There Are Individual Men and Women and There Are Families

Some people are still complaining –rightly — about the penetration of women’s competitive sports (along with prisons and school lavatories). There is a strong temptation to see this merely as some bizarre fashion against which too many officials lack the courage to resist. In fact I do not believe this is cowardice. There are cowards up front but they don’t make policy. Look what happened at Penn and Harvard. Normally immune CEOs at these elite kindergartens were sacked for failure to behave like “trannies” toward students who dared to protest the mass murder in Palestine. The mass murder and population displacement in the entire Middle East and Ukraine (by Kiev not Russia) has induced far less outrage. This is despite (or perhaps because of) the subsequent enrichment of serial murderers like George Soros who back the causes they have learned to blindly support. It is particularly egregious since these students go into debt to in the hope of joining the ruling cadre and are essentially customers of these hedge funds.

For the purposes of argument let us say that the same tiny sadist elite holds the purse for all major ideological institutions. Competitive sports is one of them, a central tool for mass indoctrination.

Social engineering is based on multiple layers of indoctrination and structural organisation, whether labor process or reproduction. The outrage over transgender terror cannot be suppressed by neutralizing of women and healthy heterosexual men, meanwhile labeled with bizarre terms like “cis”. As yet there are no reliable replacements. Sports sell products and they sell weapons. NASCAR races are traditional promotion for the military. They also support the creation of masses of “losers” who engage in vicarious triumph through the selected heroes in each discipline.

Hence it is imperative to disrupt and undermine all forms of natural life. That is being done through compulsory use of pharmaments and restructuring of the indoctrination organs, to which sports belong. Before injections were introduced to control the potential for illness from the “dangerous” (now called “deplorable”) class, sports were industrialized as mass spectator operations, first for patriotism and then for consumption. Private-public partnerships have already brought the conventional military to an advanced stage.

Anyone who doubts that sports are instrumental in managing consumption only has to examine contemporary footwear. It is also a branch of the identity industry. Identity politics is nothing less than the marketing of recombinant genetic engineering. Dependent on corporate managed consumption, identity can be created and erased like software updates. After all software is the digital extraction of human intellectual labor — no less exploitative than using children to crack coal or other extractive operations. Despite many apparent service advantages (except for its employees) Amazon is essentially the template for a digital synthetic culture. The 2020-21 lockdowns from which it profited enormously were the test field for “digital enclosures”.

It may take a while until the entire competitive sports sector has been reorganized around anti-human values but the campaign is very aggressive. On the fringe are disciplines like robot football. Robot soldier prototypes are in advanced stages too.

Hollywood has been selling this vision for decades now. When real humans die off through wars and pharmaments combined with poisoned foods, the social structures will be complete to subordinate the remaining humans to planned obsolescence.

There is a certain tragedy in the 19th century struggle to assert the value of labor. The result has been that it is valued above all those who actually perform it. The sincere effort to eliminate oppression of women and children has resulted in the destruction of the social bonds that sustained human life — as opposed to abstract surplus value. “Freeing” peasants from the land and women from child bearing has not benefited either as a group. Even today we can see that the benefits promised by such relief have been hoarded by the ruling class. This was accomplished by isolating nominal freedoms and promoting them to destroy the social fabric in which those freedoms might actually mean something. Another public-private partnership under the umbrella of the intergovernmental public-private partnership cartel, aka United Nations, the International Organisation for Migration promotes politically and materially the vision that labor is just an internationally distributed natural resource to be moved wherever it can be most efficiently profitably exploited. War is just another means of resource allocation the UN promotes.

The once helpful analytical tool by which systems of domination and exploitation were shown not to be natural, but the product of ruling class violence has now been appropriated so that ordinary human activity is defined as an artificial social construct. The difference between the critical theory and the current ideology lies in the definition of human life as artificial while its management by the ruling oligarchs is elevated as natural. The pretenders to divinity in their mountain retreats have turned critique into a strategy for destroying human society as living environment. Margaret Thatcher was not exaggerating when she said there is no “society”.[1] Her ostensibly libertarian assertion belied the fact that corporations under her long reign certainly constituted a “society” from which she and her family personally benefited- unlike Yorkshire miners. The aim of her handlers was to destroy it. It is the organisational complement to genetics and recombinant biological manipulation. That is also why it is not too harsh to properly apply Daniel Goldberg‘s banal and mendacious term “willing executioners” but to the “Wokie Dokies” rather than some fictional Germans under NSDAP rule.[2] It has been the “woke” who were most easily persuaded to collude in the extermination of the old and infirm since the outbreak of the Covid War.

The “third way”, a chimera propagated by Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and cohorts of “young global leaders” and still churned by Soros’ alma mater the LSE, triumphed as the cult of the new trans-human millennium. Its principal pathology is exhibited in the myopia that induces innumerable people-not just acolytes- to support the depopulation of Ukraine and the Middle East- that is the function for which the same people created Israel and the Zelensky regime. Bound by the malignant narcissism and nihilism of their masters they may be embarrassed by the crudity of the current campaign in Palestine but they support albeit unwittingly their own redundancy and obliteration. First they will cheer the carnage as purification. By the time they are led to the slaughterhouse it will be too late.


[1] “They are casting their problems at society. And, you know, there’s no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people, and people must look after themselves first. It is our duty to look after ourselves and then, also, to look after our neighbours.” – in an interview in Women’s Own (31 October 1987)

[2] Daniel Goldhagen, Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust (1996). Goldhagens initially scandalous book was eventually discredited as scholarship but not before its slanderous impact as “holocaust porn”.

Dr T.P. Wilkinson writes, teaches History and English, directs theatre and coaches cricket between the cradles of Heine and Saramago. He is also the author of Church Clothes, Land, Mission and the End of Apartheid in South Africa. Read other articles by T.P..