Israel is Your God (Dammit)

Many thousands of us protested the Zionist abomination at the Los Angeles Israeli consulate on October 14. Miscellaneous thoughts:

With the US stymied in Ukraine, failing to slow the BRICS and getting no traction on Taiwan, it appears that it’s going to fire up the war on/of terror again using the Israeli fuse. RFK Jr. and Tulsi Gabbard are all in.

The Israelification of the white west motors along: pro-Palestinian protests are illegal now in France and the phrase “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” will now get you arrested in Germany. Independent journalist Eva Bartlett just had 15 years of reporting taken down from YouTube. Sixty members of Jewish Voice for Peace were arrested today in New York for, apparently, standing around. That malodorous garbage dump of traitors called the US Congress would rather make Israel happy than preserve the 1st Amendment.

Some of my friends keep making excuses for western working classes about how busy they are and how brainwashed they are and how uninterested they are in all the millions of people that our tax dollars kill. I say colonial and imperial working classes have always been pretty detestable.

I ask: will you be so uninterested in the world when there are nuclear bombs falling on our heads? It’s not hyperbole. There have been many close nuclear calls. How might this come about?

One way: Israel pursues its second Nakba of Palestinians, Hezbollah and Iran step in, Israel and the US attack Iran – Israel’s already attacking Syria and Lebanon – and Russia and China do something more than talk at the UN coffee klatch. (Or will Russia and China let Gaza be erased like they did Libya on March 19, 2011?) Another way: clog up the Mediterranean with US ships, and Israel repeats the USS Liberty massacre with some replicas of Iranian drones.

Some members of the US working class who have solidarity with the poor, the dispossessed and the oppressed are in the following photos.