From the Darkness Must Come out the Light

Having been awakened in the dead of night to an horrific screaming shriek, a blinding flash of light and cataclysmic explosion, followed by a bloody splattering of the body parts of one’s children, there will be one single motivating factor for the rest of a person’s life. And that motivation is not going to be, “I will now bow down my head in obeisance to the American-armed onslaught of the Genocidal State of Apartheid Israel.”

Netanyahu and his cruelest cabal of subhuman thugs say that they aim to bomb Hamas into oblivion — millions of innocent, defenceless, impoverished and besieged Palestinian civilians be damned. They will not stop, they say, until “every last member of Hamas has been destroyed.” And just like their Zionist zealot predecessors, who came in the night, and uprooted more than 800,000 Palestinians, destroyed their villages and drove them out of their country in the 1948 Nakba, they will launch thousands upon thousands of sorties of American-supplied earth-shattering one ton bombs every night to amplify the terror, while eager Israeli citizens gather on nearby mountaintops and dance and cheer on the slaughter.

They will mercilessly carpet bomb their way across Gaza from north to south, driving the utterly terrorized civilians before them. They will bomb the exodus as well for good measure, even as they promised them safe haven to the south. They will maim, amputate, decapitate, crush and burn thousands upon thousands of children and not give a damn. If they think there is a Hamas fighter hiding in a hospital, they will destroy it, doctors, nurses, patients, ambulances and refugees be damned. Every school, university or Masjid is precision bulls-eyed with American-supplied bombs shot from American-supplied jets to murder thousands more who are seeking refuge there. They will kill any journalist and their family, and any United Nations, Red Cross or other humanitarian volunteers. They will flatten Gaza like a tube of toothpaste, squashing all of its millions of people south in the cruelest, most blatant act of ethnic cleansing ever.

The Zionist tsunami of bloodlust that drives this slaughterfest was brought into being by the British, but is now financed, armed and masterminded by the USA. It has long infected the now totally senile President of the USA himself, as well as virtually the entire grotesque quisling cabal of what passes for American government. Biden, the bomber-in-chief will brook no ceasefire. And the warmongering NATO cabal Goose-steps along with him, slathering for Palestinian blood. Biden’s most grovelling obsequious sycophants — such as Canada’s empathy-bereft Prime Minister, Justin “We Stand with Israel” is right on cue, categorically refusing to demand a ceasefire. Trudeau, ever the hypocrite, brags on ad nauseam about his pathetic “reconciliation” efforts with First Nations, who are themselves the victims of horrific ethnic cleansing and Colonial genocide. Trudeau condemns anyone protesting this most awful Israeli violence, in spite of polling that demonstrates a majority of Canadians want the killing to stop. Canada’s tax-payer-funded CBC has been reduced to a Goebelsian propaganda organ, constantly egging-on the onslaught — last night giving airtime to an Israeli avocado grower near the borders of Gaza, who whined that the massive bombardment next door was disturbing her peace.

I am not Jewish, and although I have endeavoured to speak out about the plight of the long-suffering people of Palestine, my efforts are obfuscated by the charge that what I say is “anti-semitic.” And of course, for any conscientious Human Rights activist, an anti-semitism charge is an inevitable, predictable rite of passage. There is no such thing as a credible, conscientious Human Rights activist who has not been critical of the Genocidal State of Apartheid Israel. For speaking out, I’ve been harassed by B’Nai Brith, I’ve been blacklisted by the CBC and other “official narrative” and corporate-controlled propaganda organs. I’ve had to quit Facebook, because although 3000 carefully vetted Facebook Friends might “like” a post of my cat, my Facebook readership was constantly throttled back to zero by their censor-bots anytime I mentioned the name of Gaza, or Palestine. Though shalt not mention Gaza or Palestine on Facebook.

If I were to be suddenly awakened at night by a massive American-supplied 1 ton bomb blast, precision guided by state-of-the-art homing device into my house, and splattered with the body parts of my children, I know what my single-minded obsession for the rest of my life will be. Just by watching Netanyahu’s merciless terror campaign, I know that somewhere beyond the depths of my good conscience, there lurks a vengeful, unforgiving monster, also capable of subhuman Netanyahuesque cruelty. I understand the motivation that leads people to join organizations like Hamas. It is in all of us. If you love your children, you will do the same. Whatever Hamas may be, if the violence-stupified Netanyahu thinks he can destroy Hamas by murdering thousands of innocent children for every single Israeli fighter, Hamas will simply morph and come back with an even more furious vengeance. Having lost all faith in humanity, I feel myself sinking into a dark, dreadful, deep, despair, and find myself yearning towards Armageddon.

Nevertheless, there is a most powerful, light of courage shining out in this overwhelming darkness that brings tears of gratitude to my eyes. I think it might just be much more powerful than the gargantuan American-supplied weapons of mass destruction now being slung into Gaza by the crazed Netanyahu’s genocidal state. And that light is the most courageous Jewish activists who are leading the worldwide condemnations of this outrageous slaughter. I bow down to the indefatigable and eloquent Norman Finkelstein, Ilan Pappe, Max Blumenthal, Gideon Levy, Amira Hass, Gabor Mate, Dan Cohen, to the thousands of Jews who are out there protesting “Not in my name!” and so may others. For anyone wishing to venture an opinion on these horrific event, Dr Pappe’s seminal work, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine is absolutely essential reading. I am also immensely grateful to George Galloway, Edward Said, Noura Erekat, Ahed Tamimi, Eva Bartlett, Caitlin Johnstone, and everyone who writes for their amazingly courageous, heartfelt, conscientious work on behalf of the people of Palestine. I love them and thank them from the depths of my being.

Note: “From the darkness must come out the light” -Bob Marley in his song, “Could you be loved?”

Ingmar Lee writes from the wild and remote Pacific Coast, in Heiltsuk First Nation territory near Bella Bella, where he is a grateful settler/ally. Read other articles by Ingmar.