Neoliberal Prayer

Our father, who unmoored the Kraken,
Unhallowed be thy name, thy faceless
Sun, rank sewers come, ravaged youth
Cry out as the sea of doom swirls all around

Them. Strike the lamb, Inglorious Knight,
From the primal moon and boundless stars,
Inter them in the dark bereft of fairies and
The dawn; let them wallow in the dusk

Bereft of love and the soothing morrow;
Entrap their minds in darkness, buried in
A shimmering immutable main, pleading
For measly scraps while demons gorge in

Unbridled gluttony; eviscerate these, our
Children of America with debt, drugs, and
Lies of atavistic fire; throw them down, oh
Lord, unto the abyss of hearts forlorn, as

They toil in insouciance while millions are
Murdered, the ebbing of green sallows.
Have them turn upon their brethren and
Groan into the night, a night of unending

Fallow, a strident flame, a howl beyond
The haze, which tolls the knell of an unborn
Shadow; let them drown into the dark, and
Be crushed beneath an inexorable fathom-

Less chasm. All this I beseech of thee, oh
Despoiler of Azure Dreams, Fiend of the
Windswept Wolds, Devourer of Memories,
Dread Prince of the Soul now Silent. Amen.

David Penner’s articles on politics and health care have appeared in Dissident Voice, CounterPunch, Global Research, The Saker blog, OffGuardian and KevinMD; while his poetry can be found at Dissident Voice, Mad in America, and Also a photographer, he is the author of three books of portraiture: Faces of The New Economy, Faces of Manhattan Island, and Manhattan Pairs. He can be reached at Read other articles by David.