Spherical Splendor, Part II: My Chinese Spy Balloon

The Pentagon admitted that a Chinese balloon that crossed into US territory in February was not spying; it was likely blown off course by wind.

— Ben Norton, Geopolitical Economy Report, September 20, 2023

My Chinese Spy Balloon has been
Posthumously busted to weather balloon,
A mere meteorological device,
Something that rose from the mind
Of an aerial engineer,
In between her daydreams
At a desk in Zhuzhou, Hunan. (1)

Yet I remember when
My Chinese Spy Balloon
Graced the Montana skies,
Drifted to the Carolinas,
Blew over the Atlantic ocean,
Until it was blasted
By an American missile
(February 4, 2023, RIP).

Then (oh, then!) it was my dashing,
Mysterious Chinese Spy Balloon,
Brutally and theatrically executed,
As befits a spy.

There may be wars,
Rumors of wars,
Genocides past, present, and future,
And still my eyes look to the heavens,
To see in imagination’s mirror
Those 360 degrees of astral grandeur…
My Chinese Spy Balloon.

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(1) See: Zhuzhou Research & Design Institute of Rubber & Plastic, Est. 1964.

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