Letter to the Editor

President Biden talks about American “red lines,” that protect Palestinians from an ongoing extermination. But these red lines are just another blatant lie; there is no pause in the US support for genocide.

It turns out that people have their own red lines. For me, Israel’s recent threats to the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is my limit. Not only did Israel threaten at least two prosecutors, but its secret intelligence agency also menaced their families. So much for Israel’s respect for international justice.

Israel’s starving tens of thousands of children in Gaza and its incessant bombing of their refugee camps have shown the state of Israel to be a world pariah. Its entire reason for being is racist violence and murder. That explains Israel’s fascist alliance with the ultra right wing in our own country. Zionism is the poison that will bring down both our democracies.

And I don’t care what religion Israel claims to be. No religion on earth can justify its endless war crimes and crimes against humanity. At times Israel seems more like a deranged sect, hell bound for self destruction. And we may all end up having to sip its cool-aid. Israel is a nuclear power run by a madman.

We have a new generation that understands what Israel is: the unhinged colony of a crumbling empire. It is not a legitimate state, just like Apartheid South Africa was not worthy of existence. Time to delegitimize the racist and fascist state of Israel.

Fred Nagel
Rhinebeck, NY

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