You say the charge of genocide
Is absurd

You say that your History
Is proof

You say that the other side
Is heinous
And barbarian

But is it the other side
Who has killed 10,000 children?

Is it the other side
Who have exiled millions from their homes
Only to know, closely, hunger sickness and hopelessness?

No, you say, all this
Is the proper defense
Of civilization

No genocide here

Only good men
For a good cause

The angels are quite evidently on our side
Don’t you see them grinning?

But as I see the broken bodies
Under heaps of terrorized rubble

And the useless jammed hospitals
And the desperate starving mobs
And the children without eyes

I ask: if this is not Genocide

Then what exactly is?

Dan Corjescu teaches at the University of Tübingen's "Studium Professionale" program. Read other articles by Dan.