“Not Of This World”: UFO Hearings in Washington

In an historic event, the US Congress Oversight Committee, have been talking about UFOs. Except they don’t call them UFOs anymore, it’s too specific I suppose: the more ambiguous UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) is preferred. Whatever term is used, the hearing represents a powerful sign of the extraordinary times we live in, times of revelation, when people will no longer be silenced, truth buried.

The hearing may lift the stigma of reporting sightings of UFOs/UAPs, among personnel in the armed forces (of all nations), and is a major step in revealing the level of official deceit surrounding the topic.

While it may seem irrelevant to our daily lives, acknowledging the existence of UFOs/people from other planets is crucial to understanding ourselves and our place in the solar system. It would potentially change everything, including the way we live, the values we hold the systems we build.

David Grusch, a former US intelligence officer turned whistleblower, has courageously declared what many have been saying for decades, that the US (and others) Government has been covering up evidence of UFOs for many years. Anna Paulina Luna, a member of the committee from Florida (who encountered a UFO in 2018), said “it is unacceptable to continue to gaslight Americans [and others] into thinking this is not happening.”

In addition to David Grusch, the committee heard from retired US navy commander David Fravor and a former US navy pilot, Ryan Graves.

Fravor described that in 2004 he and another pilot had seen “a smooth, seamless oval-shaped object hovering over the water before it rapidly climbed about 12,000 feet in the air. It then accelerated and disappeared. It was detected roughly 60 miles away less than a minute later…..What we experienced was well beyond the material science…. that we have currently or that we’re going to have in the next 10 to 20 years”

Graves recounted that in 2014 his squadron began seeing UFOs, which he described as “dark grey or black cubes … inside of a clear sphere, where the apex or tips of the cubes were touching the inside of that sphere.” He said there was no acknowledgement or ways or reporting such incidents, which he stated were “not rare or isolated but routine…..if everyone could see the sensor and video data I witnessed, our national conversation would change.”


The evidence supporting the existence of UFOs is overwhelming and, to any open-minded person, indisputable. Space-craft of varying sizes and shapes, are routinely seen throughout the world, individually or in groups, sometimes dozens of craft together, and filmed or photographed by all manner of people, some in uniform, many not.

They are able to move at terrific speed, stop suddenly or glide gracefully, manoeuvre in seemingly impossible ways. They are clearly not “of this world”, are without question “real” and have been present on Earth for eons.

In addition to direct sightings, various other signs testify to their presence. The crop circles which appear every spring, mainly in fields in southern England. Complex, inexplicable designs, which become more intricate and expansive every year; spirals of light seen in the sky and light patterns recorded on buildings all over the world since 1997.

Undeniable evidence it seems, and yet so successful has the duplicitous message of denial been, that statements about UFOs are still regarded as controversial.

For decades lies have been promulgated relentlessly by governments, not only to hide the facts, but to create a totally false, reductive image of UFOs and their occupants. A cynical narrative adopted and obediently voiced by science fiction writers/film-makers and the media. It states that humanity is alone in the Universe, that sightings of UFOs are always explainable and can therefore be dismissed or ignored, and that extraterrestrial life, if it exists, is just like humanity – violent, selfish and exploitative, and is therefore a threat to us.

All nonsense; deceit, lies and more lies. Constructed by politicians and religious leaders, who know the truth, in order to perpetuate injustice, maintain control and create fear of the unknown; paranoia and hate of “the other” multiplied tenfold.


A pivotal voice in revealing the reality and nature of UFO phenomena was George Adamski (1891-1965). He wrote two groundbreaking books: Flying Saucers have Landed, co-written with Desmond Leslie, who explained that spaceships – mostly from “Mars and Venus” – had been visiting Earth for millennia, and listed sightings going back to the 16C. Then came Inside The Spaceships, another remarkable book, in which Adamski records, visiting a huge “cigar shaped Mothership”.

On board he met extraordinary people and had a number of illuminating discussions with a highly evolved being who sought to share His wisdom with humanity. The “Master”, as Adamski calls him, makes clear that among all the planets of the solar system, only Earth humanity has not learned to live peacefully; “we do not kill our fellow man, even in self defence… Since we have learned that life is all-inclusive and that we are that life, we know that we can do nothing without hurting ourselves.”

He repeatedly explained that all life is interconnected: “A great fallacy which has grown on the people of Earth… is the custom of dividing into many parts that which should never be divided. We of other worlds have no such divisions but realise the relationship and the interdependence of all things.” He stressed that the space people are deeply concerned about the threat humanity poses, to itself, the planet and the stability of the solar system.

Someone who worked with Adamski was British writer/artist Benjamin Creme. He explained that the mission of the UFOs is wholly benevolent. “They come to aid”, in particular to clean up some of the pollution, specifically nuclear pollution (that we cannot even measure), that humanity discharges daily into the atmosphere.

Consistent with the view of Dr. Meade Layne, an American academic and early ufology researcher, Creme explains that the physical body of the space people and their spacecraft is composed of etheric matter, not dense physical like us. Science currently recognizes and can measure three states of physical matter – dense, liquid and gasous, but above these (according to esoteric science) exist four more levels, finer, subtler, but still physical. These are the etheric planes of matter, and all physical forms (including ours) have an etheric counterpart.

Without etheric vision the UFOs and the space people remain invisible – unless they choose to be seen. Then they simply alter the vibrational rate of their bodies and/or their spaceships, to the point where they come within  our range of vision.

Unity, unity, unity

Reports of other unexplained happenings, in addition to increased UFO sightings, have reached unprecedented levels in recent years. From the list of UFO accounts, one specific type appears of particular interest. Seen throughout the world hundreds of times, it looks like a star, but behaves like a spacecraft. It changes shape and color, pulsates and moves in the heavens, appears and disappears.

It is, according to Benjamin Creme, a sign arranged to stimulate a debate, a herald, that the Teacher for this time, Maitreya, is here in the world. Consistent with the ‘master’ Adamski met, Maitreya teaches that humanity is one, that unity is the natural order of things, and that sharing is key to solving our problems.

All is connected, not just within our planet, but the solar system and indeed the Universe; and the creation of unity is, as a wise One once said, “The underlying purpose of life.” The myth of separation needs to be shattered. Separation between people and nations feeds distrust, inflames hate, and triggers wars. We are one group/family called humanity; there is no division between us, the land upon which we live and That which is beyond thought and time.

When we grasp this essential fact then everything will change. New, just socio-economic systems will be designed based on this reality, true democratic forms of governance will be able to emerge, and fundamental change, so desperately needed if we are to save the planet can begin.

The sightings of UFOs and the unexplained happenings are signs of the times, transitional times of great importance, conflict and opportunity. The purpose of such signs is multi-faceted: to clean up some of our pollution; to prompt a re-evaluation of the destructive way we are living; to alert man to the presence of Maitreya in our midst, and among other things, to say loudly and clearly, separation is an illusion.

Their message, and the message of The Wise throughout the ages is one of love, of unity and brotherhood, tolerance and compassion. If we are to eradicate war, poverty and injustice we must reject anything and everything that feeds division.  This is the first and fundamental step; cast out completely those politicians/corporate voices who poison global life with their divisive hateful rhetoric; learn to share and live peacefully as brothers and sisters – or face the unimaginable.

Graham Peebles is an independent writer and charity worker. He set up The Create Trust in 2005 and has run education projects in India, Sri Lanka, Palestine and Ethiopia where he lived for two years working with street children, under 18 commercial sex workers, and conducting teacher training programmes. He lives and works in London. Read other articles by Graham, or visit Graham's website.