Lampkeeper, Texland

they say you know this story
the walls who rise to take your clear mind
the years cement

but they don’t say whether you know how long you’ve been inside them

the road who steeps inside you may sweep
slow dreams aside to keep you standing center
inside the arm

armature and prised to stretch your skin into the mortar

your face pulled like a demon’s into the camera
watching the trees grow out of your hate

a mirror

all gardens walled
some higher than others

the seascape inside
paint and spiderweb
pictured kaleido

all-eyes sweep but the geometry of their surveillance
hides the orthogonal inside you
spirit shy and wintering

peer and bane crowded powder
the wrath rain
marred to make remake the sun

prisoner my prisoner
why did you come
why are you here
you stay and will not sing

orthogonal means “right-kneed”
like a cat’s
curved to sweep over the wall

so why did you make it then
prisoner warden
slave overseer
bricking you up

did it amplify the ligament
limber up the spring
to make the agonylight
sweep out further than before

or did you prefer to forget your pilot
steersman shuttered

and why do I need you

iron ankle
crystal radio

the ratio of blood to marrow
the ratio of miles to years

the man handing the axe into the handle
garnet into the silver

Robin Wyatt Dunn was born in Wyoming in 1979. You can read more of his work at Read other articles by Robin.