A woman’s name meaning
Someone dark who has spread her wings
To fly across the world

Or perhaps disappeared while seeking asylum

A person of great intellect or importance with money and power
A lost sub bearing five white wealthy men

A fishing vessel in the Mediterranean off the southern coast of Greece with
Hundreds Palestinian, Syrian, Egyptian, and Pakistani migrants
Many of them women and children
Capsized at night where water is deepest

Only 104 survived
All male

The Titan imploded with five rich white men and
Countries worldwide gave millions to recover them

If this had happened only once and not over and over

The names and stories of the Titans will be remembered
And what of the Adriana?

One woman’s name remains like an echo and the
Ghosts of women and children trapped in a vault
Two miles down in a fathomless sea who can still
Be heard crying.

Arya F. Jenkins is a Colombian-American poet and writer whose poems have appeared in many journals and zines, most recently Hawaii Pacific Review, Jerry Jazz Musician, OyeDrum Magazine and Reverie Magazine. Poetry is forthcoming in The Ekphrastic Review and The Bookends Review. Her poetry has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and has been widely anthologized. She is the author of four poetry chapbooks, a short story collection, Blue Songs in an Open Key (Fomite Press), and a novel, Punk Disco Bohemian (NineStar Press). Her latest poetry chapbook is Singing in the Dark (Alien Buddha Press, 2022). Read other articles by Arya F., or visit Arya F.'s website.