Netanyahu Wins “Nazi of the Year” Award!

First-Ever Jewish Recipient of Highly Coveted National Security Prize

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made history today by winning the prestigious “Nazi of the Year” award, the first ever Jewish leader so honored. Recipients of the award must demonstrate outstanding achievement in wholesale barbarism to qualify. For 2024, Netanyahu won in a landslide vote.

Chairman of Slime Magazine‘s award committee Wilhelm Broder said Netanyahu’s burning babies alive on film after promising their families safe harbor was one among many instances of sub-human conduct that made Netanyahu the overwhelming favorite for Nazi of the Year. “When it comes to perverted cruelty, he has few peers and no superiors,” said the Chairman.

The award comes with unlimited free armaments for life to use as Netanyahu sees fit, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer. “Nothing is too good for Bibi,” said President Joe Biden, reacting to news of the award. “He’s a real Fighting Jew.” Fighting Jews are said to have arisen from the ashes of the Holocaust to end the plight of Victim Jews and insure that genocide would be consigned to the category of “never again.” At the time no one anticipated that genocide would become a field of Jewish achievement, but in the era of affirmative action racial, ethnic, religious, and national groups are breaking down barriers in all directions. It is Netanyahu’s singular achievement to have made “Jewish-Nazi” a meaningful term instead of an oxymoron.

Congratulations poured in to the Prime Minister’s office from around the world, although there was one dissenting vote from the family of the late Henry Kissinger, which thought the former U.S. Secretary of State’s conduct in the Vietnam War should have made him the first ever Jewish Nazi. “Anything that flies on anything that moves,” that was Dad’s motto, said one of the Kissinger children, recalling their father’s exterminationist bombing campaign that killed millions in Indochina. “What’s not genocidal enough about that?”

The Slime Committee has promised to review the matter.

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