Marching with the Multitudes Protesting the Siege on Gaza

Signs of Our Times

Tens of thousands rallied in San Francisco on October 28 to call for a ceasefire in Gaza and then marched to disrupt traffic on the freeway to get the attention of an otherwise inattentive press. That demonstration joined multitudes globally protesting the on-going genocide.

Signs read, “You can’t hide genocide.” “Genocide Joe” placards connected the dots to the White House’s complicity with the collective punishment of civilians.

“Free Palestine!” signs proliferated. Another sign said, “America’s 9/11 is Palestine’s 24/7.”

“We are all Palestinians” signs voiced a message of solidarity and common humanity.

“US Jews say ceasefire now!” signs were prominent. A clear distinction was drawn between cultural Judaism and political Zionism. The latter weaponizes religion in service of settler colonialism and is an adjunct of US imperialism. The slogan “never again,” a reaction to the original genocide committed against the Jews, has taken on new meaning to anti-Zionist Jews protesting the current holocaust being perpetrated in their name.

Chants declared, “Free, free, free Palestine!” The streets echoed with “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

A lone hand-drawn sign captured the collective consciousness: “I thought a world would not allow a genocide – I was naïve.” Today, no illusions remain. The joined-at-the-hip US imperial/Zionist project is a scourge on humanity.

Signs of our times: “Stand with Palestine – End the Occupation NOW!”

Photographs and captions are by Roger D. Harris who is with the human rights group, Task Force on the Americas, founded in 1985.

Roger D. Harris is with the human rights group Task Force on the Americas and the anti-war group US Peace Council. Read other articles by Roger D..