The Heart Has Its Reasons

People, ideas, machines — in that order.
— Colonel John Boyd (1927-1997) US Air Force pilot and military strategist

My heart walked out on me,
left the apartment, down the
stairs, out into the street, a
left turn, and disappeared
from sight
Months later I heard it was
spotted in California, seeking
other hearts fed up with human
folly, with the tyranny of reason
and the abandonment of our
quest for the soul and for love
and brotherhood among men.
The world order it sought has
been turned topsy-turvy, with
things at the top, followed by
ideas and people languishing
as a distant third.
Some wise men understood
that we can know the truth not
only by reason, but also by the

George Salamon lives in the heartland of America, in St. Louis, MO, where the new world order is embraced by too many. Read other articles by George.