Dissecting Politicians

When I was an undergraduate eons ago in my zoology lab class, I examined varmints under a microscope and then dissected them with my scapple back at my dorm room with a bag of toxic formaldehyde hanging out the window. I nicknamed the varmints after the U.S. politicians at the time. Are you wondering what on earth comes next in this article? Please stay with me.

The idea for this article occurred to me after my e-mail encounters a few days ago with two candidates for the next U.S. Presidency, first Dr. Jill Stein and next former President Donald J. Trump. I proposed to each a way to bring prosperity to America and peace to the world. I told each that by adopting my proposal they would ensure that humanity would be saved by avoiding Doomsday and would be immortalized since many experts predict one form or another of Doomsday later this century. The prediction is hardly preposterous. Nine countries have nuclear arsenals and most of those countries have hostile relations with the U.S.

Here is my proposal in a nutshell. It has evolved over decades of my research and writing on the subject.

Either Stein and/or Trump would during their campaign commission two public opinion polls. One would be a random sample of known dissident groups of Americans that I have compiled, such as dissident veterans. The second poll would be a random sample of other Americans. Respondents would be asked if they favored a new President who pressured politicians to become public servants instead of corporate servants. For example, one question would ask if respondents favor turning swords into ploughshares, colloquially speaking. Respondents in the second sample, presumably having been duped by corporations and the corporate controlled body of politicians, would be given brief backgrounders such as the millions of deaths and incalculable destruction by the totally unnecessary U.S. Vietnam War.

The underlying rationale of my proposal is that while the corporate power elite tell the subordinate political elite what to do and say, the latter could always rebel and become genuine public servants, especially if pressured by a newly informed and alerted public.


Here is the response from Dr. Stein’s campaign staff:
“Hi Gary, thanks for the suggestion and the good wishes!” And here is my reply: “You are giving me a brush off I hope you come to regret. Imagine this announcement: “The Green Party Gives the Red Stop Sign to Helping to Save Humanity from Eventual Doomsday.”

And here is the response so far from Ex-President Trump’s staff: “Thank you for writing to President Donald J. Trump. We are carefully reviewing your message.”

In Closing

I did much better in my zoology class!

Gary Brumback, PhD, is a retired psychologist and Fellow of both the American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science. Read other articles by Gary.