Preventing the Genocide Part 2

Getting the Jews out of Israel

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Someone, whose cousin was friendly with White House (WH) correspondent, Helen Thomas,  related to me the anguish that the dean of WH correspondents suffered after being accused of anti-Semitism. Helen was born in Lebanon and consistently favored the Palestinian cause. Having been the first female officer of the National Press Club, the first female member and president of the White House Correspondents’ Association, and the first female member of the Gridiron Club, the pro-Israel contingent found it difficult to silence her. When she was at the advanced age of 90, they leaped to the jugular. In an impromptu question concerning Israel, her reply that “Jews should get the hell out of Palestine and go home to Poland, Germany, America, and everywhere else,” provoked the usual spurious charge of anti-Semitism against the American idol. Harassed and bothered, Helen Thomas quit her post with Hearst newspapers and died two years later.

Helen Thomas was decades ahead of her time. Today, her comment is prescient and is the best advice for the Jewish community that needs to shed the conditioned attachment to Zionism and the cruelty it has visited upon the peoples of the Middle East. Through clever manipulation of minds, the Zionists convinced Jews and many non-Jews that their victory in the 1967 six-day war established a nation of invincible and superior people. Jews, and only Jews, are welcome to join the unique assembly. After receiving a driver’s license, each new Israeli receives another license, a license to steal, kill, and plunder ─ whatever property a Palestinian owns is rightfully Israeli. Jews should recognize that their life in Israel depends upon the deaths of Palestinians. These Jews can find life without initiating deaths. These Jews should get out of Israel.

Part 1 of this two-part article delineated the reason Jews allied with a militarist, nationalist, xenophobic, racist, and apartheid nation ─ conditioning. The principle elements of the conditioning, repeatedly drilled into every Jewish person — Jews are a nation, they have a shared ancient history that claims biblical lands, they are subjected to harassment by an anti-Semitic world, and they are only safe in their own nation —were shown to be fabricated, hysterical, and not historical. No deep intellectual awareness is needed to prove the fallacies and historical nonsense perpetrated by the Zionists. Only those who are disoriented or gain something from subscribing to the distortions adhere to the Zionist philosophy. But many do, and not only Jews and the captured and raptured evangelists; government officials and every day streaming TV watchers eagerly swoon at the mention of Israel, as if their lives depended upon Israel’s success.

In dealing with Israel’s brutal invasion of Gaza, Joseph Biden, president of the United States of America (US), behaves as if the US is a partner in the invasion, coordinating its activities with those of Israel and obligingly supplying Israel with the necessities for accomplishing the horrifying task. Why is the US involved in Israel’s genocidal tactics? Of what benefit to the US people is aiding Israel in its destructive actions? Why did Joe Biden, the US president, read from script, and say that the October 7, 2023 attack “was the worst atrocity committed against the Jewish people in a single day since the Holocaust?”

The attack was only against Israelis, those who Hamas accuses of oppressing the Palestinians. It did not differentiate between Jews and others; Bedouins, Arabs, and many foreign workers were killed. Hearing Biden’s words showed the conditioned manner in which even the president of one of the world’s most significant nations follows the Zionist supremacist position, ignoring the deaths of others than Jews, making believe that this is one of continuous atrocities against Jews, and relating it to the Holocaust ─ when you can, mention the World War II Holocaust.

Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, is another Israel admirer, who goes ballistic, shouting and screaming at anyone who offends his beloved Israel. Why does a Texan, immersed in border politics, in immigration, and relations with the Mexican community get overly excited with a foreign nation that has no attachment to his duties for his constituents? Why do Americans care about Israel more than Armenia?

Does the Mossad have derogatory information on US representatives that sways congressional commitments to the American people and has them favor Israel? Could be. If so, then another good reason for Israeli Jews to leave the Levant and make Israel a democratic nation like other democratic nations. A nation built on White nationalism is not acceptable anywhere. Why is it acceptable in Israel?

Look at in another way. Many nations have committed atrocities against people in their midst but no citizens of these nations have seen the atrocities up close. Great Britain, in its days of glorious imperialism, ravaged the world, but the British, on their isolated island, did not observe the deadly occurrences. The Germans had their abhorrent ways but not at home, during a war that fogged the killings, and not yet in the era of the ubiquitous internet. Americans are aware of misbehavior of their armed forces, but the happenings are so far away they cannot emotionally connect with the oppressed. No Israeli is more than 20 miles from the repression, whether in Israel, the West Bank, or Gaza. They see it day after day after day. Maybe, they become inured to the oppression or just accept it as someone else’s problem. In either case, humanity has been lost, and when the environment degrades humanity and the environment cannot be changed, it’s time to leave the environment and regain humanity.

The inhumanity expressed by Israelis, who adore victimhood and challenging inhumane activities by others, is not a one-time thing of a small collection of the society, it is a continuous operation by almost  every functioning and living person in the Israel community. I knew a Jewish refugee who had a home he left in a town in the Czech Republic, east of Brno. I visited the town and saw the home standing vacant at the corner of the Main Square, still empty and, at that time, legally owned by the heirs who were involved in litigation with the authorities concerning unpaid taxes. During the 1948-1949 war, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled from their homes and sought safety in Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, and the West Bank. Some walked back after one week to find new locks on the doors and Iraqi and other Jews occupying their homes. Nobody let them in; none of the recent arrivals returned a stolen home to the legal towner. Two of thousands of heartbreaking stories.

Twenty years since I had seen Northern Galilee, I was finally given a permit by the Israeli military authorities to visit. I decided to take two of my daughters with me. It took less than three hours to reach Safed, renamed Tsvat by Israel after 1948. The van stopped in front of the white stone home that held childhood memories. I proceeded to the familiar metal door, where I knocked. A large eastern European woman opened the door. We argued. I returned to the van, my hardened face wet with tears. “She wouldn’t let me in! She still has the same curtains I made with my mother.”

We proceeded in silence, as I wept discretely, to lunch at a hotel on Lake Tiberias, where my youngest child grew hyper. Instead of imposing my usual military-style discipline on the child, I encouraged her “splatter water,” “make more noise” – a shock to the rest of the family. The Israeli waiter hurriedly came to the table demanding, in Hebrew, they stop the raucous behavior. It was then that my defiance exploded into cursing the waiter in Arabic. “We can do whatever we please! This is my father’s hotel!” Until that moment, my children had been sheltered from knowing anything about my dear loss.
Rasmiya Barghout

We finally settled in Ramle, in a big stone house that had belonged to an Arab family…In the back of the house was a lemon tree, which almost collapsed each year under its fruit… One morning, right after the Six-Day War, an Arab man turned up at the front door. He said: ‘My name is Bashir el-Kheiri. This house belonged to my family.’

One day – I shall never forget it – Bashir’s brother came to Ramle with his father. The old man was blind. After entering the gate, he caressed the rugged stones of the house. Then he asked if the lemon tree was still there. He was led to the backyard. When he put his hands on the trunk of the tree he had planted, he did not utter a word. Tears rolled down his cheeks. My father then gave him a lemon. He was clutching it in his hands when he left. Bashir’s mother told me, years later, that when her husband couldn’t sleep, he used to pace up and down their apartment holding in his hand an old, shriveled lemon.
— Dalia Landau, The Lemon Tree

A controlled media daily demonstrates the twists and callous insensitivity and inattention to the tragedies and rights of others and gives aggravated consideration to tragedies inflicted upon Jews.

Grayson Beare, son of Julian Beare, chairperson of the South African Holocaust and Genocide Foundation, stabbed Halima Hoosen-Preston, her husband Shaun Preston, and her son in their Durban, South African home. The mother died and the others are fighting for their lives. Grayson Beare has been charged with murder and attempted murder.

The Mail & Guardian, a South African weekly newspaper and website, headlined the attack as “Estranged son of SA Holocaust and Genocide Foundation chairperson in court for alleged Islamophobic murder.”

…the assault allegedly occurred after an altercation Beare had with Hoosen-Preston during which she laughed upon hearing that his cousins had been killed in Israel. He said this in a video that went viral on social media, in which he identified himself as a former Zionist who has rejected the Jewish religion. The Beare family has distanced itself from Grayson, who has previously been treated for psychological problems and substance abuse, saying they stand with Hoosen-Preston’s family.

I cannot find any coverage of this horrendous incident of Islamophobia in the American media, which usually reports significant happenings in South Africa. If anyone knows of a report, please let me know. Another bother — what is the purpose of these Holocaust and Genocide Foundations and Museums (There are three in South Africa.) if they have not prevented genocide, have the parties in the foundations attached to those committing genocide, have not rallied the world against other genocides, and have the son of the Holocaust and Genocide Foundations chairperson, who has been raised in the Holocaust and Genocide Foundation environment, apparently not learning about genocide, and involved in a violent racial act?

A shocking rape of a young girl in Paris, France, and the use of the victim’s tragedy to highlight an alleged and unproven anti-Semitic act shows the discrepancy in American media reporting. The Washington Post headline read: “Reported rape of Jewish girl linked to rising antisemitism in France.”

The reported rape of a 12-year-old Jewish girl in a suburb of Paris has brought protesters into the streets and drawn condemnations from top politicians, who have linked the episode to rampant antisemitism. French authorities indicted two 13-year-old boys on charges of aggravated rape, making religious insults and death threats, and recording or sharing images of a sexual nature, among other crimes, prosecutors said in a Wednesday statement. A third boy, age 12, was charged with being an assisting witness to a rape, as well for making religious insults and death threats. According to the media, the girl’s ex-boyfriend was angry that the victim had not told him she was Jewish.

This gruesome act in a foreign nation received front-page attention from most American media while no American media reported the South African murder. The latter murder was due to hatred of Muslims while the former violation has a loose and unverified attachment to hatred of Jews.

No charge of anti-Semitism has been made by the victim or her family, and are only being made by the media, using a prosecutor statement of “religious insults” by juveniles as defining an anti-Semitic act. The Washington Post report completely ignores a description of the victim and her mental and physical state, identifying her only as a “Jewish girl,” and concentrates on the perpetration of an unproven and subordinate anti-Semitism. The perverted use of this vicious attack, which ignores the damage to the young girl and serves the anti-Semitic industry, whose purpose is to gain sympathy for the Zionist Jews, is an obscenity, as low as a human being can become.

As long as Israeli Jews control Palestinian life, there will be no meaningful life for anyone in the Middle East. They should either relinquish control or leave. Because the Israeli Jews cannot find existence without controlling the Palestinians, they must leave. What point is there in having endless strife that punishes everyone when all can live in peace and harmony by simply doing what is correct ─ Israeli Jews allowing Palestinians to live in peace and harmony by leaving Israel and finding peace and harmony with millions of other Jews in the Western world? With this remark, we can discern the reason for the contrived and false charges of anti-Semitism, which are mainly anti-Zionist demonstrations. The Zionists want everyone to believe that the Western world is a conspiracy of anti-Semites. They proclaim that only Israel, where Jews from one ethnicity despise Jews from other ethnicities, where all Jews are threatened daily, and where Jewish behavior manufactures antipathy toward Jews is the safest place for Jews to live.

Dual citizenship is a major stumbling block for Jews to permanently leave Israel. By allowing dual citizenship in Western nations, Israeli Jews maintain Israel citizenship and live in foreign nations. Through a network of contacts, Israelis gain employment and enjoy the more highly developed and interesting social and cultural life Europe and America. They reside in the West and have first allegiance to Israel, many serving in the Israel armed forces, few, if any, in their primary country. Their feet and body are in the West, their mind is in Israel. Although I have no documented proof, I suspect that many serve Israel as foreign agents.

Contemporary statistics on dual US/Israeli citizenship are not readily apparent. Some clues:

Israeli government ministries and the Los Angeles-based Israeli American Council, which represents Israelis nationwide, estimate  between 500,000 and 800,000 Israelis lived in the United States in the year 2014. Since 1948, 112,000 US-born citizens have arrived in Israel and by 2021, 50,000 – 300,000 Israelis held dual citizenship with the US.

From 2009 to 2023 the United States’ population grew from 308.5M to 340M or 10.2%. Jewish population grew from 6.5M to 7.5M or 15.3%. The 50 percent faster growth rate of the Jewish population indicates an influx of Jews into the American mainland from the only ports these immigrants could have departed, those in Israel.

As long as these Israelis benefit from retaining their Israeli citizenship — vote in Israeli elections, gain protection from foreign legal action by returning to Israel, and add to Israeli population statistics, they will retain the Israel passport and Israel citizenship. Denying dual citizenship and penalizing those who surreptitiously practice dual citizenship (Israel will still allow the dual citizenship) is a top priority for inviting Israeli Jews to permanently leave Israel.

Much is written about the Middle East crisis, its past, its present, its future. The falsifications, obfuscations, miscalculations, misinterpretations, and calculations are difficult to answer and the reality difficult to present. Two renditions give a clue to the verisimilitude.

The Haram al-Sharif is one of the world’s treasures, a sanctity of peace, serenity, and replenishment, where people are able to wander free and enjoy splendid views of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. From observation, the Islamic Waqif  has maintained the site in the tradition and atmosphere for which it was intended. Any changes in control, administration, operation, and present arrangements would be a catastrophe for Jerusalem and for all peoples of the world. Protecting the Haram al-Sharif against arbitrary intrusions should be high on the agenda of the world’s governments.

The Zionist portray themselves as turning a destitute and neglected area into a thriving and productive region. Survey the differences in countries between the year 1900 and year 2024 and you find almost all the world has changed in the same manner. No miracle by Zionism. Go to Chile and other places where Palestinians have settled and see what Palestinians have done and how they have achieved the highest education in the world. The Zionists have turned a peaceful area into a battleground. Protecting Palestine against the arbitrary intrusions by the Zionists should be high on the agenda of the world’s governments.

“For us, it’s a ‘never again’ war,” said Avner Golov, the vice president of research and alliances at the Tel Aviv-based think tank MIND Israel. “My generation now faces a question that I never thought I [would] face, and this is whether a Jewish state can exist in the hostile Middle East,” he added. “We need to make sure the answer is yes.”

After 75 years of establishment of the Zionist state, we still hear “war, war, war,” and never learn why it is necessary to have a Jewish state in the Middle East. Oh, yes, there are people in the Western nations who do not like Jews (the wealthiest community), Catholics (plenty), Asians, Mormons, Evangelists (plenty), Hispanics, Muslims (plenty), and almost everyone who walks.

So, we have yesterday repeated today and ready to repeat tomorrow, Israel is ready for ‘all-out war’ in Lebanon. The Israeli military says its Northern Command has approved operational plans for war with Lebanon.

Zionism, let our people go.

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