samurai, upon being shamed by failure or an exposure of corrupt practices, was expected to commit seppuku, disemboweling himself for his failures.

But Christianity put an end to all this honorable behavior by our leaders. Constantine’s version of the gospels made it a moral sin to commit suicide, thus giving the ruling class the only excuse required to convert them to Christianity – they were now free to lie, cheat, steal, murder, rape and enslave for fun and profit, and could not be held to task for it afterwards, because they were Christian. And any sins committed in the interim could simply be washed away via confession and paying money to the Church and State.

We’ll find out next week what kind of men these Cardinals are.

Are they truly Holy Men, or do they worship the profit?

Will they honor the words of the Prophets, or will they continue to propagate the greatest lies ever told?

Only time will tell.


Hsing Lee is Associate Editor of Southeast Asia News based in Indonesia, where this article first appeared. Thanks to Robert Finnegan at Southeast Asia News. Copyright (C) 2005 Southeast Asia News.

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