Who Does Claim This Steed?

Behold the wild horse of Birmingham
Running freely
Kicking at the four winds
Standing on hind legs
Defiantly waving mighty hoofs
With head held high, tail waving,
Speeds off into the margins
Answering to no one
Ever present and watching injustices
Undisciplined discipline jumper
There are many who envy you
Want to capture and tame your spirit
Want to claim you as their own
Want to groom your unruly mane, and
Brush your wild tail
Putting bourgeois ribbons on them
Later parading you around
To the imperialist crowds
Now, no longer a threat
You will have many stables
To choose from and be well fed.

Run mighty steed
Avoid their lariats of lies, and
Corrals of conformity
Be that free spirit!
Ride the mighty winds of time
Inspiring others to do the same
Jump high the fences of hegemony
Shake your mane at oppressors
Run thru the night…and at all costs
Avoid the stables of academia, and
Reins of imperialism
For no freedom can be found there.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : aroha5025@gmail.com/a>. Read other articles by Charles.