The crow

Every morning
As the sunlight bounces off the window,
I see a lonely crow,
Sitting tight on the wire,
Waving the black flag of himself.
May be to let the world know that
I am under quarantine;
May be to stage a protest against
The new normal; or
May be to signal my disqualification
From the never ending race.

And there was me,
Stupidly thinking, he did not even know
That we call him a crow!

Probal Basak, 35, from India, started his career as a journalist working with Press Trust of India, Business Standard covering mostly socio-political issues. His first collection of poems 'Flakes of Time' was published by Sahitya Akademi, India's National Academy of Letters. Probal, a writer and translator, writes poetry and his works have been published in literary journals like Rust+Moth, The New Verse News, Dissident Voice, Spillwords, Asian Signature. Read other articles by Probal.