I Should Stand by the Roadside

Maybe I should stand
By the roadside
And wait
For the whirlwinds
Descending from the East
Without dust

Maybe, they will take me
And my burdened heart
To where
My paradise here
Is a deadly hell

Yes, I am perceiving that
Smokes do rise
From burned bushes to the sky
And there
Do become clouds
And a shelter
For bare crowns

Sabe Ngu is a final year student of English at Benue State University, Makurdi – Benue State, Nigeria. He writes poems generally to capture his emotions. He served once as the Assistant General Secretary of Benue State University Writers’ League. His poems have appeared in Cooch Behar Anthology, Cooch Behar Anthology Vol. 5, Wheelsongs Poetry Anthology 2, Spillwords, and others are upcoming in reputable anthologies and journals, nationally and internationally. Read other articles by Sabe.