The Hum of a Corner

I am standing at the corner where there used to be a street.

— Leonard Cohen, “A Street” from his 2014 album Popular Problems

Step by step we pluck off our feathers / the ones we used to fly on our high horses / dip them in ink / and write the false stories / I search in the rubble of my childhood / the rubble of someone’s childhood / all is a wrapping to the inhumanity hum of humans / step by step we walk into the trap of hate /

In the corner lights and feet honking / the raid comes and my street, the one I knew, disappears / faces of demons crowded the crossings / life becomes a moving target / as in phosphorous bombs / the maps of my being shattered / in stillness /

Michal Rubin is an Israeli, living in Columbia, SC. The impetus for her writing came from the years-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As a psychotherapist, a Cantor and a poet, she brings forth the challenge of distinguishing truths from myths, awareness vs. denial, conformity vs. individuation. Her work was published in Psychotic Education, The Art and Science of Psychotherapy, Wrath Bearing Tree journal, Rise Up Journal, Topical Poetry, Fall-Lines, The Last Stanza Poetry Journal, Waxing & Waning: A Literary Journal, South Carolina Bards Poetry Anthology 2023, Palestine-Israel Journal, and a chapbook published by Cathexis Northwest Press. Read other articles by Michal.