Crimes Against Humanity

There is something sinister
When a person can kill a child
Burn them in overs, as Nazis did
Agents of Satan.
“Suffer not the children”
Burying children,
In the dead of night
In unmarked graves, are
Crimes against humanity
Priests, agents of Satan, for
This was not instructions from GOD!
All will, one day,
Stand before HIM:
Those who partook; witnessed and said nothing
Those who looked the other way
Those who lied to parents
Those who falsified documents or
Kept no records.
“Harm not a hair on their heads”
Elders, survivors, family and allies
Are marching across Canada
In Honor of those children
That were put into the ground
Under cover of darkness, before
Precious souls, instantly transported
To the Creator’s Kingdom, where
They will know peace and love
Not so, the perpetrators and accomplices
One day, they will stand before Him!
Some may claim that they did not think
It would have gotten this bad, Lord!
God, will say: “it got that bad the day
You took the first child, from their homes.”
“Many shall come in my name, beware
Of false prophets, for I know you not.”
Damnation in eternity awaits you all!
On Earth, Indigenous people and allies
Continue marching, smudging, drumming
Smiling, singing and dancing around, as
Little-children watch from clouds and
Flutter their wings in approval.
The Creator, watches and is pleased, for
Indigenous Justice this way comes!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at :>. Read other articles by Charles.