There is No Chinese “Debt Trap” in Sub-Saharan Africa, According to the IMF

News on China No. 170

This week’s News on China.

• “IMF denies ‘debt trap,’” South China Morning Post, 24.10.2023
‘Unimpeded trade’: China begins to deliver on US$10 billion promise to African businesses,” SCMP, 28.10.2023

• “China develops the ‘most advanced memory chip in the world’,” SCMP, 26.10.2023
Xiaomi launches home-grown cross-device system with HyperOS, as US-sanctioned Huawei moves further from Google’s Android,” SCMP, 30.10.2023

• “Eight years of reforming the People’s Liberation Army,” SCMP, 30.10.2023

• “Pollution alert in northern China,” Reuters, 31.10.2023

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